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Sponsored Video: Samsung Refrigerators

I am someone who is obsessively organized in my refrigerator. Everything has its place and every single time I open the door, I find myself doing a quick check to make certain everything is in that place.

I like refrigerators that allow their owners to be organized because I think that some manufacturers simply don't design things that way. There is function which is a necessity. There is style which is nice and for me, something that I really like. There are other things that I like about my refrigerator that may be hard for me to put into words but organization is really the best way to put it.

There are certain things that will always be in my refrigerator. Diet Coke, of course. A ton of condiments. Freshly prepared food that we will have for lunch or dinner the next few nights. These always end up being in very large containers.

Right now, my fridge is not very accommodating to some of the things that are always in it. Although the shelves are adjustable, it seems that we never have enough room for the big things which is tough because we are always changing containers around to get everything in.

My next refrigerator will be something stylish as well as functional. When I say functional, I mean for my entire family. That is the most important things to me. I want the kids drawers. The shallow doors. The fridge on top and the freezer below. A girl can dream, right?

I think that Samsung refrigerators are both stylish and functional. In fact, check out their latest video which my son found hilarious. These thieving monkeys obviously found everything easily enough!


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