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Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte LipsticksI was roaming through the drugstore with no plans for purchasing anything, the next thing I knew… I had my hands full! I spotted the New Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Velvet Matte Lip Colors! Unfortunately they didn't have the entire collection, but I picked up the ones that they did have which were 6 of the 9 of them! I have been searching and searching for these and have not been able to find them! Of course once I'm not actually searching, is when I find them! So if you didn't quite understand, I was very excited to try these out! These retail for around $3.50 each, however I caught them on sale, 2 for $5! So I got a great deal!!
I love the packaging for these beauties! They are in thin tubes and are basically like a lip crayon. They are simply black matte plastic with white lettering, but what I love is that the cap and the ends are the color of the product, so you know what color is which when you're searching for one! You can also twist the end to scroll the crayon up and down and you really do a GREAT amount of product for the value.
Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte LipsticksNow, what we've all been waiting for… let's get to talking about the actual product!! These lip colors are all matte, if you're not sure what matte means…it means that there is not any type of sheen, sheer, or gloss to the color. I personally LOVE matte colors. They are absolutely beautiful! Sometimes, when products are matte…unfortunately being dry comes with that territory. That is NOT the case with these babies! They are sooo creamy, moisturizing, yet they dry as that beautiful matte finish. So there are 9 colors within this collection. I was only able to get my hands on 6 of them at this time, but I will eventually be getting them all because I love them soooo much! Here are the colors I picked up:

The Stand Out

The Stand Out is a beautiful mixture between a pink and a lilac color! I say it's a mixture because I wouldn't say it's full on lilac but it's very close to lilac, with a hint of pink!

Kreamsicle Kitty

The Kreamsicle Kitty color one is my absolute favorite of the ones I got! It is a beautiful peachy color and I think it is so perfect for Spring and Summer! I think this looks great with a very subtle look as well as a dramatic one!

DJ Doll

DJ Doll is kind of similar to Kreamsicle Kitty, but it is darker and I would say has more of an orangey tone versus peach. But I think this color will be absolutely gorgeous this fall with some great neutral colors!

Nude Muse

I think that this is a great nude lip color! I would say it is just very neutral and nude. It's not like a pink nude or a brown nude, it's just very nude! I love this because a good nude lip is perfect for any time of day and all year long!


This is a great brown nude color! I love to wear this color with a really warm eye look that incorporates oranges or coppers! This looks amazing and perfect with that color scheme.

Fashion Darling

Fashion Darling I would classify into the mauve family! I think it's a really beautiful mauve/berry color! I love this when I'm actually wearing a really simple look, like just mascara! Great color!!
Wet N Wild Fergie Velvet Matte LipsticksSo, now that i've told you everything amazing about these I do have one con on them! I've noticed with a lot of people that they've had problems with the color itself falling out of the tube! I had that problem with only one of my colors, but I was able to just put it back into the tube and it functions just fine now! So be aware that could be an issue when purchasing these! However, I was able to fix mine and I think the product itself it worth that risk especially when it's so affordable! So I would definitely recommend you go run out and pick these up, but just be aware of the possible breakage!

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