Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids. So Much to Do for All Ages.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids – Vibe

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids

Children who are on board the Disney Dream Cruise Ship have an abundance of activities to keep them busy while their parents are exploring the rest of the ship. A popular thing to do is visit the clubs that are available. One of the popular clubs for teenagers is called Vibe. There are bright lights, an indoor lounge and a sundeck where teens can enjoy a cool breeze. They can dance to popular music and play videogames. This is a club for teens ages 14 to 17 only.
Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids Oceaneer Lab
Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids Oceaneer Club 2 Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids Oceaneer Club 3

The Oceaneer Club is for children who want to dress up like their favorite Disney princess or hero. The Oceaneer Lab is a place for children can play and learn at the same time. Everything from performing experiments to cooking classes with the Disney chefs happens here.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids – Edge 2 Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids – Edge Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids – Edge 3

Edge is a fun place to go for tweens. They can sit and talk at tables that are brightly colored. It is for children ages 11 to 14. There are videogames, a large television screen and music to listen to while meeting new people. Kids can also search the internet. Activities are offered that are age appropriate.
Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids D Lounge
D Lounge is a nightclub where parents and children can dance together and play games.
Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids Studio Sea
Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids Muppets Adventure Game

Studio Sea is another club where parents and children can dance, sing and enjoy a light meal together. Children who like The Muppets will enjoy finding clues and helping the characters find their missing show props in the Muppets Adventure Game. Girls will enjoy dressing up as their favorite princess at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. This is a beautiful area where girls can get their hair done and have a fairy tale treatment. Boys will also enjoy the area as they get to dress up as a pirate.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids D Lounge 2 Disney Dream Cruise Ship for Kids Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

There are several arcades on the ship, such as Arr-Cade and Quarter Masters. These areas have arcade games, pool tables, air hockey and other activities for gamers. Children ages three months to three-years-old can stay in either the Flounder's Reef Nursery or It's a Small World. There are age appropriate toys, and the staff pays close attention to all of the children as they play, nap or eat. So as you can see, there is plenty to do on the Disney Dream cruise ship for kids.

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  1. Tanya T

    Great blog – we cruised the New England area and loved it. The options for kids and adults are amazing!

  2. What an awesome selection of activities available for kids and teens! I am sure a trip on the Disney Dream would make for a memorable family vacation.

  3. I didn’t realize they had so much for kids of different age ranges to do. Kids will have so much fun on this cruise!

  4. This is so cool! I love that they have a lounge for the teens to enjoy. This gives them some independence, but not too much. And you know what struck me? How happy it looks like the ladies who work on the ship look. That makes me happy!

  5. My kids would love these! Heck, I LOVE Disney, and I think this looks awesome.

  6. Pam

    It sounds like the ship has something to do for kids and teens of all ages. I like that they have so many options!

  7. I have been dying to go on a Disney cruise for the longest time! This literally looks like the most fun ever! My kids would really enjoy every bit of it!

  8. Rosey

    If I went on a cruise, I’d want it to be a Disney cruise. My son is the perfect age (9) to enjoy it, but I don’t know how much longer that’s going to last, so it’ll need to happen fast if it’s gonna. 😉

  9. Tracey

    This looks like a kid’s dream cruise! There is so much for them to do! I’ll be keeping this in mind for when my daughter is older.

  10. You can bring any age kid on the cruise and they will have a great time. This is a great idea for families who want the Disney experience but be away from the lines.

  11. Disney keeps coming up with such great family ideas!
    This one looks excellent – giving parents a break from the kiddies, while giving these children such fun activities to keep them busy.

  12. As far as cruises for kids go, Disney does it best. They are super interactive and have a lot of awesome activities for the kids.

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc

    We will be taking this trip when the grandkids are older so they can appreciate the experience better. Their staff is always amazing and I know they work well with kids!

  14. That’s really lovely! It’s a memorable experience for the kids. I’ve never tried the Disney Cruise before, I sure would love to someday.

  15. We haven’t taken our kids to a cruise yet, but if we do, now I have an idea where to take them. Thanks for all this great info on kids’ Disney cruise!

  16. Brianne

    We just got back from a Disney Cruise and I cannot tell you how much we loved it! The kids want to go back asap! 

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