How to Improve Home Security

How to Improve Home Security

How to Improve Home Security

Your home is probably one of the most important things in your life. It represents the things and people you love, and you’ve probably decorated it to reflect your personality. To a burglar, it just looks like a structure full of valuable things to steal and enjoy or sell. However, it’s possible to keep your residence safe and protected from unauthorized occupants and not drain your bank account at the same time. We hope that this How to Improve Home Security post inspires you. How to Improve Home Security

Check Your House for Easy Entrance Points

Many people don’t realize they nearly give thieves free tickets to get inside their homes because they haven’t ensured the residence is free from characteristics that make getting inside very straightforward. For example, if you live in a two-story home and regularly leave a ladder nearby, a burglar might see it and use that item to climb up and start working on opening the window. Speaking of windows, if your home has older versions that swing open widely, it’s a good idea to invest in more modern types. It’s usually only possible to pry those open from the outside about an inch, so that won’t be good enough to let someone get inside.

Resolutions for Online Safety

Also, if the entrances into your home do not have deadbolts, think strongly about installing them. Otherwise, thieves — especially experienced ones — will be potentially able to pick the locks quickly and get inside to see what’s available to take.

Consider that better windows could boost the value of your home and reduce energy bills, while deadbolts keep you safer for years. Also, taking care of a visible ladder just involves adding about 50 pounds of weight to the base so people who are up to no good can’t speedily drag it to the best spot for access. Therefore, even if you’re hesitant to spend money on these improvements, they’re worthwhile, especially when you adopt a long-term viewpoint.

How to Improve Home Security

Find Out About Home Security Options

One common way people waste money on home security systems is by purchasing the first setups they find without gaining awareness of other things that exist. To get the highest amount of value from a potential home security system, start by becoming familiar with some of the industry terminology. For example, an unmonitored system sounds an alarm but doesn’t notify the authorities immediately. However, as the name suggests, human representatives oversee a monitored system. They can contact the police even if you are not home.

Smartphones, Kids and Mobile Security

You may also want to explore smart home security systems. Features vary based on the kind selected, but they’re generally cost-effective and easy to install. Most connect to a smartphone so you take control of keeping an eye on your house whether you’re on-site or not. It’s also sometimes possible to do things like turn on the lights from a distance, which could be useful if you want to give the impression the house is occupied when you’re on vacation but forgot to leave lights on before departing. Many options for Bluetooth tracking devices help you track your things.

How to Improve Home Security

Do In-Depth Research About the Possibilities

In the same way, people often waste money because they’re not up to date about the kinds of security systems available to purchase, they might get lower returns on investments by acting hastily and buying systems without knowing if they are reliable options or feature the most-wanted capabilities. Before finalizing your decision, spend time reading a good home security blog. The information found there will include helpful details about average installation times, user-friendly perks, and overall effectiveness.

If you know people who have recently gotten home security systems installed, let them know you’re trying to protect your home while saving money and see if they’re willing to have conversations with you about the pros and cons of the technology they chose.

Online Safety and Kids

Also, consider that some major home security specialists may have special deals for new customers. Always go on the respective websites or contact representatives from those companies over the phone and inquire about the best deals available for people in your situation. Some of those bargains may be offered on a seasonal basis, such as if a particular provider is anticipating that individuals may want to secure their homes at the start of a year, and advertises a New Year’s promotion.

As you can see from these tips, it’s not difficult to keep your home secure while sticking to a modest budget. We hope that this How to Improve Home Security post inspires you. Good luck!

Choosing a Home Security System

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  1. Thank you! Just the kind of tips I was looking for! I would like to replace our windows to better secure ones and deadbolts would be nice. We live in a very rural area but that does not mean we could not be a target.

  2. It’s good to know how you can get good deals if you’re a new client! A lot of times, people are intimidated to get home security because of the costs that can incur.

  3. Oh, these are amazing tips! I’m thinking of buying a house and I feel so lost. You’ve definitely helped me understand the process and options better.

  4. Cynthia R

    We’ve had an increase in home robberies in our area. It’s scary and pretty damn sad.

  5. Rosie

    This is great information, and I’ve bookmarked the link. I’m considering making a change, and I have been overwhelmed trying to think about security. There is so much information, but not in a way I can tell what is good to do!

  6. Tamra Phelps

    Security has to be an issue no matter where you live. There is no such thing as ‘That doesn’t happen here’ anymore!

  7. I definitely think of money when I think of securing my home.. Every option out there costs to invest in, but this post is great. You can do it and take some steps to help without breaking the bank.

  8. We had an alarm system on our old house. I think that having an alarm is a great option because most prowlers or intruders want an easy target. The nest doorbell would have been a great option too.

  9. I always tell people to not make their house an easy target. Unfortunately, gone are the days we can have blind faith in strangers.

  10. Having home security gives me a peace of mind, especially when I experienced an attempted break-in last year. Thankfully, there are cheaper options like Arlo and Iris nowadays.

  11. Adaleta

    This is so smart! I never had a big security system in my home growing up but we did all of these tips to keep us secure and aware of our home!

  12. I’m often home with the kids and knowing that we have a secured home gives me peace of mind. We did shop around quite a bit before going with the service we have now.

  13. These are great tips! You can never be too careful, and I love the idea of being able to make my home safe without spending a ton of money.

  14. I NEED something like this! We are budgeted to the max but I want to make sure the house is secure!  I will following a lot of these tips! 

  15. I should definitely think about adding some of these securities to my home. It would give me better peace of mind especially being a mom, and knowing our home is better protected.

  16. There’s plenty of options these days which is awesome. I think these tips are very helpful especially for people who would like to keep their homes safe while also under a strict budget!

  17. This is very helpful! We are looking at a system for our cabin and there are a lot of things that I am not sure about. I will definitely be doing more research now.

  18. Ruth I.

    I know home security is a little expensive nowadays. I always think about James Bond facilities when this is brought up. I am sure these will be effective and efficient in the future.

  19. We moved to Iowa after years of research to escape the dangers of the Chicago area with high crime. Well wouldn’t you know it, a couple of years after being here, the crime followed! We had to load up on security cameras and guns to protect our home once again, needless to say, we are moving as soon as possible again! This time we are headed for the country, I am thinking 10 acres is a nice buffer!

  20. Kathy

    Great to know there are cheaper ways to secure your home. I’m about ready to put up a security camera here at our house. Haven’t had any issues, but you never know.

  21. I think my home is pretty safe as it is. With that said I still want to add cameras, I’ve been checking out my options.

  22. Ave

    Keeping our homes safe and secure is really important. I live in an apartment building and never thought on adding a deadbolt. Have to fix this mistake asap!

  23. There have been some recent break ins around my neighborhood so I am thankful for your advice. We have a few things to improve upon so we can stay safe.

  24. Researching and knowing what your options are before jumping into something like home security is very important. Great tips!

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