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National Get Outdoors Day with OFF!

Brownies Backyard Campout 3

The outdoors….makes me happy! What about you?

My entire family loves being outdoors. We camp, ride bikes, play, swim, hike and do so much more. All of it outside! It is hot and sunny here in Georgia, as it will be for most of the summer, and we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors.

In fact, check out the picture above. I lead two Girl Scout troops and this was our Brownies first campout. We played lots of games, taught the girls how to make dinner and clean up, stayed up late roasting marshmallows and had the most amazing time. The girls are still asking to camp again and we have our next campout planned for September.

My son is a Boy Scout who camps frequently with his pack. He leaves next week for his first sleep away camp for a week.

One thing we always make sure to do when the kids are doing any outdoor activity is to do what we can to protect them from bug bites, and we rely on OFF!®mosquito repellents to get the job done! Here in Georgia, we have lots of mosquitoes and other pesky insects that are around all the time it seems. I rarely go outside at night without some sort of OFF!® protection. I mean who wants to get all eaten up with mosquitoes? NOT ME!

I am really excited to partner with OFF!® this summer for National Get Outdoors Day which is coming up on June 14, 2014. My family and I are going camping for the night and participating in some really fun activities the next day. We cannot wait!


“Get Outdoors Day is an outgrowth of the Get Outdoors USA! campaign, which encourages Americans, especially our youth, to seek out active outdoor lives and embrace our parks, forests, refuges and other public lands and waters.”

On Saturday, June 14th at Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites wants families and friends of all ages to re-connect with nature. There will be lots of free, fun activities for all ages and comfort levels.

This admission-free day of outdoor fun promises to keep everyone entertained with a variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, field games, geocaching, tree climbing and more.


The OFF!® tent will offer fun outdoor-themed giveaways, fun facts and a photo booth. They will even have tips and tools for protecting yourself against mosquitoes and ticks during the buggy summer season, which is always something we need help with here in Georgia.

OFF!® is also sponsoring an on-site fishing pond where campers to try their luck at catching catfish. How fun is that?

All activities and events are free for all ages. Learn more about the National Get Outdoors Day celebration at Sweetwater Creek State Park.


No worries, you can have a campout of your very own. We have camped in our backyard and camped at a neighbor’s house. My Girl Scout troop camped in a backyard spot, as well.

You can even campout in your living room (although nothing is as much fun as the great outdoors).


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For those of you who can’t get outside this June 14th, be sure to check out the OFF!® VistaCams!There are three remote outdoor cameras broadcasting the great outdoors twenty-four/seven. With the online tool, you can channel your inner nature photographer and capture, customize, and share photos with the live-stream, 360-degree cameras.

I have partnered with the OFF!® brand on this campaign. All opinions expressed are our own. 

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  1. ellen beck

    OOOooo I bet the buhs are bad in your neck of the woods already! We are havig a gnay invasion here and Off or anything else doesnt deter those little pesks! We have used Off for years and depend on it to keep bugs free.

  2. My kiddies love camping in the yard.our weather here is not that great yet and the bugs i can not stand the bugs lol.

  3. What a great initiative! My son is heading to sleep away camp for the first time and we just stocked up on OFF for him this past weekend at BJ’s Wholesale, so you know I bought a lot!

  4. I love the hashtag “The Outdoors Misses You.” I’m hoping more kids get less screen time and more outdoor time this summer.

  5. Outoors is so much fun,. Hate bugs.

  6. This is awesome! YES the outdoors make me super happy! 😀 With all this goofy weather up here in Chicago, it’s been a bit of a challenge. Seriously.. watch out, I may be your neighbor soon! OMG, if I am, we could have our own daily happy hour!? But, we just did a backyard campout inside the screened in porch! I swear, you can put a tent anywhere and it’s endless fun!

  7. The outdoors make me happy, too. I’m an insect magnet, so I need a ton of this stuff. !

  8. Perfect for kids! They just love adventures where they can meet other kiddos….

  9. Big spray is SO important for me and we use LOTS of it here. We are always in the hot spot for West Nile Virus and EEE which are mosquito transmitted viruses that can be deadly, so I load our family up with Off. Usually those two viruses don’t start surfacing until late summer, but I don’t take any chances.

  10. I need to get some new bug spray. Let’s just say that the mosquitoes get rather large and aggressive here in Alaska. Hard to enjoy the wonderful outdoors when being eaten alive.

  11. Dina

    I’d love to get outside and camp. My dh isn’t so keen on camping though. So we’d settle for visiting a park or lake maybe.

  12. I don’t go anywhere in the summer without my OFF. I can not STAND bugs, so I want to keep them far, far away.

  13. We use Off anytime we are out enjoying the nice weather. Bug bites really ruin nice summer weather.

  14. Can you believe I’ve never gone camping?! I need to try it sometime soon.

  15. Ugh, we have the WORST mosquitos! We rely on OFF all summer long!

  16. What a fun event! If we do one, I’ll make sure to stock up on bug spray since those nasties always go after me!

  17. We love being outside. The bugs definitely ruin the fun, so love good products like OFF that can keep them away.

  18. Carly

    This totally makes me want to go camping! I haven’t been in years….but may get to go this summer.

  19. You’re so right! We can’t go outside and not contend with mosquitoes either, you need off to get them off!

  20. We will be outside all day on Saturday at soccer games and a baseball game. I think this is a FABULOUS campaign!

  21. This is an awesome and cool idea! I love the great outdoors and there are just so many things that we can do outside our homes. Because of the many technological advancement and conveniences in our lives, it seems that we have little time exploring what’s outside our home. So kudos to this post. 🙂

  22. Susanna @Zealous Mom

    I so love the outdoors! But I also hate those pesky insects. We will definitely be outdoors on this day. Great campaign!

  23. veronica

    Mosquitos re a killer here since I live near water. I use essential oils and that totally helps

  24. What a cute idea to get camping this summer! We love OFF products

  25. Off products are great and make the outdoors more tolerable! Great campaign!

  26. I did not know June 14th was national Get Outdoors day…We are big campers…we love the outdoors!

  27. ’tis the season for icky buggy things. We’ve got a mosquito whose been alive in our car for three days. Everytime I roll down the window or try to shoo him out he hides in the dash. I guess he likes it in there. And he knows I’m not sparying my OFF into the car dash (smart little buggy… or not). 🙂

  28. My daughter just went on her first camp out sleep over last weekend. The girls made it until 2 am before deciding to call it quits and come inside lol. We are never without our OFF in the summer. There is nothing worse than bug bites!

  29. Off is absolutely necessary in the summer! Let’s keep those bugs away!

  30. When we can’t make it to the campground, we like to pitch a tent in the backyard. Off! is a must though – nothing like swatting away bugs all night to ruin the fun.

  31. What an awesome event! We just got home from a long weekend of camping and it was a great family bonding experience. Cant wait to get back out again.

  32. that looks like a fun night. We should let our kids camp out in the backyard

  33. What a fun campaign to be a part of! I am doing a reading under stars event and must get some of this OFF stuff to ensure we are safe from those pesky bugs at night! I love the great outdoors in the Summer, minus bugs!

  34. What a cool hashtag! I didn’t appreciate the outdoors as much before I had kids. It’s awesome!

  35. As much as it has been raining this year- it is awfully buggy out there! I am a mosquito magnet!

  36. It was weird being at my mothers in laws over the weekend and I needed spray for the mosquitos that were out in the back. We moved off the farm last November into the city and haven’t felt them yet.

  37. What a fun program!! I didn’t know there was a national get outdoors day, but we will try to plan something now!!

  38. We are an outdoors family, so I’m happy to hear about this great program! Definitely going to join in!

  39. I go camping several times each Fall and Spring. I make sure I pack my Off! spray,

  40. Love it! What a great way to get the kids outside. My kids love to “camp” in our backyard!

  41. I was eaten alive by buys yesterday. Wish I saw this post earlier. I would have saved myself heartache

  42. We don’t really camp a lot. However, we do have a lot of mosquitos being in florida, so I use off all the time.

  43. We dont camp but we have mosquitos just going out. Ive tried many brands too.

  44. The bugs are already awful this year! We just stocked up on our spray!

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