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Race & Relax Event

The Blogrollers (who are about the most fabulous women I know) put together a fantastic event last weekend. Race & Relax was about exercise (a 5K in the Virginia Highlands), about swag (thanks to the amazing sponsors) but most of all it was about camaraderie.

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it. I am not in the greatest shape. I mean, I chase after three kids seven and under all day but a 5K? That just sounds daunting. Much more daunting than the kids, really.

They even scheduled a great get together the night before so everyone could meet ahead of time. A little pizza. A little fun. And a little commiserating about what were we getting ourselves into? Ok not really that was just in my head.

I did sit there looking around the room and thought to myself, ‘I am going to be dead last at this thing.' But then I thought ‘Who cares?' My goal was to finish.

Race day arrived. I barely slept the night before for fear of missing my alarm and the race altogether. I drove over the Virginia Highlands, found parking and met up with this fabulous team of women.

We came from all walks of life. Run Wifey Run or Lorraine, the organizer of the event put together an amazing team. We are also all at various fitness levels so I really didn't feel out of place at all.

The start of the race was a little confusing because everyone just kind of took off running. We didn't even notice until the crowd starting moving away. Many people were running. I was not. I would like to say that I was pacing myself but seriously I just didn't want to kill myself.

I was tired from the start but my goal was to keep a somewhat steady pace. I tried but I kind of got caught up talking to others and didn't really keep up any sort of pace. About a mile in, I decided that if I was going to finish, I had to get serious and really set a pace for myself.

I broke away from the others and walked by myself. Alone with my thoughts. My thoughts, which at this time were ‘Good God, I need to lose weight' or ‘Man I am never going to finish this thing' or even later in the race ‘Where the heck is everyone else? Did this thing end and they didn't tell me?' to finally ‘I don't give a crap if I am dead last, I am finishing this thing.'

And finish I did. I wasn't last. But that was only by default. I probably should have been last but Christie from Chatterbox took her time with her sister who had just had a baby like five minutes before the race (not really but close enough).

I felt something that day that I hadn't felt in a long time. A HUGE sense of accomplishment. An AMAZING sense of accomplishment. I did it. I almost psyched myself out. I really wanted to drop out a few times but I didn't.

After the race, we were treated to a wonderful brunch at Joe's on Juniper. The Blogrollers had trophies waiting for everyone. It was so exciting to get a trophy. Usually I am the one carrying home a trophy for someone else (like a child).

My trophy is a great reminder of the day. A reminder that I finished something that I honestly didn't think I would be able to finish. I cannot wait to do it again.

You can check out the site at http://www.runwifeyrun.blogspot.com/

I also wanted to say thank you to the fabulous sponsors of this event:

The Cherry Marketing Institute – http://www.choosecherries.com/index.aspx @choosecherries

Walt Disney World Resort – http://www.disneyworld.disney.go.com @LauraSpencerOne

Wine Sisterhood – http://www.winesisterhood.com @winesisterhood

Pampered By Adrienne – http://www.pamperedbyadrienne.com/ @PBAdrienne

ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex – http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/about/ @MarissaJustMay

And the other participants? Check them out as well:

Tai Collins, twitter: @DoinGoodinATL; blog: http://doingoodinmyhood.wordpress.com

Renee Ross, twitter: @ReneeJRoss; blog: http://cutiebootycakes.com

Dana Jones, twitter: @TheGreatDanaJ

Lisa Charles, twitter: @LisaCWrites; blog: http://lisacwrites.com

Yvette Pollard – Soon to join the social media world – smiles!

Nancy Sanabria, twitter: @Resroad; blog: http://myresolutionroad.blogspot.com/

Shannon Pierce, blog: http://losingfatandwinning.blogspot.com

Shameeka Ayers, twitter: @brokesocialite; blog: http://thebrokesocialite.com/

Stacie Connerty, twitter: @StacieInAtlanta; blog: http://thedivinemissmommy.com/

Krystal Grant, twitter: @KrystalGrant; blog: http://www.krystalgrant.com/

Nicole Shelton, twitter: @NikkiD13; blog: http://www.myinnerdialogue.com/

Kelly Williams, twitter: @JoanofAllTrades; blog: http://joanofalltrades.blogspot.com/

Nneka Irons – she's a facebooker

Kristi Cole – another facebooker

Akilah Richards, twitter: @execumama; blog http://execumama.com

Jennifer Hutcheson, twitter: @mami2mommy; blog: http://mami2mommy.com/

Fiona Bryan, twitter: @banteringblonde; blogs: http://banteringblonde.com/ and http://momactive.com

Mignon DeWalt, twitter: @msladysoul; blog: http://www.intellectualsoul.com/

Christie Crowder, twitter: @chatterboxcgc; blog: http://www.christiecrowder.com/

Lorraine Robertson, twitter: @AskWifey; blog: http://www.askwifey.blogspot.com/

Christie & Lorraine/The BlogRollers, twitter: @theblogrollers; blog: http://www.theblogrollers.com/

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