Swollen Feet on Vacation
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How To Prevent Swollen Feet on Vacation

How To Prevent Swollen Feet on Vacation

When it comes to preparing for your holiday, caring for your foot health can often fall last on the list of your priorities. However, if you think about it, being conscious about your foot health is essential while on holiday. It's what gets you through the first day of your vacation to the last day, all with ease. If you happen to experience a foot problem, your holiday schedule or itinerary may be hampered. Make sure you’re well prepared with all the necessities. We hope that you find this How To Prevent Swollen Feet on Vacation post valuable. 

How To Prevent Swollen Feet on Vacation

Swollen Feet on Vacation

Remember that being on a vacation puts your feet in so much more stress than it goes through during your regular day at home. Your feet stay stuck and cramped in a sitting position, whether on the plane, car, or bus. Then, there’s the long walks and lifting of luggage you have to do. If you aren’t careful, foot problems will make their way through your holiday. An awesome product to bring on your next vacation is Flat Socks! They are super easy to pack and give a great alternative to normal boring socks! Continue reading below with tips to learn more about how you can reduce pain and other foot problems while you’re on vacation.  

Maintain A Healthy Weight 

When you have an upcoming vacation, there’s one thing you’ll want to keep in check: your weight. It’s more than just about looking good in all of your holiday photos. Instead, keeping your weight at a healthy limit helps you to remain healthy during your holiday. It includes keeping your feet in good condition.  

You see, the more bodyweight your feet have to support, the harder it’ll have to work. It puts a lot of strain on such a small part of your body. If you want to prevent the onset of pain, it’s a good idea to keep your weight down. That way, you won’t have to carry a lot of extra weight during those long hours of walking while on your holiday.  

How to Keep Feet Moisturized

Avoid Having Pedicures

While you may want to look your best during your holiday, you may want to skip having a pedicure done during your vacation. It can be tempting when you find good deals in the place where you're spending your holiday.   You see, you can never be too sure about the sanitary practices of some cheap salons, particularly if you’re going to a third-world country. Sanitation is already an issue in itself. Don't add any more risk by potentially using tools that may not have been disinfected well, for instance.  

If you desperately want to have some pamper time in the country you’re going to, then avail the services of reputable nail and foot shops to ensure safety. That way, you won’t worry about getting infected with fungus or any bacteria that may have been living on the cleaning tools from a previous customer.  

How To Prevent Foot Problems While On Vacation

Wear Slip-On Shoes 

When you’re traveling, it’s time for you to skip those shoes that may look good but may not be as comfortable. As much as possible, you’ll want to wear the most comfortable pair of footwear that you have, particularly slip-on shoes. First off, slip-on shoes are the easiest to remove and wear again during your vacation. It can be a lot of trouble to have to strap your sandals or tie your shoelaces. Then, when it comes to comfort, slip-on shoes also provide your feet with the most wiggle room. It adds to its comfort so that your feet and toes don’t feel sandwiched in a very tight shoe for extended periods.  

Boost Your Flexibility 

Before you go on your holiday, you may also want to take extra measures to boost your flexibility. Stiff calf muscles tighten. In turn, these can put more stress on the balls of your feet. When you’re walking long distances, that’s when you’ll start to notice pain, and other foot problems begin to show.  So, it pays to do some flexibility exercises before your scheduled vacation. Stretching your calves, for instance, can go a long way in preventing foot pain. You can also do simple tip-toe exercises at least three times a day.  


Trim Your Toenails

Another thing of preparing for a holiday that’s also easily neglected is the need to trim your toenails. If you’re staying for long during your vacation, be sure to bring a nail cutter with you.  Trim your toenails, whenever needed, while on your holiday. Especially if you’re going to wear closed shoes the entire time, long toenails are your worst nightmare. It can get stuck in your socks, or it can pinch your skin when wearing tight shoes.  

Foot problems, in their most minimal form, are easily tolerable. But, when it increases in pain and severity, it may destroy the itinerary you’ve set for your vacation. With the tips above, now you can finally set yourself on a good start by literally setting your best foot forward. You won’t have to worry about any possible foot problem, pain, and other discomforts during those long hours of walking while you’re on vacation. We hope that you find this How To Prevent Swollen Feet on Vacation post valuable. 

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