Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington Space Needle
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Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington

Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington

Seattle Washington is a city with something for everyone. Whether you enjoy music, art, science, history, or nature, there is sure to be a Seattle attraction that captures your imagination and makes your trip a memorable one. Here are a few of the many exciting things to see and do in Seattle, Washington. We hope that this Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington post inspires you. 

Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington

Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington

Space Needle

No trip to Seattle would be complete without a visit to the famous Space Needle. Built for the World's Fair in 1962, the 605-foot high Space Needle has become a Seattle landmark. In the revolving restaurant, diners can watch as the scenery slowly changes. The restaurant rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing all diners to see a complete view of the city throughout their meal.

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Pioneer Square

For quaint brick buildings, plenty of shops and eateries, and a unique look into the history of Seattle, check out Pioneer Square. Be sure to visit the Klondike Gold Rush Museum, where you can learn about Seattle's role in the 1897-98 gold rush to the Yukon. Of course, the most famous attraction in Pioneer Square is the Underground Tour. The tour guide will lead you on a subterranean adventure through passages that were once the main streets of Seattle before the city you see today was built literally on top of them. You will learn all about Seattle's colorful past, including the history of its many rogues and outlaws.

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Woodland Park Zoo

At 601 N. 59th Street is the Woodland Park Zoo. There is a reason that this Seattle zoo has been deemed one of the world's finest zoos. With over 300 species of animals and more than 1,000 species of vegetation in the Botanical Gardens, this is a definite must-see while in Seattle. They have a walk through Aviary where Australian Parrots are waiting to be fed, and kids will love the Zoomazium where they can interact with nature on their level. Plan to go early and spend the day. There is an indoor/outdoor restaurant for lunch or snacks.

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Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market, opened in 1907, is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers' markets in the United States where you can find gourmet foods, fresh flowers, and eateries galore.

Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington

The Museum of Flight and The Future of Flight

The Museum of Flight in Seattle, located at 9404 East Marginal Way S., provides a self-guided tour through over 85 air and space interactive exhibits and educational activities. In the Great Gallery, there are 30 aircraft hanging suspended overhead in simulated flight. There is the W. E. Boeing Red Barn, the original manufacturing facility of the Boeing Corporation. Be sure to take in Space: Exploring the New Frontier. There are many exciting interactive exhibits centered around space travel from its conception into its future. To reach the Future of Flight, travel 30 miles north to Everett to the Boeing facility. There is a guided tour, a theatre for viewing Boeing's history and future on film, and numerous displays and hands-on exhibits sure to thrill the aviator in everyone.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park allows a rare opportunity to see a living rainforest. The Hoh Rain Forest is home to diverse and unusual flora and fauna, making it an ideal place to hike and take photographs. Other activities to do in the park include kayaking and biking.

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Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum boasts a world-class collection of art. In addition to its impressive permanent collection, the museum has hosted temporary displays such as Roman art from the Louvre, Fresh Impressionism, and Art of China. The temporary exhibits are constantly changing, so be sure to visit their web page to see what is on display when you come.

The Underground Tour

A touch of history with a large dose of humor, this one-and-a-half-hour tour through the underground past of Seattle will amuse and entertain to no end. Located at 608 First Ave., the tour begins in Doc Maynard's restored 1890's public house. From there you will walk along the sidewalks in areas that have not been occupied since 1907. Be sure to wear good walking shoes and plan a stop at the underground Rogues Gallery. There is even an underground cafe for lunch in these historic surroundings.

These are just a few of the many attractions Seattle has to offer. We hope that you are inspired by these Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington Post. Happy travels!

Best Things To Do in Seattle Washington

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  1. I definitely wouldn’t mind taking another Seattle trip. Good ideas! The National Park is something I haven’t checked out.

  2. There are so many places to see in Seattle! I would love to explore there for a few weeks. I will have to add these places to my list to visit when I do visit there.

  3. I always hit up Pike Place when I went to Seattle! LOVE that city – it has so much personality! I love all of your suggestions, too!

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    Seattle is such a fun place to visit. I loved the view from the Space Needle.

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    We have family in Seattle and it is so much fun to go and visit. I love Pike’s Market! There are so many great options for sightseeing on your list.

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  14. Seattle is such a nice place and I am planning to visit it soon. Good thing there are tips like this so it’s easy for me to create my itinerary.

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