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Microsoft YouthSpark

Microsoft YouthSpark @MSYouthSpark #YouthSparkMicrosoft YouthSpark

The Microsoft YouthSpark program is one of the ways that they fulfill their role of corporate citizenship, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of today with the training and access they need to compete in the modern digital world.

According to Microsoft, more than 75 million young people around the planet suffer from a lack of unemployment, and do not have the skills and opportunities to improve their lives. Microsoft's stated ambition for their YouthSpark program is to help close that divide between those who have no access to training and digital skills and those who do not, in order to help benefit the global economy and the future of the young people of the world

YouthSpark Summer Camps

Every summer, Microsoft YouthSpark offers completely free camps for youths. Both beginning and intermediate coders and programmers are invited to come learn “Smart Game” coding skills as well as “Smart Game Design” talents, all which can provide invaluable education for a future career. Young people will learn how to code and then design their own games and apps with all of the latest technologies like Kodu, Project Spark, and TouchDevelop.

Microsoft YouthSpark @MSYouthSpark #YouthSparkMicrosoft's YouthSpark Hub

Understanding that having access to a rich library of digital skills would empower the youth of today to be competitive in the global economy, Microsoft's YouthSpark Hub program features a wide variety of training and educational programs. Business training, software programming, and a wide host of other critical digital skills can be found on the YouthSpark Hub.

Microsoft's YouthSpark Live

Microsoft knows that there's a limit on how much can be done via computers remotely over the internet. That's why every year they plan dozens of events via their YouthSpark Live program in order to bring young people together to help them achieve and accomplish their goals. Specialists are on hand to give valuable career, computing, and programming advice to young people interested in further developing their skills in these fields.

Microsoft YouthSpark @MSYouthSpark #YouthSparkYouthSpark Grants

As part of its corporate citizenship commitment, Microsoft's YouthSpark program provides cash grants to certain organizations and groups who share aligning mission goals and the desire to support youth development.

Microsoft also works with eligible organizations and groups with qualifying mission goals to provide software and digital services at no cost.

Microsoft YouthSpark @MSYouthSpark #YouthSparkYouthSpark Stars

On its main corporate website, Microsoft proudly features YouthSpark Stars, young people from all around the planet who have accomplished amazing things using the skills and training that they received from YouthSpark. By clicking on the intuitive menu, you can find a young person in your area of the world who might inspire you or your children to begin developing and acquiring the digital skills of tomorrow.

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Microsoft YouthSpark

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