10 Trick or Treat Tips to Keep Kids Safe
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10 Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Kids


Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Kids: Ensuring a Safe and Fun Night Out


Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

Dressing up your children as monsters and sending them out for trick-or-treating can be fun, but it comes with safety concerns. With many kids out on the streets, safety is paramount. Ensure a safe Halloween by teaching kids road safety, inspecting treats for safety, and setting clear boundaries. Always accompany young children, use reflective gear, and choose well-lit areas. 10 Trick or Treat Tips to Keep Kids Safe  Educate kids about stranger danger and never enter unfamiliar homes. Enjoy Halloween responsibly with these Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Kids.

tips to help keep the kids safe while trick or treating:

1. Make sure they are visible

A large portion of Halloween related tragedies are because kids are virtually invisible in their costumes. Dark costumes that have no reflective qualities are extremely dangerous. Flashlights help and should be carried as well, but make sure the costumes are visible when cars are coming.

2. Make sure they can see clearly

Another large portion of accidents are due to the child being unable to see or move about safely. Masks are the primary culprit and can be a huge problem when not worn carefully. Teach kids to wear the mask only when at the door and to then pull it up to move to the next location. Costumes that drag or come unraveled can be a huge problem too.

3. Make certain the costume is not flammable or inherently dangerous

You would be shocked at the number of flammable costumes that are found out there still. Be sure to check and make sure your kid is not wearing one of them. Also check makeup to make certain it is not of a toxic nature. Not all paint is safe.

4. Leave early and come home early

Out at dusk and in at dark was the rule in my home growing up. Get them started quickly and home before the night sky is pitch black.

5. Travel in groups

Kids should go in groups and parents can observe from a safe distance. This is the safest way. If a kid is young enough to trick or treat, they are young enough to have their parents with them.

6. Stay out of the roadways

Kids should use the sidewalks, front yards and such to travel in. If you must travel along the road, reconsider the area you are trick or treating in. If you still insist, then make sure you are traveling carefully and close to your little one between homes.

7. Stick to the familiar neighborhoods

Don’t decide on a new neighborhood for trick or treating. That can end very badly.

8. Avoid homes that are not lit or decorated

People who want to celebrate Halloween are usually not very shy about it. You can tell at a glance whether they are wanting kids at their doors.

9. Have your child carry updated contact information

Make sure you kid knows their name, phone number and address. Then write all of that down as well as any medical information that is important in case you are separated.

10.Make sure you inspect all treats before eating

Most of us have heard the story about the apple and the razor blade. While this may or may not be a legend, it makes a valid point. If you are uncertain, leave it be. If it is opened, you are uncertain.

Halloween trick or treating is a source of great fun. Keep to these easy safety tips and you will enjoy Halloween too!

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  1. Thanks for these helpful tips! It’s truly very important to always keep an eye on them.. you’ll never know what might happen next!

  2. Great tips! We also bring a flashlight because the street can be dark and the last thing I want it my boys tripping on something!

  3. Safety is so important on Halloween. Making sure the kids can see clearly is at the top for me. I remember as a kid tripping over things because I couldn’t see where I was going.

  4. safety is so important. thanks for having this list as a reminder.

  5. I never really trick or treated as a kid – it’s not a big over here (though it is getting done more as time progress’ x

  6. Great tips here. We follow every single one of them. We stay right with the kids, but soon they will go off in their own groups, so before that happens, they will know #9 backwards and forwards. Adding the contact info. is a great tip for my younger son, in case he was separated. Love that pumpkin!

  7. Halloween is always a time where parents are concerned. Today you never know you have to be so careful. Thanks for posing these tips!

  8. Thanks for these tips! We live in a small town so a lot don’t apply here, but I hope they help those that are in the city. Thanks for sharing!

  9. For our safety, we follow all those rules, but we also go along with the kids. And we make sure their costumes light up in some manner so they are easier to see.

  10. Pam

    Those are great tips. My kids decided they are too old to trick or treat but we used them all when they were younger.

  11. I have thought about most of these, but I never thought about the contact information. That is great advice!

  12. My son isn’t really into trick or treating, but these are great tips, nonetheless!

  13. Those are some really great tips. It’s always a great idea to inspect any candy you get anyway. I always do and I agree about the masks sometimes making it hard for the kids to see. I remember my son’s scream outfit and him telling me he couldn’t see properly. He ended up taking it off. Mine also walk around with glow sticks around their necks.

  14. Great tips. We haven’t had power the past 3 halloweens- town wide- so kids have to have light too 🙂

  15. We love trick or treating. Tese are great tips!

  16. Pam

    We hand out a ton of candy every year and I see so many kids that are tripping over their costumes or can’t see through their masks. Many trip off the steps to our house because of their costumes. We always keep our house well lit and we try to stand out on the steps during the busy time. I hope all little ones have a great time this year and stay safe.

  17. patricia

    Thanks for the good tips. My son always likes the masks and then when we go out on Halloween he always complains about not being able to see and then takes them off.

  18. I always worry about trick or treating safety, especially since we live in the inner city. These are some great tips for monitoring the kids while still letting them have a great time.

  19. Wonderful tips! I see kids tripping over costumes all the time and I make sure out kids have their own out of the way of walk. I don’t allow masks either really. I do face paint. It’s hard enough in the dark but through tiny eye holes? yikes

  20. These are great tips. My older 2 go out on their own with friends. My younger 2 still have to go with me.

  21. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    THese are such great and helpful tips for this Halloween holiday. We usually go to a friend’s house who lives at a gated community.

  22. Great tips. Our mall does trick or treat, the kids go from store to store. It is fun and safe. Also our fire department will xray the candy to check for hidden objects.

  23. Great tips not only for halloween but for other times too.

  24. Thanks for sharing these! My husband and I go with the kids every year, but I still worry about it incessantly. You never know what could happen!

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