Get what you need for game day at Walmart and

Get what you need for game day at Walmart and

Get what you need for game day at Walmart and

Kraft Heinz sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own.

Get what you need for game day at Walmart and

Labor Day weekend always marks a special time of year in our household. It means the kids are back in school. It means fall is right around the corner. And most importantly, it means football season is here! Football season is a big deal in our house. It is a time of year that we cherish. We love to have people over to the to “homegate” (like tailgating, but in the comfort of your house), and if we are not hosting the party, you can be sure it is because one of our friends has invited us into their home for game day. In truth, we travel as far as Pittsburgh every year for these football homegate get togethers. They make for great memories with friends and family. Did you know that you can get what you need for game day at Walmart and

When we host, we try to make everything as simple as possible. The whole point of a homegate football party is to enjoy the company of friends, relax, and watch the game. The last thing we want to have to do is spend all day in the kitchen cooking for the party. What we typically do is head over to Walmart a day or two prior to the big event. We go there because they literally have everything you could possibly need to tailgate or throw a homegate party. Everything from the Coleman RoadTrip Propane Grill to the Oscar Mayer Selects Uncured Angus Bun-Length Beef Franks for the grill are available every day. It’s a one stop shopping experience that saves us time and money.

Walmart even makes the menu plan easy. Step one is to head over to to score some great menu ideas from Kraft Heinz. Here you will find a ton of fantastic, easy prep meal ideas that are perfect for getting you out of the kitchen on party day. We recently did just this. We headed over to the site, and we found a recipe for Slow-Cooker Chili Dogs. Talk about simple. Chop up an onion. Put the Oscar Mayer Beef Franks in the slow-cooker. Top with a can of chili. Heat it up. Open a package of Kraft 2% Milk Shredded Cheddar Cheese. Open a package of Arnold Potato Hot Dog Buns. Done. Total prep time was maybe 5 minutes, and that means more time to spend with our guests.

And you know what? Everyone LOVED the Chili Dogs! I actually heard my youngest mutter to herself “Best hot dog ever” as she made herself seconds (true story). You can’t beat that.

Get what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comSlow Cooker Chili Dogs


  • 6 Oscar Mayer Selects Uncured Angus Bun-Length Franks
  • 1 can (15 oz.) chili with beans
  • 6 Arnold Country Potato Sliced Hot Dog Buns
  • ½ cup Kraft 2% Milk Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • ½ cup chopped onions

Get what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comGet what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comGet what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comGet what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comGet what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comGet what you need for game day at Walmart and GrabGoWow.comGet what you need for game day at Walmart and​Directions:​

  1. Place franks in slow cooker; top with chili. Cover with lid.
  2. Cook on HIGH 1 hour or until heated through, then simmer on LOW until ready to serve.
  3. Fill buns with franks; top with chili, cheese and onions.
  4. Eat and enjoy. That’s it. Super simple, and definitely tasty.

So how do you get ready for football? Have you ever hosted a homegate? If you haven’t, I would encourage you to give a try. You will make some fantastic memories. So head over to, get your plan together, and tell us about your party! Get what you need for game day at Walmart and

Get what you need for game day at Walmart and

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  1. This is so awesome! Hot dogs are great, but hot dogs loaded up with all kinds of delicious toppings are even better! Om nom nom.

  2. Now that is a cool way to make chili dogs. We’ll have to try that! We’re definitely going to have some fun game day celebrations this fall.

  3. Walmart really has great prices and everything you need for game day in one place. That’s why I like to shop there, good deals and one stop for all!

  4. Pam

    I have never made hot dogs in a slow cooker before. That’s a really good idea.

  5. Brianne

    This is a great idea! I want to do this for the weekend when we have friends over! 

  6. There’s something about slow cooked foods and one-pot foods that just seems yummier. We’re also big potato bread and roll fans here, they’re a must.

  7. We love shopping Walmart for all of our tailgate/homegate eats. I haven’t heard of their Grab Go Wow before, but I’ll be sure to check it out for new game day recipes.

  8. Those looks super awesome and perfect for game day! I love how easy it was to put together, especially the hotdogs! I wouldn’t mind serving those.

  9. Looks like they have everything you need for game day! We don’t usually go out or host viewing parties but we do love having good food around while watching the game! This is awesome, it’s easy and tasty!

  10. That’s definitely what my 2 boys will love especially since they’re a huge fan of chili! I love that it’s easy to prepare and it takes little time to do so!

  11. This is awesome! Walmart is always on our list for game day needs!

  12. I don’t like football but my husband lives for Sunday football. Those hit dogs are a work of art and great for any game or party.

  13. You just made me so hungry with those chili dogs lol. Sounds like we have some shopping to do.

  14. Well I have never thought about cooking chili dogs in the crockpot! I’ll definitely be try that out!! 

  15. Our Family World

    This would be a good idea if you’re having a party and you want to keep the frankfurters and chili warm. I love how you set it up like a bar. You can just put as much cheese, onion and chili as you like. 🙂

  16. Would you believe that I never had a chili dog before?!! I really need to give it a try. Plus I do have a slow cooker that I need to use more.

  17. sara lafountain

    My teens would love this crock pot dish! Sometimes my boys are starving late at night after I go to sleep and this would fill them up for sure!

  18. Love a good chili dog not to mention, a super simple to prepare chili dog. Perfect for game day indeed!

  19. We love our hot dog bar! I have lots of different sides so you can load your dog up any way you want! I can’t believe football is already starting! EXCITED!!!! WHOOT GO STEELERS

  20. I’ve never made them in the slow cooker, but chili dogs are definitely a favorite around here. I love loading mine up with grilled onions. My son prefers his with just chili and cheese. With a side of bbq chips, of course. I actually like to crush up my chips and sprinkle them on top, lol.

  21. I truly have never heard of GrabGoWow before! I wished I did sooner!!! Also this is totally perfect timing cos hubby is about to get into some game day mode this weekend! Thank you for sharing!!! xx

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