Wear what you want with Always Pads Divine Lifestyle

Wear what you want with Always

Wear what you want with Always #BeRadiant #WearWhatYouWant

Wear what you want with Always

The confidence of my teen is an extremely important matter to me. I struggled with confidence issues growing up (as I am certain many kids do). I am trying so hard to raise confident kids and kids who do the right thing. I love being able to boost their confidence. Kids develop so much of their personalities during childhood that their personal development and confidence is always a concern of mine.

My daughter just experienced her first period and I have to say that I was completely prepared because of Always. It was a fairly easy conversation to have with her and she was a little excited (I will let her get through a few periods before telling her that no one is excited about their period). I even gave her a little basket of personal items like:

  • Always Radiant Flex Foam
  • Cottonelle Wipes
  • Lip balm
  • Bath bombs
  • Candle
  • Heating pad

I want my daughter to walk with confidence and wear whatever she wants any day of the month. With Always, you can #BeRadiant, no matter if it's your time of your month.

Always LIke a Girl 1Always Like a Girl Campaign

Always Like A Girl campaign is all about stopping the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty. Our global puberty education program reaches over 20 million girls worldwide. Our campaign started with turning the phrase “Like a Girl” from something negative into something positive; latest campaign is about the importance of girls staying in sports because it helps build their confidence.

Always has been providing trusted feminine hygiene care products for over 30 years. We offer a range of products from liners to overnight protection, and innovative offerings such as Always Infinity.

Always Like a Girl Campaign #LikeAGirl

Check out the Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing Video

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14 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. This is such a great message to young girls! Even as an adult, I like being able to feel confident in what I’m wearing.

  2. Keeping a young girls confidence up is very important, especially as they learn about puberty. This is a great thing to encourage.

  3. Thanks for “ALWAYS” being there for me! tehe. I don’t buy any other brand

  4. I remember getting my first period. It was pretty akward even though I was prepared for it. I played soccer and ended up using tampons more than pads. Always is still my go to brand of choice.

  5. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a great campaign for girls everywhere. Always has been around for years and has done great things to improve their products. Kudos to them for this awesome campaign. Thanks for sharing this awesome campaign.

  6. What a fantastic campaign for girls! Ive used Always for so long, glad to hear their now involved in such a meaningful campaign. 

  7. Such a beautiful campaign to empower girls! Thank you so much for sharing it! 

  8. I always wear what I want and Always has been my trusted brand. Gotta love this campaign!

  9. Kathy

    This sounds like a great campaign! I love that it’s empowering girls too. Always has always been a great trusted brand for me as well.

  10. krystal

    The like a girl campaign always sticks out to me since it’s message is so powerful. I truly love how you can be who you want whenever you want!!

  11. I love this campaign. I wish this was available when I was younger. When I had my period the first time I was scared and didn’t even tell my dad!

  12. I wished i had gotten a personal item basket when i started mine. I was not prepared and neither was my mom. This is so helpful for young girls!

  13. I love when companies go above and beyond like this. What a great campaign from Always!

  14. adriana

    This is such a great post! Always is a great and trustworthy company – definitely one you can always count on! Great for keeping girls’ self esteem up, too! 

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