What’s in my desk drawer? Carefree Acti-Fresh liners

What’s in my desk drawer?

What’s in my desk drawer? #linerup

This What’s in my desk drawer? #linerup post is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Carefree®.

What’s in my desk drawer? #linerup

As a working mother of three, there is no question that I am busy person. Aren't we all? I regularly assume a variety of roles including chauffeur, cook, Scout leader, volunteer, and PTA member.

In addition to all of those jobs listed above, I also run a few successful businesses out of my home as well. I am a lifestyle blogger plus I have a social media company where I help businesses reach people worldwide. I am the CEO of my home and my business.

My home office is truly the hub of our home. I spend so much time in it and I love that I have everything that I need in one place. Let's take a look at my desk drawer so you can see the essentials that I use day after day.

What’s in my desk drawer? #linerupWant to know what's in my desk drawer?

Very few items make it into my desk drawer. This is the place that contains everything I reach for on a regular basis.

First, Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Liners are always in my desk drawer. I never know when I will need one so I always keep them on hand. These liners really are an everyday essential that's just a part of my life. I can just grab one and go.

What’s in my desk drawer? #linerup

Second, I have my earbuds because I am almost always listening to music while I work. Music is a huge calming factor for me and I love listening to new songs, old songs and pretty much any genre.

Third, a good nail file. I spend a good portion of my day using my keyboard and if I am not typing, the chances are pretty good that I am doing something else with my hands. As a result, I need to file a nail or two every couple of days to keep them looking good.

Fourth, lip gloss. I am someone who almost always has dry skin and that includes my lips. I am constantly putting on lip gloss to keep my lips both hydrated and moisturized.

Fifth, a snack bar. I tend to work for long spurts and when I am on a roll, I don't want to leave my desk so I grab a snack bar, eat it and continue working.

Finally, Sharpie's. I have long had a love affair with Sharpie and I can guarantee that if you come to my house on any given day, you will find no less than 50 Sharpie's. I love them that much and so does my entire family. In fact, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Sharpie.

What’s in my desk drawer? #linerupAbout Carefree® Acti-Fresh® liners

As a busy career woman, Carefree® liners fit into your everyday life and provide a great solution for a busy, working mom on the go like me. As my body is changing, I really need my feminine hygiene products to change along with me so that I can always feel confident.

What I love about the Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Liners is that I cannot even tell I am wearing one. They really are that thin and super soft plus they are two times more absorbent compared to absorbency of Carefree® Original Regular. These liners are definitely an everyday essential that lets me easily go from the office to the gym to the grocery store to school to the mall. I am free to be me and prepared for anything!

What’s in my desk drawer? #linerup

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This What’s in my desk drawer? #linerup post is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Carefree®.

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36 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I love these kind of posts. Usually it’s a “whats in my bag” but you did a fresh spin on it! Speaking of fresh, a great panty liner helps! I also love those Goodness Knows bars!

  2. Carefree has been a brand I have trusted for years. It is all my girls and I use.

  3. Claudia Krusch

    I always keep some First, Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners in my bag. You never know when you might need one.

  4. I love this brand and I’ve been using it for years. You can always find a few liners in my purse.

  5. Liners can be a LIFE SAVER when you need them. Love this look inside your desk drawer!

  6. Adaleta

    Liners are like a secret that surprises me how few people know about! I think they are awesome to have!

  7. First let me say, thank you for the coupon, that is awesome! Second, I have been looking for a new brand and now I have no reason not to try Carefree, if I like it then it will be my new brand from now on. Thank you for helping me make that decision I have been unhappy with my current brand but not ready to take the plunge to try another one.

  8. Ali Rost

    The contents of your desk drawer look an awful lot like my purse.  Carefree is a such a great brand.  My daughter and I have used them for years!

  9. I too had the similar stuffs in my desk.

  10. I tend to wear liners occasionally. Since I am at home 90% of the time, I don’t keep any female products in my purse. Speaking of which, I used my purse stash recently. 😑

  11. I have never thought of this, but it’s a good idea! I mostly keep lip gloss, a snack bar, and earbuds in my desk drawer.

  12. karlyn cruz

    yes! Carefree is a life saver item on my bag too! HAHAHA lol.

  13. Victorial Heckstall

    haha i have it anywhere! bathroom, drawer, bag, even in living room lol

  14. I have been using this brand for years and love it. I always have extra in in my purse just in case.

  15. Sarah

    Keeping those pads in the drawer is a great idea. It’s a good idea to have pads on hand wherever you are just in case.

  16. I always keep liners in my bag, but I’ve never thought of having them in my drawer before. That’s actually an awesome idea.

  17. That’s a great drawer! You’ve got your tunes, your markers, and you protection. I should do this.

  18. Robin rue

    I use Carefree liners all the time. They work great on those light days!!

  19. I’ll have to keep Carefree in mind I haven’t tried them yet. My office is also where I spend all my time and I have it set up for me alone.

  20. Pam Wattenbarger

    I always keep Sharpies and pens in my purse. Actually, I don’t even know what all I have in there.

  21. Great choices! My drawer right now has a few too many pens actually. Being stocked up on those liners is a good idea!

  22. Carefree is the brand of liner me and my daughter have been using for years. It gives us the confidence to go about our day without worry! My desk drawer has quite the same stuff as yours, although mine has some cookie crumbs in them. Haha.

  23. I love lip gloss, it’s one of the few things I don’t like to be without. I also like to listen to music when I’m working, the only difference is I play it through either the home stereo or the computer.

  24. Veronica Solomon

    I have a whole bunch of random things in my drawers. Lol

  25. Rosey

    Good idea to keep stocked on the liners. I laughed about the Sharpies. My teen got some pretty nice gifts last year for the holidays but I think it was the huge pkg of those that she likes best.

  26. It’s neat to see what other people keep in their desks! I have most of these things, including the liners. Though they usually stay in the bathroom closet instead of the desk drawer.

  27. This is awesome! I love keeping liners handy in my drawer too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing what’s on your drawer! 😀

  28. I always keep a little snack in case I get hungry while working. I didn’t know that I was the only one. This pretty much is the same as my desk drawer.

  29. Carefree are a grab away in my house too. I also keep them in my purse and travel bag because you’re right, you just never know. I’m a gloss person too!

  30. Carefree is a go-to brand for me. It was a brand my mom trusted for my sisters and I when we were growing up and i’ve always used it!

  31. Anna Kate

    Great post and thanks for the coupon!

  32. Jeanine

    I love carefree. I haven’t had to use any in a long time but when u do again, they’ll be my choice. Great brand that is really made well for women!

  33. Brianne

    Carefree is my favorite brand. I love how compact they come! 

  34. I love Carefree panty liners. They have always came in handy especially around the last few days of my period.

  35. I have a stash of these at my house, purse, car and condo. I love them and love how great they work!

  36. I love using Carefree. My desk drawer is now my junk drawer lol I keep my panty liners in the bathroom.

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