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Supporting Our Mental Health

Supporting Our Mental Health 

Supporting Our Mental Health 

The past couple of years have been hard for so many of us. It feels like our routines have been flipped on their head. While it is true that change is common recently it has felt like many of the support networks we used to depend on when times were tough have disappeared. Many of us also find that we feel a little lost when it comes to our own mental health and the mental health of those that we care about. We are seeking tips to feel more confident about ourselves and more in control when life takes an unexpected turn.

The Importance of Therapy:

Often the first step towards better mental health includes going to a therapist to pinpoint exactly what we are struggling with. Sometimes simply being able to articulate our struggles can dramatically change how we respond to them and make us feel less alone. There are many different types of therapy that our therapist might suggest including talk therapy or art therapy. For some of us we gain so much from therapy that we choose to attend a psychology school in California, Nevada, Washington, or another state, so that we can become a therapist and help others. The student, in essence, becomes the teacher. But no matter if we are receiving therapy or offering therapy, therapy can have a major impact on mental health. 

The Importance of Self Knowledge:

Mental health is unlike other health challenges because it can’t be detected with blood work or an exam. This means finding solutions often first comes down to being able to identify when we are feeling off in some way. This also means if we are struggling with anxiety or depression, we often have to be the ones to take the first step and reach out to others for help. If it is hard for us to go to work, maintain our homes, or perform basic hygiene tasks this is often an indicator that we need extra support. Mental health often comes down to simply understanding that while everyone struggles occasionally if we feel overwhelmed it is important to reach out to others for help.

Tips, Tricks, and Support Networks:

Mental wellness is an important component of our health. It does not matter if we are struggling ourselves or if it is someone who is close to us who is struggling we all can spend a few minutes taking care of ourselves in order to support our mental health. Many of the most effective mental health tricks and tools have low or no cost options. In addition, many of these techniques can be done wherever we have a free moment or have the energy to do so.

It is important that we take care of our physical health because our physical health can have an impact on our mental health. Getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and getting sunlight can help lift our mood. We all have experienced a time where we were running on fumes and found ourselves struggling to respond to life in a positive manner. Taking care of our physical health allows our minds the best chance of working at peak mental health.

It is also important that we take time to recharge ourselves. This might look like taking a yoga class or going on a long walk. This also might look like doing some simple breathing exercises or mediation. For some of us this can look like journaling, creating art, or dancing. We will find that taking time to recharge will help us calm down, process our thoughts, and be better able to face what life throws at us.  

Today more than ever before it is important that we take the time to support our own mental wellbeing. When life feels like it is in flux, we can forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. For some of us it is simply a matter of taking a few minutes to recharge ourselves or to take care of our physical health while others of us will seek out a therapist, or even consider a new career in therapy so that we can help others. In the end it doesn't matter what form it takes, taking care of our mental wellness is vital to be able to live a full and rich life.

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