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The Keto Diet

The Keto DietThe Keto Diet

Diet is hugely important. Everyone has to eat and eat well. People also need to pay close attention to what they're eating. Over time, people may find they've gained weight without realizing it. Weight gain is a big problem because it can lead to all sorts of physical problems.  Fortunately, there is a solution: a better diet. Modern dietitians have created what is known as the ketogenic, or keto, diet. We hope that you enjoy this The Keto Diet post. 

Keto has become something of a buzzword in recent years. It's important to know what this diet is, what it aims to do, what it can do for any given person, and how to make it work for you. Many doctors are telling their patients to follow it. That's because, when followed as directed, the diet can lead to weight loss and a better, healthier lifestyle. Following keto is surprisingly easy as long as you stick to certain guidelines. 

The Keto Diet

The Basics of Keto

The basic goals of the keto diet are simple. The goal is to get the body in a state where it burns fat for fuel. This is known as ketosis. Ketosis means the body is processing fat and removing it. In doing so, the body becomes leaner. Mental processes become sharper. Using fat as fuel also leads to both weight loss and a feeling of satiety at the same time. 

People eat food that fills them up rather than empty calories that don't. They're not tempted to eat food they don't need, so weight loss can be sustained over a long period. Any kind of caloric restriction can result in weight loss. It's keeping it off in the long run that matters. So the keto diet emphasizes the consumption of fat for fuel instead of carbs. For example, keto-friendly granola offers a good way to start the day with lots of satisfying nutrition. 

Keto diets are aimed at helping ensure people aren't subject to cravings that can lead to weight gain. They're also focused on helping people avoid intense hunger pangs that can make it hard to stay on a diet. 

Avoiding Carbs 

Eating on this diet means eating foods that have as few “bad” carbohydrates as possible. Carbs, while part of a healthy diet, when consumed in mass quantities, can lead to the consumption of unhealthy food. For example, carbs are frequently found in items like cake, cola, and other foods that are filled with sugar. 

Overeating sugar creates all sorts of problems. It leads to unwanted weight gain that can cause health problems. Sugar also has empty calories. These calories mean the eater isn't getting what they really need to stay healthy in the long term. People eat snack cakes, but they don't feel full, so they're tempted to keep eating them. The keto diet aims at breaking this unhealthy cycle. 

Carbs are kept to a minimum. Instead, followers are urged to look for foods that lack such carbs. They're also urged to stick to foods that are inherently filled with fats. 

Eating on the Keto Diet

Eating on keto is about staying with foods that follow two essential ideas. The first is staving off hunger. When people are hungry, they may not act rationally. Consuming foods like ham and egg signal the brain to stop eating after a certain point. 

The second principle is about avoiding sugar and carbs. Foods that lack sugar and carbs are usually not good for the body. Pasta and white bread can be initially satisfying. 

An hour or two later, these hit the bloodstream leading the eater to feel the need to reach for more. Eating lots of vegetables instead offers a solution. Vegetables like broccoli contain essential nutrients without added calories. 

It Works 

People stick to the keto diet for a simple reason: it works. When followed as directed, the diet leads to fast and efficient weight loss. Dieters are not left in the lurch combating cravings. Instead, they get to eat filling foods such as nuts that cue the body to stop eating once they're full. Over time, people will find fewer cravings for sweets and an improved sense of well being. They'll also find they're no longer looking for a snack cracker in the middle of the day. Eating cheese, vegetables, and meat gives people all they need to function well from early morning to late at night. We hope that you are inspired by this The Keto Diet post. Happy eating!

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