6 Health & Beauty Tips to Get Back on Track After the Holidays
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Health & Beauty Tips To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

Reignite Your Wellness: Simple Steps to Revive Your Health Routine After the holiday

The holidays, while fun and exciting, are tough on our mental and physical well-being. Decadent food, cocktails, crazy schedules, added stress, and the like wreck havoc on our skin and health causing unwanted acne, bloating, fatigue, inflammation, and more. Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the festivities, use these 6 Health & Beauty Tips to get back on track after the holidays.


6 Health & Beauty Tips To Get Back On Track After The Holidays

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1. Prioritize Gut Health

Holidays are always accompanied by snacks, desserts, feasts, and cocktails which many of us look forward to enjoying guilt-free. However, no matter how much our taste buds love festive food and drinks, our stomachs would have to disagree.

Overindulging inevitably leads to uncomfortable things like stomach discomfort, heartburn, bloating, and irregular digestion. An unhappy tummy can even cause acne flare-ups!

To get back on track after the holidays, prioritize good gut health. Choose simple, nutritious foods with lots of fiber and natural probiotics in the new year. This will help reset your digestion and ward off stomach troubles.



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2. Go All-Natural

6 Health & Beauty Tips To Get Back On Track After The Holidays


Holiday events often call for an extensive makeup routine and fragrances, which isn’t great for your skin. Adding more chemicals in an effort to cleanse and moisturize only makes things worse. Instead, opt for all-natural skincare products to get smooth skin after the holidays.

Goat milk soap is a favorite as it offers deep cleansing and intense moisture without any irritants. Goat milk soap can replace both your facial cleanser and body wash to nourish your skin from head to toe. Give your skin a break by going all-natural with the products you use and skipping the makeup when you can for a while.


3. Step Up Your Sleep Routine

 Parties, events, shopping, and time with friends and family really cuts into sleep time around the holidays. Step up your sleep routine in the new year with a consistent schedule, no electronics before bed, and lovely aroma therapy so that you can feel and look your best.

If you check out this family dentist in Ballwin now, they'll also advise you to complement a good sleep routine with regular visits with your doctor. During the holidays, you probably missed an appointment or two. Now is the time to get back on track.


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4. Hydrate with Mobile IV Therapy

 Between the cocktails, hot cocoa, and eggnog, you’re likely not getting the hydration you need during the holidays. Not to mention, you’re probably lacking in vitamins from the diet change.

Give your body what it needs with mobile IV therapy. Mobile IV therapy services come to your home to provide intravenous hydration with added vitamins and electrolytes.

“Our bodies can absorb hydration, vitamins, and electrolytes much more efficiently and quickly through IV administration than by mouth.” – Vanessa Cabrera of Las Vegas Mobile IV Therapy.

With a quick poke and an individualized hydration solution, you’ll be surprised how rejuvenated you feel and how much hydration affects the brightness of your skin. After the holidays is the perfect time for mobile IV therapy to reset and restore your health.


5. Spend Some Time Reflecting

The holiday season always seems like a whirlwind that can take a toll on your mental health. Prevent the post-holiday blues by spending some time reflecting.

Whether you like to journal, meditate, or think to yourself, spend time alone with your thoughts in a quiet environment. Reminisce on all of the memories you made, what goals you have in the new year, and what things you may need to replenish your health and wellness.


6 Health & Beauty Tips To Get Back On Track After The Holidays


6. Gentle Movement

Yoga, stretching, and walking are great ways to ease back into a fitness routine after the holidays. It can be difficult to get back on track if you jump right into strenuous physical activity, especially after a prolonged break.

Focus on gentle movement and then work up to your fitness goals. Even light exercise improves circulation which is excellent for physical health, mental health, and for restoring beautiful skin.


6 Health & Beauty Tips To Get Back On Track After The Holidays


The holidays are a season filled with friends, family, giving, love, and laughter, but afterward, it is easy to see the toll it takes on our health and beauty. Bounce back and regain healthy habits, beautiful skin, and energy with these seven health and beauty tips.


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