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Hurricane Harbor Opens at Six Flags Over Georgia

Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia


Hurricane Harbor is a 7-acre water park inside of Six Flags Over Georgia that is free with admission. This water park includes several large water slides, a wave pool that is 38,000 square feet, and an interactive play area for children that is 2,000 square feet. There are multiple sitting and eating areas within Hurricane Harbor as well as rest rooms, showers, and other basic water park amenities.


Rides and Attractions

  • Bonzai Pipelines: Three water slides that are almost a combined thousand feet long. Two of these slides are single-rider inner tube rides that feature sharp turns and changes between light and darkness. The third slide is called the Tsunami Surge and is the only hybrid zero-gravity slide in the world. On this slide, four riders sit on a double inner tube and slide down five stories worth of pipe that ends in a zero-gravity drop into a splash pool.
  • Calypso Bay: A wave pool filled with 800,000 gallons of water. Wave simulators generate waves that are 4 feet tall; swimmers can ride these waves with or without inner tubes. Water depth ranges from very shallow to 6 feet, making this pool suitable for most ages. The pool’s wave generators are programmed to simulate 8 different wave patterns, so swimmers get to experience waves modeled after those formed by the ocean.
  • Paradise Island: One acre of interactive play stations, water slides, and water-dumping towers geared towards children. This water playground features 6 water slides that are designed for a younger age than those slides that make up the Bonzai Pipelines. The water play center features climbing nets, mounted water guns, mazes, and other obstacles for children to navigate. Children can also stand under three drenching towers topped with buckets that tip over when full of water.

Food and Beverage

Hurricane Harbor offers multiple food and drink options. People can purchase burgers, nachos, pizza, and other beach-type fare from the Tidal Wave Café and can eat the food in various deck and lounging areas within the water park. Another possible eating option is to rent a cabana, as this option can provide anything from food and drink service to a full meal depending on the type of package purchased.


Other Amenities

Hurricane Harbor has a beach store called Tradewinds Shopping plus places to rent lockers and tubes. Restrooms, a shower and changing area, and a first aid station are also provided.


Hurricane Harbor is a great place to cool off and have fun on a hot day. With its variety of rides and attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    We have a Six Flags here in California, I’m not sure if it has a water park though. Love the last picture I can remember going to water parks when I was a kid and being that tired.

  2. Tammy S

    Oh man that looks like so much fun! My kids would love to try all the different slides. It looks like your kids had a complete blast. I am putting this on out things to do list! Thanks!

  3. We love water parks, but only have the Dells and it is 3+ hours away! Six Flags looks like so much fun!

  4. Oh I would have so much fun at Hurricane Harbor! What a fantastic way to spend the summer vacation!

  5. Hurricane Harbor looks amazing!! I would love to take my daughter and her friends there one day!

  6. Looks like so much fun and isn’t too far away! May have to make a trip there soon!

  7. I haven’t been to six flags in years, i didn’t even know that some of them have a water park! this place looks amazing. what a great way to spend the summer days.

  8. We have a Hurricane Harbor here at Six Flags New England and my two LOVE it there.

  9. This picture of the kids passed out cracked me up, love it. I would love to visit this place, looks fun!

  10. Angela S

    We were just at Six Flags over the weekend. It was so much fun!

  11. I haven’t been to a Six Flags in years! I had no idea that some of them actually had water parks inside them. This makes me curious to see what the Six Flags near me offers 🙂

  12. Pam

    I have heard a lot about Hurricane Harbor and can’t wait to take the kids. They love going to Six Flags. 🙂

  13. Shauna

    Ha, ha, ha… that last photo made me laugh. That is always how my kids look on our 10 minute drive home from Six Flags over San Antonio… ha! This one sounds awesome… If I am ever in Georgia again, I will have to check it out

  14. Looks like they had a great time, my boys would so love to go there!

  15. We have a Hurricane Harbor here in New England too! It is so fun and my family loves it!

  16. Okay, I can do waterparks!! You can save your crazy skycoaster for my sister, but I will go down the slides with ya!! 🙂

  17. Looks like everyone had such a fun time.

  18. Ann Bacciaglia

    Looks like the kids had a great time! Thank you for sharing about your adventure. Your photos are very nice!

  19. Last year we bought season’s passes to an amusement park 20 minutes away just so the kids could use the water park. My kids would love this place – especially Calypso Bay and paradise island.

  20. There’s something about water play which is especially exhausting! So glad they had the best time!

  21. Looks like your kiddos had a great time. I know I always enjoyed water parks when I was little.

  22. I love love love water parks! I haven’t been to Six Flags before, but with the addition of the water park, I totally want to go now.

  23. Katy Rawson

    I also live in California, and our Six Flags does have a water theme park. My kids love it. So, if you are in Georgia, go and be prepared for a really great time.

  24. I love the pic of the kids post the Hurricane Harbor event.Definitely proves how successful that trip went!

  25. I haven’t been to a park forever. Six flags is our favorite.

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