Our Top Picks For Christmas 2022

Our Top Picks For Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

With Christmas being a little over a month away, NOW is the perfect time to buy gifts! There have been many years when I forget to get gifts for a person or two on my list and have had to improvise. This year there will be no re-gifting! Check out these categories and Our Top Picks For Christmas 2022!

Tech & Sports  |  Gifts for Her  |  Gifts for Him  |  Gifts for the Home  |  Gifts for Pets  |  Gifts for Kids  |  Stocking Stuffers

Black Friday is right around the corner, and we’re here to help you prepare for all of your holiday gifting essentials. From rings to stings, we break down this years top gifts, and how we use them.

Tech & Sports



Clicbot is the perfect gift for the STEM obsessed person on your list! With over 100 combinations of robots to choose from, Clicbot will provide countless hours of educational entertainment. My family has been obsessed with Clicbot since it arrived!

Breo Box


Breo Box makes the perfect gift for the tech obsessed person on your list this year! I just received my Seasonal box and loved everything inside, especially the smart photo frame, rechargeable batteries, and massage ball! This season’s spoilers are already out and customers will either receive a coffee cookie or fabric shaver.


FlexiSpot has a wide range of products from adjustable desks and beds to desk chairs and gaming chairs. I recently got to try this gaming chair out for my self and it is amazing! The adjustable back support and neck rest making working at my desk way more enjoyable.



Sports play a big role in my family. We’ve had baseball players, Soccer players, and of course Pickle ball players. As somebody who has played pickle ball, I could tell that these paddles are such high quality from the moment I picked them up. Pickle ball is such a fun sport, and with PCKL, you can make sure that you are ready for whatever whiffle ball is thrown at you.



POWERHANDZ makes the perfect gift for EVERY sports player on your list! They have gear for practicing baseball, basketball, and just working out. I love how I am able to work out with a weighted jacket and not have to struggle to get it on. POWERHANDZ truly is an amazing gift for the workout obsessed person on your list!

Gifts for her

Bling Sting

Bling Sting

Bling sting makes the perfect gift for every woman on your list this year! They have a wide range of products from pepper sprays and alarms to tasers. Since carrying a Bling Sting taser on me, I feel more secure walking to my car and even walking my dog. The world is a scary place but Bling Sting’s products help make me feel a little bit safer.

Story Jewellery


If you have any jewelry needs for the people on your list, Story Jewellery is the store to visit! They have such cute items from necklaces to rings. They even have a ring that you can engrave with a handwritten note from a loved one. This is a great way to surprise somebody with the handwriting of a loved one that is no longer with you.

Bombi Strollers


One of the best gifts this Christmas for the moms on your list is this Bombi stroller! I wish there was something like this when my kids were little, because this is pure luxury in the shape of a stroller! Here are just a few reasons why I love the Bebee stroller:

– The stroller is made with soft fabrics containing at least 50% recycled plastic. The company’s eco-commitment extends to its earth-conscious packaging (no tape or staples to jam up recycling) and sustainable business practices (i.e., emitting 80% less CO2 than traditional production methods).

– Bombi’s eco-focus has resulted in over six football fields worth of new trees and kept more than 7,600 lbs of single-use plastic bottles out of landfills.  

– Recently recognized with the National Parenting Product Award, Independent Innovation’s Stroller Product Of The Year, and Eco Excellence Award, the Bēbee is the perfect lightweight stroller for eco-conscious parents on the go.

Made Trade

Made Trade is a shop based on earth-friendly and Fair trade. These sustainable items make the perfect gift for the planet loving person on your list. My favorite gift from their site is their candles. They have such a wide range of scents, all made with soy wax and wooden wicks. These candles smell AMAZING, and I will be adding these as stocking stuffers for a few of my family members.


AdoreMe is the perfect gift for the woman in your life! Their products aren’t only cute but also sustainable and very high quality! I love the set above! The button up makes for the perfect PJ set and casual shirt!

Too Cool for School

Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School makes the perfect gift for the makeup lover on your list! I am obsessed with their glow cushion! It is a foundation compact that is super easy to apply and is almost effortless. I have loved using this product and recommend it on the daily. 

Vitabrid C12 


Vitabrid makes a great gift for the skincare obsessed person on your list. I love their Hair tonic and it has helped my hair so much in the months I have been using it! They have such a wide variety of products from skincare to hair care.

Gifts for him



Shinesty is a must have for every man on your list! Their boxers are unique in the sense that they have a hammock for your family jewels. These underwear are the most comfortable and breathable underwear I have worn and I honestly cannot go back to any other brand after wearing these!



If you’re looking for boots, Lugz makes for the perfect gift! Their wide range of shoes and boots does not disappoint! I have been in love with these red boots since the moment I saw them. And the best part about these boots, is that they are fuzzy on the inside!!! These boots make for the perfect winter boots and an amazing gift for the boot lovers on your list.

Felix Gray

Felix Grey

Felix Grey is the perfect gift for anybody on your list that spends a lot of time in front of a screen. From gamers to people who work from a computer, these glasses are sure to help block those harmful blue lights. The best part… they’re also stylish! 

Chemical Guys


Chemical Guys is the perfect gift for the car obsessed person on your list! They have so many amazing products to help clean and protect your car. I was amazed by their water stain remover and how well these products work! My favorite product, however, is their foam blaster. It attaches to your garden hose, and makes cleaning the exterior of your car so much easier than without it.



Foco makes a great gift for the sports love on your list. There is no better way to show your team spirit than with these reversible plush hoodies! They remind me of a Snuggie but more comfortable and way easier to snuggle with. They also have hoodies, sweatpants, and other team gear to make sure you’re blinged out with your favorite team’s merch.

Gifts for the home



Caraway is the perfect gift for the baker in your life. They have such a wide range of color options and sets to choose from. My favorite part about the brand is that their sets also come with a storage organizer for your cabinets so that the bakeware stays organized and takes up even less room.



Geneverse is perfect for the environmentally conscience person on your list. They offer Solar panels as well as generators to help lessen the negative effect that your house’s power has on the environment. And the best part is that this is an investment that will save you, or the person you are gifting this to, money in the long run.



Dreo offers a wide variety of tech. From their amazing air fryer to the Macro Max S Air Purifier, my home is powered by Dreo. My air has never felt as clean or, well, like air now that I have been using the air purifier. There is even a different feeling in the air when you walk into my bedroom (where I have the purifier).



Newair is the perfect place to order any fridge, humidor, or ice machine essentials! They have such an amazing range of products to choose from. They even have a ice machine that makes the tiny pellets like chick-fil-a. With Newair, you can make your house the perfect ice destination!



Hexclad is a great gift for the cook in your life. Their products have been tested and reviewed by chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and have passed with flying colors! They’re pans are non-stick and super sleek. My favorite thing about them is that their knives have a full tang, meaning they are much more sturdy and less likely to break.




Slice is a wrapping essential this Christmas! They have helped me so much with wrapping this year and are honestly a game changer. They have box cutters, Rotterdam scissors, and much more! These products have saved me so much time and I will be bringing these with me on my holiday trip to New York.



Vancasso is an amazing gift for new home owners! They are sure to love these dining ware sets as they are both stylish and well crafted! They’re color choices are stunning and are very unique compared to other dining sets.

Nooie cam


The Nooie cam is the perfect indoor camera! This makes an amazing gift for anybody with a baby or dog that they need to have surveillance of. The 360 degree camera makes sure nothing goes unseen, and the camera is super sleek and easy to find a place for.


Our place

Ourplace is perfect for the aesthetic cook in your life. Ourplace offers a wide range of cookware with a very modern and stylish look. Something really cool about their products is that they make small crevices and holes in the handles and lids of their products to help hold spatulas and other cooking utensils.

Gifts for pets

Cuddle Clone

Cuddle clones is the perfect gift for the family! They have a great range of styles and colors of pajamas to choose from, but the best part is that they put a picture of YOUR pet on the clothes! Now you can match with your entire family this Christmas, including your pets!

Calming dog

Calming dog is the perfect gift for the pets with a little more anxiety. I recently tried out the Calming Dog Bed with my pup Taffy and she refuses to leave the bed. She cuddles in the creases and has never looked more comfortable than when she is in her Calming Dog Bed.


The Furbo makes the perfect gift for any pet owners! Furbo’s 360 camera technology helps insure that you can make sure your pet is safe and comfortable even when you aren’t home! The best part… It shoots treats! That’s right! You can reward your pet for being good even when you aren’t there. The camera also has 2 way microphone and speakers, allowing you to virtually communicate when you’re away.

President cooper

Mr&Mrs Paws

Mr and Mrs Paws makes the perfect gift for your furry friend this year! What better way to show your love for your pet than with a custom picture of them! I have 3 of these canvases set up in my dogs corner of my room and they love it!

Gifts for kids



Osmo is the perfect gift for the learner on your list this year. With many learning options to choose from, everybody, from toddler to middle schooler, will benefit from this gift. A couple of their best selling kits include the PreSchool Starter Kit and Explorer Starter Kit) among the many sets they offer. The learning sets are available for both the IPad and Kindle Fire.

Smart Teddy


Smart Teddy is an amazing gift for any child on you list. Smart Teddy reads stories, teaches lessons, and does so much more. Teddy is the perfect companion and educator for your child this Christmas!

Completing the Puzzle

Completing the Puzzle is the perfect gift for your kids and the entire family! Family time is so important and with Completing the Puzzle there could be endless hours of fun for the whole family! I have loved my subscription so far and the process is super simple!

Stocking Stuffers



NEFT is a vodka company made with spring water from Austria and non-GMO rye grains. Their bottles are absolutely adorable and shaped like metal barrels. They come in white, black, and a special edition Christmas barrel, as well as minis. This vodka makes a great gift for the spirit lover on your list.



Everybody loves a good advent calendar, but what if I told you there was a wine themed advent calendar available online. Well, there is!!! Vinebox has many gift sets, including a “best of” advent calendar that is sure to be the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list!

Next Evo Naturals

Next Evo

Next Evo is a brand centered on natural remedies. They have a wide range of products to help boost your immune system and to help you sleep. Their sleep remedies are made with a blend of CBD and Melatonin making them the perfect sleep cocktail.



Nutrapath is a high quality CBD and CBDa supplements company. A few things that I love about Nutrapath is that their products are organic, gluten free, vegan friendly, and they have 3rd party lab tests. It is so important to make sure that the supplements you are using are tested the correct ways like Nutrapath’s!


GluteBoost is the perfect gift for the health driven person on your list! They have such a wide range of products from health and wellness, to beauty essentials!  I am obsessed with their 3D Derma Roller! This is one of my top stocking stuffer picks this year!


Borghese makes the perfect gift for the skin obsessed person on your list! They have a wide variety of products from mud and gold masks to cleansers and toners. I love their Advanced Fango Delicato Moisturizing Mud Mask, It is amazing!


Whish is perfect for the scent lover on your list! They have a wide range of fragranced body butters and sugar scrubs that are just amazing! They also have Christmas sets and lips scrubs! My favorite scent of theirs is sparkling berry!

The A Method by Tina Alster

Since first discovering The A Method by Tina Alster, I have been hooked. My holy grail of lip products is none other than the A Method C-Kissed Lips and if you catch my Amazon LIVE shows then you know I am always mentioning the A Method on any beauty shows. That's how much I love this brand. Grab this lip balm in the A Method Travel Kit

My other holy grail, can't live without product is the A Method 24K Gold + Snail Growth Factor Anti-Aging Defense Serum. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. AMAZING. I want it for holidays. I want it for my birthday. I just need it in my life. This 1.7 Oz Skin brightening Gold Leaf serum with Snail Secretion Growth Factor works well for morning or night and is perfect for all skin types. I used this stuff religiously and my skin was hydrated, glowing and fine lines/wrinkles were reduced. Do yourself a favor and just try it for the cool good flakes. 

Of course the A Method Protection Powder 100% Mineral-Based foundation + sunscreen  is always in my bag and the first product I hand to anyone when they talk about SPF coverage in a powder foundation. Available in 8 variations SPF, this easy to use powder is small, compact and offers amazing coverage. 


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