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VTech’s Kid Connect App on the InnoTab 3S Learning Tablet


To say that we are a tech family is a slight understatement. Every single person in my family has a bit of a tech obsession.

We love gadgets and we especially love trying any new technology as soon it comes on the market. When the first VTech InnoTab came out, we had it within the first week.

My youngest child was 4 at the time and she took possession of the VTech InnoTab as soon as it arrived. She loves it. She plays on it constantly and still brings it everywhere she goes.


The Vtech InnoTab 3S is the ONLY children’s learning tablet with VTech Kid Connect, a unique, ground-breaking family communication app that brings families together and helps parents stay connected to their kids – anytime, anywhere! It’s great for boys and girls, ages 3-9. With easy-to-use tablet-to-mobile communication, preschoolers as young as three can send voice messages, text messages, animated stickers, photos and drawings to parents’ smartphones, from a kid-safe, kid-friendly tablet.

Parents can send messages back to their child’s InnoTab 3S, opening up an interactive dialogue. Plus, kids can stay connected to their friends and siblings by exchanging messages safely between two InnoTab 3S tablets anywhere in the world, regardless of how far apart they are.

InnoTab 3S also features a kid-safe web browser, rechargeable battery and 20 free apps, all for $79.99.


The exclusive VTech Kid Connect™ app lets kids and parents send text messages, stickers, *voice messages, *photos and *drawings back and forth so they can keep in touch anywhere! With fast and easy tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication, kids can safely join in digital communication—just like mom and dad.

InnoTab 3S comes with a one year free subscription of Basic Kid Connect, which allows users to send text messages and stickers; a Premium Kid Connect subscription, available on VTech’s app store, offers the enhanced features of voice messages, photos and drawings.

Vtech Innotab 3


What is great about the Kid Connect App is that it keeps everything private and within the family. You share with who you choose to share with and not because a device you own is sharing automatically. That doesn't happen with the VTech InnoTab 3S.

My daughter can share pictures of her siblings, send text messages to her father and myself and she can send pictures that she draws as well.

This is technology that I can really get behind because I know that my daughter can safely play with her InnoTab and I have no worries that anyone else will get her information.



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