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Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review

Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review ~ DivineLifestyle.com Beauty Blogger

Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review

I am a girl that is a big fan of makeup brushes. I love to try out all sorts of different brands, types, shapes, sizes, everything! When I saw that Wet n Wild was releasing a brand new line of makeup brushes, I was very curious about giving them a try so I ran out to find some for my Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review.

I guess I was late to the party because they didn't have many left when I got there. (Note: check back soon) I was only able to pick up a couple different brushes and luckily they were brushes I needed. Although I do some like I am forever needing brushes. My daughter's are possibly stealing them.

Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes

I was immediately drawn to the look of these brushes because they looked so sleek and professional with a white handle and gorgeous ombre pink and white bristles. Another thing I noticed that I thought was absolutely genius is that each brush handle had a little bit of a divot in it in order to create an easier grip on the brush when you are using it, I thought this was a great idea and made me instantly like these brushes.

The brushes I picked up are  the flat top stippling brush, the blending eye shadow brush, and the small concealer brush.

Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review ~ DivineLifestyle.com Beauty BloggerFlat Top Stippling Brush

This brush felt so soft and I was so excited to try it out. I like to use this type of brush to apply light foundations or BB creams to the face and that is exactly what I did with it. I tested it out by applying my favorite BB cream with it and I was thoroughly impressed by the brush. Is it the best brush I've ever used? No, but I couldn't really have that high of expectations at the cost of only $2.99. I think it is a really great quality brush for the cost and I would highly recommend it for beginners with makeup.

Eye Shadow Blending Brush

I personally love this one. There isn't much to say about it, it is your basic fluffy blending brush for eye shadows but it definitely worked great for blending and it is so affordable only costing, $1.99. I think I'm definitely going to go pick up a few duplicates of this brush to have on hand in my brush collection.

Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review ~ DivineLifestyle.com Beauty BloggerSmall Concealer Brush

Now, I was hesitant to pick this one up because I actually hate these kind of brushes for actually using them for concealer. Then I thought that this kind of brush would actually be perfect for applying my cream eye shadows, which I have a ton of. This is exactly what I came home and tested this brush out with and it worked great. This a great brush for really packing on those cream eye shadows and creating a beautiful look, see! Brushes can be so versatile, you don't have to use them for what they are technically made for. Not to mention this brush was a steal at only $.99!

If you're looking for some really great looking brushes that work great and won't break the bank, Wet n Wild has got you covered. These brushes are great and they are a limited edition line, so be sure to run out and pick them up!

Wet n Wild Makeup Brushes Review ~ DivineLifestyle.com Beauty Blogger


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