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Drive Away Odors with Febreze Freshness – Road Trip Tips

You don’t have to drive with the windows down to keep your car smelling fresh.  The new Febreze CAR Vent Clip has a clean and modern design that easily attaches onto the air vent in the car, providing odor elimination while on the road for up to 30 days, so you can trust that your car will smell fresh and clean while you drive.

I am a lover of scent and the chance to bring the freshness of Febreze into my car everyday was just too alluring to pass up. My husband and I fought over these cool little car vent clips but we each had our favorite scents so we divided them up quickly.

Breathe Happy Benefits
The Febreze CAR Vent Clip was tailored specifically for the car environment. Discreet in size, the Febreze car freshener is formulated with light, fresh scents that have true odor eliminating power and the technology to slowly release scent day after day without becoming too overpowering.

The CAR Vent Clip has a unique membrane that allows the product to slowly release scented oils, while also eliminating tough odors.  And, you are in the driver’s seat with the user-friendly gauge that allows you to easily control the scent level by adjusting the intensity dial.  With five scents to choose from, you will be able test-drive the perfect scent for you!

Going on a family road trip? Here are a few tips that will keep you and your family safe and entertained for hours:

Yummy In My Tummy: Car snacks are essential for any road trip. This will not only keep your kids satisfied but you will avoid frequent pit stops. Pack healthy snacks like baby carrots or apples. Cereal and crackers are also an easy snack to have onboard. Try to avoid anything sticky or that will melt in the car.

Are We There Yet? Stock up your car with kid-friendly entertainment. Bring books, interactive games, art & crafts, music or flash cards. These will keep your kids happy and your eyes on the road.

Locked And Loaded: With kids, it is sometimes hard to predict what messes are in your future. A roll of paper towel and a pack of wet wipes should always be on hand. Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag to throw away used or dirty paper towels.

Safety First: Teach your kids the importance of car safety. They should always wear their seatbelt and buckle it immediately after sitting down in the car. It is recommended that children 12 years old and younger should be sitting in the back seat.

All Better: Keep a first aid kit handy in the car. Whether it is a paper cut, motion sickness or a cold, you want to be prepared with a first aid kit.

Forget about odors taking the lead in this clean smelling race – Febreze CAR Vent Clips will zoom you across the freshness finish line.  Today’s bad odors will be eating your dust in no time!

For additional information about the new Febreze CAR Vent Clip, including the five available scents, visit or

These products were sent to me on behalf of P&G.

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