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We Celebrated National Get Outdoors Day with OFF!

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This past weekend we had the most wonderful opportunity as part of my partnership with OFF!®. We were part of a group of first time campers here in Georgia at Sweetwater Creek State Park. We camped for one night and then took part in the National Get Outdoors Day (#GODay) the following morning.


National Get Outdoors Day is a new annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun. Participating partners will offer opportunities for American families to experience traditional and non-traditional types of outdoor activities.Prime goals of the day are reaching first-time visitors to public lands and reconnecting our youth to the great outdoors.


OFF!® is a national sponsor of National Get Outdoors Day, one special day each year when Americans are encouraged to have healthy, active outdoor fun at sites across the nation.

OFF!® has provided trusted products and effective protection to families and individuals for more than 50 years and will help thousands find fun outdoors at GO Day events across the nation through sponsored events and by offering long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, including those that may carry the West Nile Virus.

OFF!® will also help support presentations by park rangers, youth organizations, guides and more at top GO Day events.

OFF!® shares the belief of GO Day founding organizations Forest Service and American Recreation Coalition that our legacy of national parks and forests, refuges and other special places deserve to be enjoyed by all Americans and will help make GO Day become a special invitation to those who need help putting outdoors fun into their lives!

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We had a wonderful time camping out overnight and taking part in all of the fun activities. Right after dinner, Governor Nathan Deal arrived to declare National Get Outdoors Day an official day in Georgia and presented a proclamation to the Georgia State Parks representatives.

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 17After that, the first lady of Georgia, Mrs. Deal read a book to the children.

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 24

We even had other special guests who showed up and delighted the kids as well:

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 25 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day #KeepBugsOff Governor Smokey the Bear GopherAfter the Governor departed, it was on to the campfire for games, songs, and smores.

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 19OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 34 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 33 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 30 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 32 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 29 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 22 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 21 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 20After smores, we had the opportunity to learn about birds of prey and snakes. Then we learned about bugs and got to look at some closeup. Thankfully we had our OFF!® wipes with us.

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day #KeepBugsOff 2

After a good nights sleep, we headed over for National Get Outdoors Day where there were lots of fun activities. Of course we stopped by the OFF!® booth first to take pictures and get some OFF!® wipes for everyone:

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 14OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 5

Then we were off to play and check out the activities. They had tree climbing and foam brick building.

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 6OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 7

Then we were off to to docks for paddle boating, water bike riding and canoeing. Look how much fun my family was having!

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day #KeepBugsOff OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 9

We got to hang out with the Radio Disney people for a little while when they had a dance party.

OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 8

After boating and dancing, we headed off for some archery and fishing. We got to cast lines, make our own lures and finally fish where everyone caught something even if it was only a few lily pads.


OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 37OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 39 OFF #GODay National Get OutDoors Day 38

My family had a wonderful time. I had truly forgotten how much fun we had outdoors when we were all together. We did so many activities that we didn't even have time to do everything. I would have loved to go paddle boarding but there wasn't time.

The OFF!® brand partnership with National Get Outdoors Day (GO Day) was the perfect partnership. This made it much easier for Americans to enjoy the great outdoors. I am thrilled to have been a part of such a fun program.

This is part of a partnership with OFF!®.

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  1. Who knew camping could be so fun? I haven’t been in years but I think my kids would love it.

  2. We don’t camp, but we are outdoors A LOT. We are a beach family, so we are there all summer long!

  3. What a fun event to be invited to! Your poor governor though… he left THEN you made S’Mores!

  4. WOW! Looks like you had an incredible time! We haven’t gone camping in years and I miss it so much!

  5. Pam

    Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun! We always use OFF while on vacation in South Georgia.

  6. Oh how cool, this looks like such a fun time! Totally love the idea of National Get Outdoors day! I need to really do that more often!

  7. Looks like a great time! I can’t wait to go camping this year!

  8. Ann Bacciaglia

    That looks like such a fun time! Campfires, Smores, sing alongs…….love it!

  9. Looks like a great time! I remember when I was a kid we were always outdoors. I love watching my youngest play outdoors now.

  10. Robin Wilson

    Ya know, I’ve never been camping? Ever! But it looks like a blast! I didn’t realize that you were in Georgia! I’m in NC so I know you understand what I mean when I say that the mosquitoes this year have morphed into killers! I’m thinking an overnight trip to the State Park might be in order if I can talk my hubby into it. But I’d have to sleep in a trailer…I can’t do the tent thing…too old!

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