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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Games for KidsHosting a Halloween party for kids can be tough. You have to constantly keep them entertained and have very little down time. Down time means they will find ways to entertain themselves and that can be very bad. Fortunately, there are plenty of great Halloween party games for kids to keep them occupied. Both of these games can be put together quickly and inexpensively, so you do not have to have a lot of money or time to throw a great kid's Halloween bash.


This game is best for kids who are at least six years old.  You will need the following items:

  • Four poster boards
  • 35 orange balloons
  • A box of thumb tacks
  • Confetti
  • One green balloon
  • Small candies
  • Duct tape

You will want to stick the poster boards to the wall using either tape or thumb tacks.  These will be the background for the balloons.  You will take the 35 orange balloons and put some confetti in half of them and a few small pieces of candy in the other half. Then fill these balloons with air.  You will use duct tape to stick the balloons to the poster board background.  You should place these in the shape of a pumpkin.  The one green balloon will be the pumpkin stem and you can choose to keep it empty or put confetti or candy in it.

For the game, each child will be given a push pin and will be allowed to pop one balloon.  If they get one with candy, they get to keep the candy and will get two points.  The confetti balloons are worth one point.  Once all of the balloons are popped, the child with the most points will win the game.


This is a twist on a classic children's party game.  To make a witch's face you will buy a large poster board, cut it into the shape of a witch's face and then add all features except a nose.  You can create a nose with a piece of green construction paper and then fix a piece of tape to the back of the the nose so that it sticks.

To play the game, you will put a blindfold on the child who is playing, spin him three times and let him try to guess where the nose should be. The child that puts the nose closest to where it should be will win the game.

These two Halloween party games are big hits with the kids so you should be covered for your party. Other games you might try include musical chairs using Halloween music, Hide and go Seek and any variation of tag. The costumes the kids are wearing will keep them in the spirit of the season and playing even basic games can be a ton of fun.

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  1. Nicole

    These look like awesome games for the kids to play on Halloween. Pop goes the pumpkin looks like the one I want to try 1st with the kids.

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