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Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and The Frog

Disney Princess and the Frog

In just five days, the newest Disney princess will meet the world. Princess Tiana comes to a movie theater near you on December 11th. My family couldn't be more thrilled. My two princesses simply cannot wait so we watch the movie trailer on almost a daily basis.

Now is the time! On December 11th in theaters across the nation and Canada, The Princess and The Frog will open everywhere to the same chorus of praise and expectation that has attended its special limited engagement in Los Angeles and New York City over the past two weeks. The Princess and The Frog needs your help to become the success that it has the potential to become for communities around the world.

As you have heard for months, The Princess and the Frog will be one of the most memorable moments in film for many years to come.  Tiana, our very own princess, and her friends are truly capturing the imagination of the entire nation.

The limited engagements in New York City and Los Angeles that began last week have been beautiful, sold out events featuring a real-life Tiana and all of the other Disney princesses of the past.  Crowds, journalists, little princesses, young and old, and entire families have found this musical set in New Orleans to be one of the best film experiences of their lives.  It is clear that The Princess and the Frog is a must see for the entire family, sororities, community groups, and churches this holiday season.

Buy your tickets now for opening weekend. It is as easy as buying online at to avoid sold out theaters and long lines.  This is your chance to expose your children to this unique moment in time and history.

Disney Princess and the Frog TianaWe hope that you will celebrate with us as Tiana and her friends prepare to take the nation by storm and renew Disney’s magical ability to make us dream.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I haven’t seen that movie yet, must do so when I get the chance

  2. Karen Medlin

    How exciting!, our little princess’s have been waiting along with you for this release!

  3. Lynsey Jones

    We are excited about this, and have already purchased our tickets for Friday afternoon for six of us to go together. I think it is going to be hysterical – I cant wait!

  4. Both my kids are excited about this new movie-and so am I!

  5. Tamara B.

    My daughter and I love fairytale movies. Can’t wait to see this!

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