Wet n Wild Fergie Blushes Review

Wet n Wild Fergie Blushes Review

Wet n Wild Fergie Blushes ReviewWet n Wild kills me, and my wallet! Only because they come out with so many beautiful products that I just always want to buy and I can't help myself but to purchase them!! So they have a Wet n Wild Fergie Collection and I've really loved products from that line in the past so when I saw these new blushes that they've just released, I knew I had to get them! They came out with 3 colors of blush, and a white setting powder! I passed on the setting powder, but I did pick up all three of the blushes! I got each of them for around $4.99 each at my local Rite-Aid! So let's get into talking a bit more about these!
I'll start with talking about the packaging! I love the whole Fergie collection packaging, it's basically all nice and sleek black packaging, which I love! I think that the packaging looks great, it looks so nice, it makes the products look more expensive than it is and its very nice within my collection! It's nice that it does have the clear window so that you can clearly see the actual color of the blush!
As far as the actual blush…they were actually really nice! They have great pigmentation, and very nice consistency. I actually noticed that although they are a pressed powder blush, when I swiped my finger across them to swatch them, it actually like pressed in as if they were almost a moussey like texture, so I thought that was very nice! Being that they do have that mousse like texture, it makes them a bit more moisturizing on the skin and it doesn't feel very dry and chalky. So the three colors are all beautiful, two of them have shimmer in them and one is matte. I'll talk a bit about each one:

Wet n Wild Fergie Blushes ReviewBrush With Destiny:

This blush is a nice peachy color, it is very warm because it has some gold colored shimmer to it! It is a beautiful sheen over the face, but perfect for the Spring and Summer Seasons!

Brush With Brilliance:

This one, also has some beautiful gold shimmer to it. It's a nice rose color with the added shimmer! This is my favorite blush of the three, and I can definitely see myself using it up throughout the Summer! It's truly amazing, I think with the added gold it makes the blush almost like a gorgeous Amber color when applied to the face.

Wet n Wild Fergie Blushes ReviewBrush with Danger:

This is the matte shade of the collection, which is a nice contrast compared to the extreme amount of shimmer within the other two colors! I would describe it as the typical “Barbie Pink” It's really beautiful, but I would say is an amazing color for the Summer! It's very bright, pigmented, and bold!
All in all, I think the Wet n Wild Fergie Collection is an absolutely great product! They're great feeling, great pigmentation and color pay off, and great colors! I would recommend these to anyone who is a big fan of blushes! Trust me, you won't be disappointed! And for the price, who could resist these beauties?!

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