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Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence

Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversationThis Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversation post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Art of Momversation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence

I am raising a teenage boy. Sometimes I have to repeat that many times to myself or my husband. It's hard to believe that my kids just keep getting older. This is the first teen that I have parented and I have to admit, I make mistakes. I make a lot of mistakes. But something that I know I am doing right is teaching my son about confidence. We hope that you love this Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversation post.

One of the ways I think that it's important to inspire confidence is through hygiene. The way we do this is by starting a MomVersation. A few years ago we took a road trip and honestly after being in the car a few hours with my teenage son, it was not a great smelling place. This was the first time we had to have a chat.

It's especially important this summer to continue the MomVersation and talk to your son's about hygiene. My son picked out the AXE items below and really he just loves the entire brand. His bathroom is filled with AXE products.

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Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversationAXE Products at CVS

Check out the different types of AXE products available to give your son confidence and help him smell fresh.

AXE Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Did you know that superior style starts with cleaner hair? AXE Phoenix 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner is good for the gym, dorm, and on-the-go. This 2 in 1 formula cleanses and conditions with a fresh scent and invigorating feel. Leaves guys’ hair soft, touchable, and clean

AXE Body Wash for Men

Classically masculine fragrance with an addictive edge. Crisp notes of green fruits and fresh sage make up this refreshing scent. Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good

Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversationAXE Phoenix Deodorant Stick

A classic, fruity fragrance featuring lavender, geranium and citrus that provides all day freshness and odor protection to keep you confidently fresh for longer. Goes on smoothly and provides all day freshness and odor protection. Strong enough to ensure 24-hour protection.

Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversationAXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade

Tame unruly hair and combat pouf with AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade. Ideal for short to mid-length hair, this pomade for men lets you create a variety of structured styles while providing a medium hold and a finishing shine.

AXE Apollo Deodorant Wipes

Features their classic, sophisticated Apollo scent with crisp notes of green fruits, sandalwood, and sage to keep you smelling great. AXE Apollo on-the-go deodorant wipes help wipe away odor for a refreshed feeling anytime, anywhere.

Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversation

BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF WITH CARD Select AXE products

Beginning today through June 15, 2019, select AXE products are BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF WITH CARD. Hurry! Special lasts 6/9/19-6/15/19.

With AXE products, I am giving my son the confidence he needs AND also helping him look, smell, and feel great. We hope that you are inspired to start the MomVersation with your son and that you enjoyed our Art of MomVersation: Teaching Teen Boys About Confidence #AXEMomversation post. Now go buy some AXE from CVS!

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  1. Leigh

    This is such an important topic and I am just about at the place where I need to have this talk with my twins. I noticed they weren’t smelling so fresh in the car the other day. I will be heading to CVS and letting them pick out their products.

  2. Henry

    We are all about AXE in this house. Don’t tell anyone but I use it myself. Haha.

  3. Asa B

    As a single mom, this is actually pretty important to me. I let my son pick out all of his own products which gives him buy-in because he picked them out.

  4. Nancy B

    Is it crazy that I have never even smelled Axe? Do they all smell the same? I have four girls who are all teens and a 10 year old boy who already smells. How can that be? Can they smell that young? I am so not ready for this.

  5. Trista

    I am single parent and the first time I went to the store to find stuff, a mom there suggested Axe and so that’s what I bought my kid. To this day he still uses it and loves it.

  6. Jake Hunter

    This was a hard convo that I had to have with my son. It’s not easy to tell a child they stink but it can be a great teaching lesson. I completely agree about confidence being tied to hygiene. It makes a difference.

  7. Elaine L

    What a great idea. This is such a cute word: momversation. I need to talk to my son and have been avoiding it but the stench is too strong now!!!

  8. JenB

    We are an Axe family all the way. I really love the way some of them smell.

  9. Kate Brooks

    I LOVE A GOOD SALE!!!! Yeah for Axe at Cvs.

  10. Luna S

    What a wonderful and important topic to highlight! It is always nice to see guides like this that are helpful for parents who aren’t sure what to do in this type of situation.

  11. I’ve used Axe before but haven’t used it for a while. I had no idea they expanded their initial product line, that is awesome. Thanks a lot for the post.

  12. This is such an important subject! Thanks for highlighting it for us!

  13. Becca Wilson

    Confidence is one of the most important things that you can teach. It instills something from within that they can use for the rest of their life.

  14. Thanks for sharing about these nice body care products which will help those who are looking to get one but are still undecided.

  15. As a mom of a teen and a pre-teen this is super helpful! I often feel SOOOOO clueless when it comes to boy things. Thanks for sharing!

  16. It can be difficult the first few years to help boys adjust – especially during middle/high school. Nobody knows exactly what’s best and sometimes it’s hard to give advice the right way.

  17. Lisa Rios

    Confidence is such an important topic for teens, and it can be a trap when it comes to certain sources telling you where to get that confidence.

  18. Kathy

    I think it’s great to be able to teach confidence. All kids should know how to be confident. I also really love those Axe products. My husband uses them all the time.

  19. Shaily

    Talking about hygiene to kids is a great start to help them boost confidence. I love those Axe products. I’m not a mom yet, so I’m planning to buy some for my hubby,

  20. Agnes Vazhure

    That is such a great topic to talk more with teens. Having a self confidence is really important things when you grow up specially with the kids.

  21. My kids will be turning into a teen soon so as a mum, this post is so informative so that I am able to ensure that they grow up to be confident teenagers

  22. I don’t have a boy, but many of my cousins do. I saw their struggle with them, but today they are adults and it is a satisfaction to see how confident they are.

  23. I kinda laugh at the road trip part lol. My older sister has 3 teenagers and there was one time they spent 7 days vacation in my house (I have 2 boys myself ages 10 and 7) I let them stay at my boys’ room and the next day when I went in and invited them for breakfast goodness gracious the smell is just really bad. And they don’t mind that the smell seems pretty bad or they don’t recognize the smell at all. Called my older sister and told her about it she’s struggling at that point because she doesn’t know how to approach them but glad that it all worked out now and yes my nephews use AXE too! They love it! I will share this post to them so they could check out this product!

  24. I’ve been in this situation at work, having to tell one of my team about hygiene and having an early conversation when they are kids is what makes the difference. 

  25. i been implementing and teaching my girl about confidence too – as when one got it it shines through

  26. Lisa

    We don’t have that brand in Italy, but it sounds great for growing young men! It’s a confidence booster too.

  27. Mistakes are part of the process and you find it’s a learning process for both. We try our best and that’s all we can do. Self-confidence is so important to teach our kids in this day in age especially.

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