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Windows Phone 7 Review

When I was asked to be a part of the Windows Phone 7 team at Blogher 2011, I was very excited. I have long had a love affair with technology and had heard about the Windows Phone 7 but had yet to give it a try.

I was sent the Samsung Focus Windows Smartphone with AT&T service. I just spent the better part of a month with this phone and I have to say that I am pretty impressed. But let me give you some background first.

I am Android user. I have had Sprint for over 12 years and have a family plan with several other family members. We are pretty happy with Sprint and plan to stick with it for a while.

I am also a Samsung user. I have long been a fan of Samsung technology and could not wait to get the Samsung Galaxy S (4G) as soon as it came out on Sprint.

Frankly, I was happy with my Android and my Samsung. It had everything I needed and I wasn't looking to make a change. I was a little scared of a virtual keyboard. I envisioned my fat fingers typing all sorts of gibberish without me really meaning to.

My first #WindowsPhone picture at Blogher – taken from my room at the Marriott.


Camera – flash and good pictures. I capture a great deal of our lives on my camera phone. I expect a lot from it and if it doesn't deliver, I will find a phone that does.

Keyboard – I am not a lover of the virtual keyboard. I can text in the dark on my slideout keyboard. I am pretty big fan of the slideout keyboard although after this test drive, I am thinking that I could easily make the switch to the virtual keyboard.

Connectivity – I want Twitter. I want Facebook. I want Foursquare. I want to be connected and I want to tell everyone about it. I am classic oversharer. I like my phone to be one too.

Speed – I hate a phone that slows me down.

Long Battery Life – my biggest complaint with my phone now is that the battery is constantly dying. It is awful. I have to carry an extra battery around because I never know when my phone will die. It is embarrassing and a huge problem for me.

Apps – I have some specific apps that I like to use and that I have already paid for. When I switch phones, I am always worried that I won't find the exact same app or if I do, I will have to pay for it again. Or if I cannot find it, I will find something with a huge learning curve. I delete apps all of the time because they are not that intuitive.


This phone is so visually appealing. It was so easy to set it up exactly how I wanted it. I can pin the apps and things most important to me on the front page (kind of like the task bar on your computer). Most of all, I could do everything without really having to read the directions. Of course my husband loved this as well because what man ever wants to read directions, right?

I am social media addict and many times it is difficult to make sense of my accounts. This phone allows you to set up your account to follow to your own specifications. I can follow everyone on one button and then a select few on another button making following my social media accounts a snap. It really is a cool feature!

The pictures. Seriously, I love the camera. A 5MP definitely takes great pictures. All of the pictures in this post were taken with the phone. They look great. I used Apict and Photogram to edit them a little but for the most part, the pictures looked great immediately.


There is a decent variety of phones across the various carriers. I would like to see this phone on the Sprint network.

At times, the phone felt too light. It took some getting used to. Now that I am used to it, my old phone feels heavy.


The lack of sharing availability on Twitter has GOT to be changed for me to even consider using this phone long term. I am a Twitterholic. With over 54,000 followers, I just love Twitter. I cannot take a picture and immediately upload it to Twitter.

As a result, I ended up using Facebook a lot more with this phone because I could share immediately with Facebook. Now my family really seemed to like that so I guess it wasn't all bad. However, if I had to pick, I would prefer the instant connectivity/sharing with both sites rather than just Facebook.

Apps. Apps. Apps. Or lack of apps. I know that this is a big deal for most people (iPhone users especially) but for me, I simply wanted Words with Friends. My name is Stacie and I am a Words with Friends addict (StacieinAtlanta in case any of you want to challenge me to game). I actually carried my old phone around with me for the month so I could keep up my Words with Friends games.









Loving the collage function on my #windowsphone










Honestly, the first week, I would have said maybe. I liked so many things about it but the lack of Twitter sharing and Words with Friends was bothering me a little. Also I was still unsure about the virtual keyboard.

By the second week, I was liking it a little more. I figured out some workarounds to my Twitter issue. I was loving how easy it was to stay connected. I was even enjoying the virtual keyboard (and so were my fat fingers).

By the third week, I was considering switching the entire family to AT&T so I could keep this phone. Alas, with five people on our plan, that will not be happening.

By week four, I stared at the phone is disbelief when I realized it no longer worked. I had gotten pretty used to it and I was sad when it was gone.


Something that I would love to see cellphone providers offer is an app credit. If am going to switch phones, give me a $25 app credit (or some amount like that). If I know that I can get all of my favorite apps and someone else is paying for it, I would love that!

I would like to see more apps or at least an app from Windows Phone 7 allowing me to request apps or what features I would like to see. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?


I would rate the Windows Phone 7 a Top Technology Pick for The Divine Miss Mommy and my readers. I am honestly not certain how iPhone users would fare as I have never used an iPhone. I was pretty sure that I was an Android user for life but after testing this out, I would definitely continue to use it.

I am anxiously awaiting the new Mango update available later this year for the Windows Phone 7. Mango promises both Twitter and LinkedIn integration (YEAH!); a group feature allowing you to organize a dinner or outing and send out group texts or messages;  threaded conversations bringing texts, Facebook chats, Windows Live messenger into one place; Improved and more interactive Live Tiles (already one of my favorite features); and much more!


Carrier: AT&T
Browser Type: Internet Explorer
Network & Data: GPRS Class 10, EDGE Class 10, HSDPA
Operating System: Windows Phone 7
Internal Display Size: 4″ Display
Touch Screen
Battery Talk Time: Up to 6.5 Hours
Battery Standby Time: Up to 300 Hours
Auto Focus: Yes
Camera Resolution: 5.0 Megapixel Camera & Camcorder
Digital Zoom: 4x digital zoom
LED Flash
On Board Memory: 8GB ROM
Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS, Internet HTML Browser, Outlook Sync, Wi-Fi
Features: Speakerphone, Voice Recognition, Mobile TV
Product Dimensions: 4.84” x 2.56” x 0.39”
Weight: 4.07 ounces


I am absolutely thrilled to be able to give away one Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 (on AT&T – ARV $ 499.99) to one lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy! To enter, tell me which feature of the Windows Phone 7 you are most excited about and why.  Leave the answer below in the comments as your first, mandatory entry.



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Disclosure: Windows Phone 7 was my Blogher'11 sponsor and provided me with a phone for review.

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  1. Xbox live connection first of all but second would be the ability to have apps. My cheapo crapo phone cannot do apps at all.

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  4. I saw that the comment is worth 2 entries. So my comment is listed above. Hope I am reading this correctly. Would so love to win this!

  5. Schmidty

    I’m still carrying my old Razr phone and I have really been wanting to upgrade to a smart phone. There are so many apps I would love to try, and the camera on this Windows phone is lightyears better than what I have. Having internet access would be great to have on the go.

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  16. I’m most excited about the touch screen. I’d love to replace my hubby’s old phone!

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  24. Hi! 🙂 Well, it might not have as many apps as say the iphone, but there are sure less and less stuff for the Windows Mobile 6 pda, which is mine. Sigh, always have to upgrade… LOL


  25. I really like the 6.5 hour battery talk time. I hate a phone that loses battery power quickly!

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  28. I think I like that it has such a great camera because then I can ditch mine and save that cash too, because I go through a camera about a year or two.

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  29. Steph

    the battery talk time and big screen! i have a big mouth and bad eyes.

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    I love the Internal Display Size: 4″ Display
    Touch Screen
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    I absolutely love almost everything about Windows Phone and especially excited about the soon-to-be-released Mango update, which includes greater Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integration. As such, I want to win this Samsung Focus for my stay-at-home wife, who deserves to be spoiled and better connected!!! Thanks for this opportunity and your contributions as a Mommy Blog (& more)!

  41. Amy K

    I love the idea of a phone with a long battery life. Mine is constantly dying.

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    I’m not much of a tweeter, so I’m very excited that it works so well with Facebook!

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