Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Divine Lifestyle

Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO

Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO

Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO

November is a special time of year, as Americans pay tribute to U.S. military veterans. Today is Veterans Day and is one of the biggest days that we honor those who served or continue to serve in the military.

I grew up in the military and in fact, my father retired from the Army. We moved around while growing up and I just know that those experiences really shaped who I am today. I am proud of my father for serving in the military and every year on Veterans Day, I make certain to call him to thank him for his service.

Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USOCoca-Cola and Veterans Day

Coca-Cola is a longstanding and dedicated supporter of United States military service members and veterans. This year marks two 75-year anniversaries: the founding of the United Service Organizations (USO), and the beginning of Coca-Cola’s enduring partnership with our country’s military.

Every year, The Coca-Cola Company celebrates Veterans Day by giving back to service members and honoring our country’s veterans, including the thousands of Coca-Cola employees who have served our country. I was thrilled to be invited to join in on Coca-Cola's Veterans Day volunteering event! Every November, Coca-Cola associates gather at the company headquarters to assemble thousands of care packages for military members overseas. We created toiletry packs for service members assembly line style.

Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USOThe Coca-Cola Company is committed to honoring our nation’s heroes through veteran hiring and mentoring programs, support of the USO and, of course, providing great-tasting beverages to military members and their families. The Coca-Cola system employs thousands of veterans and hires hundreds more in North America every year.

I especially love that one of my favorite companies does such good things for veterans. They employ veterans and so much more. It was really great to see this in person!

Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USO Veterans Day with Coca-Cola and the USOVeterans can Visit the World of Coca-Cola for FREE

If you’re a military member (active duty, reserves or retired), visit the World of Coca-Cola year-round for free, and bring up to four friends or family members this weekend (through Nov. 13) at half price.

What veteran or military member in your life would you like to thank?

I was compensated by The Coca-Cola Company for helping to discuss its Veterans Day program.


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  1. I am a big Coca- Cola fan and made it a top priority to visit the World of Coca-Cola the first time I visited Atlanta. Honoring veterans is such a great cause and while more needs to be done, Coca-Cola having this event is a great start.

  2. Pam

    I love that Coca-Cola supports our veterans. Most of my family is made up of veterans.

  3. It’s so nice that Coca Cola has been such a longtime supporter of the USO. I love that everyone was able to come out and volunteer to help people in the service.

  4. Thank you to Coca Cola for supporting the USO! I love that they put together those care packages for the military. Many of my family members have served, so I totally want to support any company that supports them!

  5. It is so great to see a company care about our vets! Seems they are forgotten too much!

  6. What a great event. I love that the Coca-Cola company does this! Our veterans need to be celebrated.

  7. Coca Cola is doing an awesome job in honoring our veterans and active members of the military! All the more reason to support and patronize their business because they know how to give back and care for things and people that truly matter.

  8. It’s great that Coca-Cola supports our troops this much. It really makes me want to buy Coke products more often. 

  9. I love that this big companies support this special day! What an awesome tribute for the veterans!

  10. I would like to thank my dad and grandfather who served in the U.S Army. My dad was in Vietnam and my grandfather served in WWII. I had no idea Coca Cola was such a huge supporter of the USO. I love seeing companies that are huge supporters of our veterans. This must have been wonderful to see in person.

  11. Jeanine

    Huge Coca Cola fan here! This is wonderful. I think events like this are amazing and to celebrate veterans who changed everything for us and made us free is amazing! Looks like a great event!

  12. Brianne

    This event looks amazing!!! Our Veterans are so important and I’m so glad we get to celebrate them! 

  13. This is such an important day to keep in mind.
    I am glad to see this article.

  14. Reesa Lewandowski

    I love how coca cola supports our veterans!

  15. I had no idea this company was so closely connected with the military! That’s amazing!

  16. This make me want to support Coke that much more! Good for them!

  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    We need to honor our Veterans any way we can. I am so happy to hear Coca- Cola supports our Veterans. I have been buying Coca- Cola products for 40 years.

  18. Wow Coca cola went all out for veterans day! What a nice imitative to honor all of the vets!

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