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What to Get Your Teenager to Help Perpetuate Personal Hygiene


What to Get Your Teenager to Help Perpetuate Personal Hygiene

When you became pregnant, you likely had many resources, from expecting parenting books to helping settle your fussy baby

Everyone offered you a wealth of information, and whether they had kids or not, they had an opinion about everything. Yet, now that they are becoming teenagers, pleas for help are likely met with a clueless deer-in-the-headlights look.

Yet, it seems like the second the baby turns thirteen, people take a ‘better you than me’ attitude, leaving you with a limited pool of resources. 

So, here is a guide that hopefully will assuage your questions, at least when it comes to helping perpetuate personal hygiene in your teenager. 

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Telling your child they stink, especially a teenager, will likely go about and tell anyone else they stink. They won’t want to hear it, and they probably won’t want to follow any instructions you have for them.

Therefore, you should have your child start wearing deodorant before they stink. Many children start puberty between the ages of nine and fourteen. There are many options for kid-friendly deodorants for boys and girls. These are age-appropriate and easy to apply. 

Then, when they get older and need ‘adult’ deodorant, they will be more inclined to make the switch.


When your teenager comes of age and needs to start shaving, it is an interesting time for both parents and kids. Your child is maturing into an adult, which can be intimidating for them. 

So, to ensure they are shaving correctly and using the right products, you must guide them. Show them what you or your spouse uses, look up reviews, and learn the best options for their skin.

Single parents may need to show their child what is appropriate for the opposite sex ask a trusted friend or family member to answer their questions. 

Above all, honesty is always best. If you don’t know the answer, tell your child you don’t know and help them find the answer.

Instilling this openness about their hygiene will extend to their overall health and wellbeing. If you want your teenagers to be more open with you, you need to instill the trust and a sense that you are a well-rounded resource, even with sensitive topics.

Perfume/ Cologne

Eventually, your teenager is going to want to use perfume or cologne. There are many different options, and you want to ensure they use designer products like Eternity Cologne or Euphoria Perfume as opposed to inexpensive knock-offs. Remember that your teenager’s skin is likely sensitive. Therefore, anything you introduce them to should be a quality brand with good reviews. 

Of course, you also want to teach them how much to use, so they don’t smell like they bathed in it. (Although that’s not to say your teenager will listen every time. Teenagers do need to make fashion fo-pas now and again. As much as you would like to protect them from everything, such issues are inevitable.)


Girls will want to use makeup most of the time, but your son may want to use it. So, either way, you want to be open to the possibility. 

Again, teenagers have sensitive skin that can break out easily. Therefore, you always want to ensure they use clean, quality products to reduce the possibility of a breakout, infection, or allergic reaction. Talk to them about these possibilities, and while you don’t want to scare them, you want to make them aware of the possibilities when they put anything on their skin. 

Plus, with makeup, teenagers need to know how to apply it, in what order, and how to remove it. The more informed your teenager is, the better their experience with makeup or any other hygiene product.

In summation, no one has all the answers to raising kids, teenagers, or helping adult children through their struggles. Your teenager will still argue and roll their eyes at your explanation. Yet, they will be more informed and better prepared to make their own decisions about their hygiene. 

Admittedly, you can’t control what your teenagers do every second of the day. Although, if you instill good personal hygiene tips and tricks in your children before they become odorous teenagers, your home, sense of smell, and eventually your teenager will thank you for it. 

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