Easy 5 Ingredient Recipes

Easy 5 Ingredient Recipes

Easy 5-Ingredient Recipes Simple and Delicious

As a busy mother of three children and someone who runs two businesses, I am all about easy meals and food that can be made quickly. However, I don't want fast food or something from a package every night of the week or food that no one wants to eat like elaborate meals with ingredients we have never heard of or used. I want my kids to eat more wholesome, filling food that is better for them all around. I also want to have recipes for my kids that they can make themselves and nothing is better to start teaching them to cook than these simple recipes without tons of ingredients to bog things down or get messed up. Instead, there are some family favorites in this list and I am certain some new family favorites as well. We hope that this Easy 5 Ingredient Recipes post inspires you.
17 5-Ingredient Recipes

Easy 5 Ingredient Recipes

Tamale Pie
Coconut Rum Grilled Shrimp
Mint Chocolate Fudge
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Crock Pot Mexican Chicken
Instant Pot Beef Macaroni
Crock Pot Chili
Breakfast Pizza17 5-Ingredient Recipes
Bacon Crusted Chicken
Nutella Brownies
Cake Mix Cookies
Italian Baked Chicken
Blender Muffins
Cranberry Brie Cinnamon Sugar Puff Pastry Swirls
Energy Balls
Bacon Swiss Pork Chops
One Pan Pasta

17 5-Ingredient Recipes

So there you have it. Some super easy recipes that any new cook can master and seasoned cooks will love for their ease. No matter what you are looking for, we probably have the recipe here or somewhere on our site. Consider making several of these recipes and freezing leftovers for future meals or even to share with friends and family. We hope that you are inspired by this 17 5-Ingredient Recipes post. Happy cooking!

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