Spring Cleaning Life - Cleaning your home and body

Spring Cleaning Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Taste of the Wild PREY. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring Cleaning Life

Spring Cleaning Life

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. The kids are anticipating the end of school, and I have begun the process of what I call spring cleaning life. Now we all have heard of spring cleaning before; that time of year when we open up the windows and deep clean our homes. And certainly, that is something that happens in our household. Spring cleaning life though means a bit more. For our family, it is a time of year when we not only clean the house; we clean our lives. We evaluate the choices we make on a daily basis and get rid of the poor habits that have maybe crept into our lives. We re-evaluate what we eat and how we exercise. Spring cleaning life is about building a healthy home AND body, and that goes for everyone in the house from me to the pets. We hope that you enjoy this Spring Cleaning Life post.

Spring Cleaning Life 2

Spring cleaning the body

A part of our commitment to spring cleaning life is staying active, and making sure that our kids have activities planned that will keep them moving and healthy. My husband and I renew our commitment to hitting the gym, and for the kids we look for activities like swim team, mountain biking, and triathlons. The key with the kids is finding activities that they truly enjoy; we are trying to build life long habits here.

We take the same approach to the food that we consume. Spring cleaning life means questioning our diet. Are we eating enough vegetables? How about fruit? We answer these questions and then adjust our habits.

Spring Cleaning Life - PREY Dog Food

Spring cleaning pets

We ask the same questions about our pets as well. We have a few dogs in the household, and when it's spring cleaning life time, they are a part of the process. Just like with the human members of the family, we take a moment to evaluate whither or not our pets needs (both dietary and fitness) are being met.

This year we decided to change up what we were feeding our little furry ones. We tried out PREY dog food from Taste of the Wild. Our dogs are a part of our family, so we wanted them eating just as nutritiously as every other member of our household.

Spring Cleaning Life - PREY Dog Food 2

PREY by Taste of the Wild

What we really liked about the PREY brand of dog food was how simply and cleanly it met our dogs needs. PREY is made with no grains, non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.  Each formula is made up of four key ingredients; real cage-free turkey, spring-fed trout or pasture-raised Angus beef, plus lentils, tomato pomace and sunflower oil. Simple and clean.

Our pets have been eating the PREY formula for a few weeks now, and they both love the flavor. Their coats are shinier and softer plus they have more energy which means more dog park visits which we love. If you would like to learn more about PREY or Taste of the Wild, check out their site. It's quite informative…I certainly learned.

So that's how we approach spring cleaning. We make it a time to focus on the entire household, not just the house itself, down to our little pets.

So how do you approach spring cleaning? Have you ever thought of spring cleaning life?

Limited ingredient dog food 


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  1. That is an excellent approach to spring cleaning. I love the idea of giving a good “scrub” to every part of your life for a new season.

  2. I am always looking for the next good food for our dogs.I have never tried Prey but I will look for it and compare to our current food.

  3. This is a unique perspective to Spring cleaning. Even down to cleaning your pets! Great way to bring on summer.

  4. Reesa Lewandowski

    Oh my dog would love that trout food!!! We sometimes think he is part cat because he loves fish!

  5. This is really awesome, so many different ways to spring clean. I need to do something like this around here, I am excited for summer so perhaps some spring cleaning like this will prep me for those lax days of summer time.

  6. Kim

    You know what they say about spring cleaning – clean everything even the pets. Great article.

  7. We could all benefit from a little spring cleaning. I have never heard of PREY before, but from what I am reading here, it sounds like a must try for my dogs. They are getting to be seniors and I do my best to make sure their nutritional needs are always met with the best foods and treats.

  8. Totally love the idea of spring cleaning the body. I think as a family that’s where we need to work on a few things. With a toddler, it’s hard to find team sports but I think there are other ways we can all be active together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. These are really great ideas! Getting back at the gym is such a great idea for spring.

  10. Those are all awesome ways to make Spring so much better for all of us. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house after all.

  11. Great ideas! I think my Lily would love the Prey food too – she loves anything with fish!! Thanks for the tips!

  12. I definitely agree with spring cleaning your pet. I always try to make sure their needs are being met so for me it’s good to evaluate them and make sure they are as healthy as possible.

  13. Amy

    My dog loves to try new foods too. I have so much to still spring clean too.

  14. I am ready to spring clean my life and the lives of my furry best friends so will definitely be checking out this food! Thanks so much for the inspiration and the wellness tips

  15. Michelle Waller

    I love Spring Cleaning!! It’s a great time to get rid of stuff and make way for summer!!

  16. What a sweet pup! It is important to remember to spring clean with all family members in mind.

  17. Meagan

    I never really thought about spring cleaning as a holistic approach – Cleaning the body, pets, ect. My dogs would love that dog food!

  18. This is an awesome idea! Focusing on the entire household will be very beneficial and will make a great difference!

  19. robin rue

    That sounds like a great brand of dog food. I love your spring cleaning approach this year.

  20. I love how you have spring cleaned all aspects. That dog food looks really good

  21. I like how you put it- spring cleaning life. That’s the truth. We are tackling the outside of the house this weekend.

  22. Kathy

    I actually love spring cleaning. It’s nice to finally go through things and get some real cleaning done. I plan to do some spring cleaning next week or the following week.

  23. I like how you incorporate not just stuff for cleaning, but also your body. It needs to be cleaned out too!

  24. How true! Spring cleaning isn’t just about the home, but about taking care of ourselves as well as loved ones. I have never heard of this dog food brand before, but I will have to keep on the lookout for it. I’m sure my dog will love it!

  25. There’s so much to do for spring cleaning! Our Siberian Husky is part of the process in our home also. I’m hoping to get the entire family on board with helping this year!

  26. We’ve been “spring cleaning” life since Hubby’s scary emergency a couple of years ago. And we’re doing our best to continue what we’ve been doing because it really is doing us great.

  27. My girls and I were just “spring cleaning” my office together. It needed and it was a fun time together as well.

  28. Lisa B

    I love the idea of spring cleaning your life. I get stuck in a rut over the winter. I will have to Spring clean my family’s routine.

  29. Your long haired dachshund is beautiful. My dog Buddy, is a Yokie dachshund mix. He looks more yorkie but I see the dachshund in him. He has the typical tummy troubles that goes with the breed. We had to switch him to a grain-free diet that was gentle on his tummy. I have not given him this brand but Ill have to see if they have a fish and potato blend.

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