Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults. Plenty to Do On-board.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Senses Spa & Salon – Spa Villa Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Senses Spa & Salon – Rainforest Room Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Senses Spa & Salon – Rainforest Room 2

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults

While on board the Disney Dream Cruise Ship, adults have several options when it comes to activities and relaxing attractions. There is a spa on the ship called Senses. Enjoy a relaxing facial, a soothing massage or other salon treatments that will take your mind off of every day life.
Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Remy Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Palo

After a long day of relaxation and plying, you can enjoy adult exclusive dining in the evening. This includes wine and beet tasting as well as elegant dinners where you can dress up for the meal. Palo offers an Italian cuisine, and you have a remarkable view of the ocean while eating. Remy is a French restaurant located on Deck 12.Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Quiet Cove Pool Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Quiet Cove Pool 2

The Quiet Cove Pool is somewhere to go before turning in for the night or to enjoy the quiet of the early morning. This pool is one of three that have freshwater. The depth of the pool is only four feet, so it's a nice way to sit in a pool while talking to other adults. There are also whirlpool spas and hot tubs for adults to enjoy. Poolside dining is available for those who want a quick meal while swimming.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults The District – Skyline Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults The District – Pink

The nighttime is the best time to explore the ship. There are numerous clubs and lounges for adults to explore to have fun. One of the sports bars is 687. Watch various sporting events on large televisions, and enjoy a soothing drink while talking to others on the ship. The Cadillac Lounge is a place where adults can enjoy live music and a cocktail. Adults can search the internet, look at magazines and enjoy the company of others at Cove Café. The District Lounge has an intimate atmosphere. It is decorated with modern furnishings and is the perfect place for couples to enjoy a mixed drink together. Those who like to dance will like Evolution. This is a dance club offering all kinds of music. Watch others sing karaoke, or dance the night away on stage.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults The District – Evolution Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults The District – 687 Pub Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Cove Cafe

Those who like music can experience what it might look like on the inside of a radio at WaveBands. Adults can sing karaoke and enjoy mixed drinks. Vista Café is somewhere to go to get a delicious pastry and coffee in the morning or a cocktail in the evening. It has a sophisticated atmosphere that is also relaxing after a long day of fun. Enjoy drinks from around the world at Skyline, and explore what the inside of a champagne bottle looks like at Pink. This café features modern furniture, dazzling lights and bubble decorations on the walls. O'Gills Pub is an Irish bar where adults can go to see live sporting events on televisions while drinking a pint of beer. Fathoms features variety shows in the evening as well as live music.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Adults Yoga on Deck

We hope you have enjoyed learning about all there is to do on the Disney Dream Cruise ship for adults.


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  1. ellen beck

    This looks divine… and a crruise is on my bucket lliist. My only problem is my husband was a Marine and went on West Pac cruises. He says ‘the food is like a chow haul’ and he says its a waste :/ I truly am gonna go no matter what!

  2. Rosie

    Wow – I had no idea Disney would have a cruise like this – I know several ppl could be interested in this – I have to tell them about it!

  3. That sounds totally amazeballs. I had no idea that a Disney Cruise could be so adult friendly. VERY cool.

  4. Wow. Looks like a lot of offerings for adults. I never think Disney and adult in the same thought!! LOL

  5. STephanie Jeannot

    This looks so luxurious. I love the spa and so just the photos of that alone got me interested. But then I saw the size of the pool and how beautiful it is, makes me even more interested in going on a cruise.

  6. omg this looks so awesome and relaxing. i would love to take a disney dream cruise.

  7. mary

    When are we going girly? I couldn’t make Disney SMM this year as the dates didn’t work. Now i have to plan my own Disney Cruise vacation and I can’t wait! So fun. Pics are amazing

  8. My Teen Guide

    omyyy!!! this is really really incredible!! i really wanted to work on here.. but it will be nicer if ill be a guest here lol

  9. I really want to go on a Disney cruise. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it was an awesome experience. I love that they have some adult activities for the adults too.

  10. Hilesha O'Nan

    It has been a couple years since I’ve been on a cruise, but I wouldn’t mind going on another one someday! This one looks and sounds lovely.

  11. I had no idea there was so much for adults to do on a Disney Cruise Ship. I would love to sail on one!

  12. holy crap I could go on a trip like this stat! how luxurious and relaxing… I’d LOVE it! thanks for sharing : )

  13. E H

    Oh, how I need to go on a cruise! I have never been, and this one you are describing looks like a perfect combination of luxury, pampering and relaxation! I have to put a cruise vacation with Disney on my must do bucket list for sure!

  14. micheled

    What a beautiful boat. My children have always wanted to travel on a Disney cruise but having a family of 6 can be very expensive. Glad to see you had fun.

  15. Victoria Heckstall

    This place is “heaven”! What a great place to relax with hubby! This is something to plan for this year!

  16. I’m sending this to my family asap! Some won’t go because they don’t have kids yet and want grown up activities. I guess when it just comes from me, they don’t believe me?? Hopefully now they will!

  17. I hope to take a Disney cruise soon. We live near a few cruise ports and it would be an easy getaway. I am happy to see all the adult options.

  18. This sounds like such an amazing cruise. That pool alone makes me want to hop aboard!!

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