Clarisonic Smart Profile Selfie Challenge #ClearlyClarisonic

Clarisonic Smart Profile Selfie Challenge

Clarisonic Smart ProfileI have Rosacea and while it is not awful, it is something that bothers me. I also have some fine lines and I feel as if my skin is showing some signs of aging. I have long wanted to do something about it. I really don't like all of these things but sometimes it's a matter of not knowing exactly what to do about it and not wanting to do anything that wouldn't be good for my skin.

For years (this is 100% true) I have been wanting to try the Clarisonic. I have a friend who uses it and her skin looks amazing! I just knew that it could work for me but for various reasons, I never ended up with one until this campaign. This is exciting.

Did you know that Clarisonic is the #1 most recommended skin cleansing device by US dermatologists?

Did you know that Clarisonic is used by spas, estheticians and make-up artists around the world?

Clarisonic 1


I am taking the Clarisonic Selfie Challenge where I am using the Clarisonic Smart Profile two times a day for 8 days straight. The above picture is me on the first day in all of my freckle-faced, Rosacea glory.

After the first time I used the Clarisonic, I felt a difference. My skin felt refreshed and it was glowing. I love that the Smart Profile is safe to use twice a day.

Restylane® Silk 1

As you can see in the picture above, the redness has been reduced and my skin looks much cleared. I am thrilled with the results so far and I will report back once I have been using it for a month.


The Clarisonic Smart Profile is safe, gentle & effective and can be used twice a day. It takes only 60 seconds to clean your face and it cleanses 6 times better than your hands alone. This was enough to make me want to try it. I had no idea that I wasn't cleaning my fave properly.

The Clarisonic Smart Profile features smart technology in a head-to-handle device that automatically adjusts power and timing so that you can address your specific skin needs. This top-of-the-line device, cleanses 11x better than hands alone. It can also be used with body and pedi brush heads for a head-to-toe sonic cleanse. In fact, this is the most powerful Clarisonic sonic device ever and it features Turbo function.

Clarisonic is patented & recommended to help improve common skin conditions like acne and rosacea. In addition, it also reduces signs of aging.  LOVE THAT!


Oscillation: the back-and-forth movement of the brush head over 300 times per second – perfected speed for skin elasticity and cleansing effectiveness

Fluid forces: through oscillation, water is pushed from the brush head into your pores washing them clean

Innovation: Clarisonic is designed, innovated and assembled in the USA. customers who love to share their secret for transformed skin!


The Clarisonic Smart Profile system includes:

  • the Smart Profile device
  • 2-in-1 dynamic brush head
  • Turbo massage brush head
  • trial size refining skin polish 2 ounce
  • refreshing gel cleanser 1oz
  • charger
  • stand

With over 10 million devices sold around the world, Clarisonic definitely celebrates that beauty is more than skin deep. When you  have clean, clear, soft skin, your confidence shines through.

Win a Clarisonic SMART Profile!

Clarisonic is running an Instagram giveaway and you could be a lucky winner. Between now and September 30, 2015 share your #ClearlyClarisonic naked face selfie, tag @Clarisonic and include the hashtag #ClearlyClarisonic. They will randomly select a winner. Make certain to tag me, @stacieinatlanta as well so I can check out your selfie.


I have a limited number of promotional coupons for the the first 100 shoppers who use code Divine20 between now and November 15, 2015, will receive 20% off your Clarisonic device purchase at Clarisonic.



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  1. Those are really great results! I am going to have to look into this for my own problem skin.

  2. Catherine S

    This looks like a great product. I should take better care of my skin. I just put on lotion when I get out of the shower.

  3. I have one of these and I absolutely love it. With so many doodads out there that claim to work and never do, it’s nice to find one that actually does what it says.

  4. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I was blessed with really great skin. My stepson on the other hand could really use this.

  5. I’ve been thinking about purchasing one of these so I really appreciate the honest review.

  6. I really need this! My skin is changing and could use some help! I’ll have to check this out!

  7. My mom got me one of these for christmas last year and I use it everyday… my skin is so happy for it. Way less breakouts and it’s easy to keep in the shower.

  8. Pam

    I have been wanting to get one of these! A friend has one and it works so well for her skin.

  9. The Clarisonic Smart Profile looks like a user-friendly way to clean and tone the face. Thanks for sharing the pictures showing how well it is working.

  10. This is so funny, but we just looked at a Clarisonic at the Mall today! My daughter swears by it and she does have super beautiful skin.

  11. There is a noticeable difference in the two photos. I had no idea Clairsonic works for rosacea. What a win!

  12. This sounds like an awesome thing to add to the daily routine. That extra cleansing power sounds great.

  13. I need help with sun damage and signs of aging. I use to get microdermabrassions all the time at work. I need to try this.

  14. I’ve always wanted to try a Clarisonic. I’ve heard nothing but great things about them from all of my friends that have used them. This made me want one even more!

  15. Im actually not that great about taking care of my skin. I should definitely be better at it because I can see the difference when I do.

  16. I have tried a facial brush. I do think they work well.

  17. I’ve thought so many times about getting this thing. Now I really want one.

  18. It’s becoming more important for me to improve my skin routine. I’m certainly not getting any younger! I need to try this.

  19. Julie Wood

    I have always wanted to get one of these and use it to help my skin feel smoother and improve my skin texture. I need one of these really bad!!

  20. I need to take care of my skin better. This would be awesome to have instead of just washing and moisturizing with my hands. I may need to try one of these!

  21. I have been wanting to try one of these. It looks like a great way to get your skin really clean.

  22. I’ve had trouble with skin cleansers for years! I really need to try this device

  23. Tracey

    I got one of these last year and LOVE it! It’s made a huge difference in my skin.

  24. I would love to check out the Clarisonic and see how it works on my skin. Looks like a really great product.

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