Celebrating Family Tradition with Kinder Joy

Celebrating Family Tradition with Kinder Joy

In our family of 5, family time with all of us being together in the same room is pretty rare these days. With the kids in school and my husband and I working, there is not much time for a family meeting or game night.

That’s why the holidays have always been such an important time for my family. I take a break from work and my kids are off from school so we are able to have some real quality family time together. We play games throughout the weeks off, bake desserts together, and of course carry on our family favorite traditions.


When tradition meets reality:

For years my family and I have had a tradition of finding Kinder Joy eggs in our stockings… how they got there is beyond me 😉


We always have time set aside after our gifts to build our Kinder Joy toys and enjoy the treat side together. Half the time my kids wind up trading toys around, and mine always happens to go missing, every year.


Kinder has been able to bring my family together for years, but this year was a little different. My son recently moved in with his partner and we won’t be together for the holidays this year. When I was on the phone with my son the other day he asked me “what about our Kinder Joy time.” This took me aback for a moment because I didn’t know this time meant so much to my kids! That’s when our new Kinder Joy time idea was born.


Although we won’t be together for the holidays, we realized that we could still have this time together virtually. I sent a box of Kinder Joys to my son’s house for him and his partner and got a box for my house as well. We blocked out a time on both our schedules that lined up and opened our joys together, just like we always had before. My kids still compared the toys they received amongst themselves and mine, again, went missing. I guess I found out that my son was not the culprit of that one!


These little moments are so rare as a mother of three teens. It makes my heart so happy to realize that this tradition that my husband and I started left such a big impact on our kids and that it’s something that we can still have together, even when we aren’t all together. As my family grows, it’s nice to see the traditions I started survive and thrive for our future family!


More about Kinder Joy


To celebrate the holiday season, Kinder has released a limited time Holiday themed Kinder Joys! My kids loved the new theme and every toy they received! I love that there was an ornament inside a couple of the Joys since I am able to hang them up on my tree, and it is a cute addition that my kids helped build. The treat side was still as tasty as ever and my kids ate every single bite of them, I swear it looked like those cups were cleaned by a professional!

Help celebrate the little surprises with us and Kinder Joy this holiday season! Get yours now! Happy holidays!

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