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Instant Pot Corned Beef Recipe

Instant Pot Corned Beef recipeThis Instant Pot Corned Beef recipe with GROHE Hands-Free Kitchen Faucets #GROHEFootControl is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of GROHE and Millennial Blogs.

Instant Pot Corned Beef recipe with GROHE Faucets #GROHEFootControl

We love to cook and we spend a ton of time in our kitchen. We are always creating new recipes and the craziest part is that we do all of this in our not so cool but sort of retro 1968 kitchen. Although we do love shiny new things and are in desperate need of an entire kitchen update so this partnership with GROHE seemed only natural. This Instant Pot Corned Beef recipe was created as part of our partnership with GROHE and we cleaned out dishes with this badass new faucet. We are obsessed with both the food and the faucet. We hope that you love this Instant Pot Corned Beef recipe.

Instant Pot Corned Beef recipeInstant Pot Corned Beef recipe


  • 2.5 pound piece of corned beef (ours is preseasoned with pepper, mustard seeds, bay leaves)
  • potatoes – 1 pound peeled, washed and cut small
  • carrots – 1 pound peeled, washed and cut small
  • Brussels sprouts – 1 pound peeled, washed and cut small
  • 2 cups of  water
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

*Our Instant Pot is the 8 quart so we have plenty of room to throw in as many carrots and potatoes as desired, you can choose the amount that is right for you and your family and as long as the vegetables are below the MAX line, you should be fine with the same general cook times.

Instant Pot Corned Beef recipeInstant Pot Corned Beef recipeInstant Pot Corned Beef recipeInstant Pot Corned Beef recipeInstant Pot Corned Beef recipeInstant Pot Corned Beef recipeDirections

  1. Place the water and meat in the IP and set to 85 minutes on high pressure under the Manual setting.  Seal the pot and let it heat and cook.  Do a Quick Release when the time it up.
  2. While the meat is cooking, prep all of your vegetables, leaving the carrots and potatoes in larger uniformly sized pieces.  Peel the outer leaves off the Brussel sprouts, cut off the stock ends and then rough chop the rest to sauté, set aside.
  3. Carefully remove the lid and set the meat into a glass dish and cover.
  4. Place the carrots and potatoes in the liquid the meat cooked in.  Carefully remove the sealing ring from the lid and completely dry both the lid and ring (this will help make sure the pot seals properly. It may be a fluke just for me, but I’ve found that if the lid is wet inside at all, that it will not seal and pressurize the right way when using the pot again right away).
  5. Set the pot to 5 minutes, high pressure on Manual, quick release when done.
  6. While the carrots and potatoes are cooking in the IP, heat a nonstick pan to medium, add the oil and then sauté the Brussel sprouts until golden brown. Serve on top of the rest of the dish.  *to make this a truly one pot meal, you could absolutely wait until the vegetables are done then empty the pot contents into a serving dish and sauté the Brussel sprouts in the IP on the Sauté setting.  At that point you end up with an extra dish for either the frying pan or serving dish though so your call.

Meet the GROHE K7

GROHE provides pure water enjoyment through innovative water products that delight customers and exceed their expectations. The brand is rooted in the heritage of GROHE with a German-based approach to design — product design innovation and excellence in engineering.  GROHE products change people’s lives; the brand makes life easier, healthier and more beautiful.

The GROHE K7 faucet was designed with the input of chefs and will become the focal point of your kitchen. The GROHE K7 Semi-Pro Medium professional spray can be pulled out, turned and swiveled 360° and operated with one hand. The high arch and 140° swivel arm allows clearance for full-sink coverage when cleaning and filling tall pots. Easily switch back and forth between the spray and normal water flow without having to turn off the water.

Thoughts on the GROHE K7 by Jason Connerty

As a professional chef, I know exactly what I want when it comes to my kitchen. However, we live in a house built in 1968 and the kitchen is original with the exception of the dishwasher. We are desperately in need of a complete kitchen redesign but like a lot of things, it's on the to do list. We have another faucet in a box and it's been sitting in our closet for a few years. It's not what I wanted so we left the 1968 faucet on instead of changing it.

I'll be honest. I was impressed with the sleek look of the faucet but it needs to perform if I am going to keep it in our kitchen. Why yes that is our Avocado Green sink you are staring at underneath that gorgeous faucet.  As I installed the GROHE K7, I couldn't help but thing that the foot activation feature was a bit of a gimmick. It added complexity to the install, and I really could not see myself using it. I mean, how hard is it to turn on a faucet?

But then after install, I made dinner and it was a fantastic Thai style chicken curry soup. While making said soup, there was a moment where I found myself needing to wash my raw chicken juice covered hands. I walked to the sink and began to reach for the faucet handle with my nasty hands. And then I stopped and gave the foot activation feature a try. Genius. The idea suddenly clicked. I didn't have to touch the faucet with my contaminated, nasty hands. No germ spreading. I didn't have to sanitize my sink fixture. It was at that moment that I fell in love with the idea.
With the GROHE Foot Control Technology you simply tap your foot to turn the water on and tap it again to turn it off. This faucet has the look and feel of something that you would find in a restaurant. The faucet is well built and sturdy. It feels good in your hand and puts out a strong spray.

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  1. Oh yum! I’d love to make a corned beef meal this way. Your new faucet is the best! I can definitely see how the foot control would come in handy in certain situations.

  2. Jenna Wood

    I’m the sort that worries about staying sanitary in the kitchen so this really appeals to me- but I think I’d like a motion sensor more. Do they make faucets with those?

  3. This is awesome!! I will definitely try this for our weekly dinner rotation!

  4. MMMM look at all those veggies! I love a good crockpot recipe! What a great family dinner idea.

  5. robin rue

    Yassss! I am always looking for new Instant Pot recipes. This sounds super awesome.

  6. That faucet is beautiful. How nice for your older kitchen. That corned beef seems great but we are trying to transition to vegetarian or vegan for health reasons.

  7. Pam Wattenbarger

    The corned beef recipe sounds so good. I’m always trying to find quick new ideas to feed my family! And I love that faucet.

  8. I’d score major points with my husband if I served up that corned beef! It does look tasty!

    I also really like the sleek and modern design of the facet. When it comes time to replace ours, I will definitely consider Grohe Faucets!

  9. What a great recipe! I would love to try this at home for my family, thanks for sharing!

  10. Kristi

    Love that faucet, we need to update ours and that would be a great one for the replacement.

  11. I love using my instant pot! It’s heaven sent and it makes cooking yummy recipes easier! That faucet is awesome, it has a love of great features, definitely what you want to have in your kitchen!

  12. We are definitely getting ready to get a faucet like this. Super handy to have!

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love a good corned beef recipe and this one is great! I love Instant Pot recipes. It really helps cut down on cooking time and the meats always come out so flavorful.

  14. Dogvills

    From the day I took home my Instant Pot, I never regretted the purchase and I have been making delicious meals for my family! Your corned beef recipe is the next in line to try! That is what comfort food is supposed to look like!

  15. Two things I would love to have in my life are the GROHE K7 and the Instant Pot!
    Been wanting both for ages!
    That recipe looks good and I have all the ingredients so I will give it a go!

  16. Oh I love the sleek look of it! The pot would also be nice for my kitchen…think I need both!

  17. Julie Syl

    Who do not want instant? This is so amazing, isn’t it? I would not let this week end without trying this recipe.

  18. That looks yummy. My family loves corned beef, but I’ve never tried making it on my own. Thanks for the recipe.

  19. Ok after seeing this recipe and so many more from Instant Pots I think I need one!! Yo make it look so easy!!

  20. I just did a Roast beef recipe in my Instant pot that was so tender and delicious. I never thought to do a Corned beef in it. Pinning for later use, thanks!

  21. Kathy

    That looks so good. I could go for some of this right about now. It’s been so cold here lately, and this would be the perfect dish to have.

  22. Using brussels sprouts instead of cabbage is such a delicious idea. How come I never thought of that?! Will sure give this a try soon!

  23. E H

    I have always wanted to have this fancy faucet! Our faucet is so boring! I believe in those commercials where elements like this really put the whole kitchen together! I know I would probably start hand-washing all my dishes with this faucet!

  24. This really looks delicious. That faucet is awesome too. I love the idea of using the Brussel sprouts in place of the cabbage. I am going to have to try out this recipe.

  25. You have two items here that I LOVE, one being the crock pot and the other being the faucet! (and if you’re including the yummy corned beef than add 3 items I love!) My mother married into a crazy loving Irish family so we always have corned beef during a big loud and fun St Patty’s parties!

  26. I don’t think I’ve ever had corned beef but I will have to keep this article handy. I may try it out this winter. – yolonda

  27. Tamra Phelps

    I love corned beef. I need to try this recipe out, but first I need to get an instant pot, lol.

  28. ellen beck

    This sounds so good. I love corned beef and it sounds like the IP really really cuts down on time. I like everything in it. and it is getting to be crockpot weather here-. Nothing beats a meal like this when it is cold out!

  29. Rosie

    This is a great recipe for Corned Beef, for the Instapot as you really say how to use this pot! Love it, and I’m thinking of getting one – maybe for a Christmas present. This GROHE K7 is so nice, too, it would make washing anything fun!

  30. rochelle haynes

    I love pot roast looking good like to try this

  31. Tamra Phelps

    I do really like the look of that faucet. Very neat. And I love corned beef, so I need to try this recipe & get an Instant Pot!

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