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The Microsoft Imagine Cup is a student technology program that's geared toward individuals from all around the planet. It gives students the chance to meet other people and employ their technology expertise, enthusiasm and innovation to make games and applications of their own. The goal of the Microsoft Imagine Cup is to encourage bright students to use their brains to devise effective answers for improving the lifestyles of humans all around the world. Students who participate in the Imagine Cup hail from many different countries. These nations include Greece, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Azerbaijan and many, many more.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 3Not only is the Imagine Cup an interactive program that encourages students to come up with useful technological developments and applications, but it's also a spirited competition. Students from all around the world participate in the Imagine Cup to showcase their technology skills and abilities to create and innovate successfully. They conduct presentations that include pitches and demos of their creations. Technologists who participate in these competitions have one major objective: to come up with smart solutions for dealing with some of the planet's biggest problems.

The Microsoft Corporation both hosts and sponsors this yearly competition, as its name suggests. The Imagine Cup consists of five large technology competitions. Software Design is just one such example.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 1The beginning of the Imagine Cup

The Imagine Cup has been in existence since 2003. Since the competition launched, it has continued to expand and become more and more well-known to the public. In 2011, a mere eight years after the Cup first started, it had over 358,000 participants, a highly impressive figure. These participants came from 183 distinct regions and nations.

Although the Imagine Cup currently is a major competition with many participants, things were different back in 2003 when it was first introduced. In 2003, there were only 1,000 participants in the competition. These participants came from just 25 regions and nations. The Imagine Cup competitions award gold, silver and bronze medals to winners. These medals are awarded to people who excel in the competitions, whether for game design, embedded development, software design or innovation.

Final competitions for the Imagine Cup take place in diverse locations all around the world. Examples of these locations are Seoul, South Korea, Barcelona, Spain, New York, the United States, Delhi, India, Agra, India, Cairo, Egypt, Warsaw, Poland, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Paris, France, Yokohama, Japan, Sydney, Australia and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Barcelona was the location of the first Imagine Cup final event in 2003.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2Who can compete?

Up-and-coming technologists who are interested in possibly participating in this competition can review all of its official regulations by visiting the website. The website also has a section that provides detailed information regarding the competition's code of conduct. The website provides extensive information regarding the various benefits that are associated with participating in the Imagine Cup. It notes that people who partake in the Cup can win prizes and money, meet brand new friends and develop brand new technological abilities. Eligibility information is also provided on the website.

People who want to stay in the loop regarding future Imagine Cup competitions should make a point to check the official blog. People who wish to view live webcasts for these competitions can also easily do so online. The competitions also air on television channels.

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