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VTech InnoTV Review

VTech InnoTV ReviewI am being compensated by VTech for your participation in this Mom It Forward Blogger Network campaign.

VTech InnoTV Review

When it comes to electronics, I have always been of the opinion that if there is some educational component to it, than I am happy. For the lives of my children and my sisters children, I have loved VTech toys. I bought them the moment we found out my sister was pregnant and then she passed them along to me when I had children.

To me, VTech symbolizes education, quality and the desire to provide something more for their customers. VTech just introduced their InnoTV educational gaming system that lets families play and learn together. InnoTV is a TV-connected system with an easy-to-use wireless controller that is just perfect for preschoolers and kids up to age 8.


The InnoTV comes with four fun learning games that introduce language arts, math, science and more to your children with 2 multiplayer games. These games are fun for the whole family and their controller is perfectly sized for small hands. That controller features a joystick, smart wheel and motion control which means your child can tilt and shake it to play select games. Personalize your child’s profile, play multiplayer games and customize the learning content in certain games all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

Why it is the Perfect Education system for preschoolers

InnoTV comes with exciting, single ­player, age­ appropriate educational games, and also allows for multiple players, providing opportunities for social co­playing, important for preschoolers learning to share, cooperate and take turns. The kid­friendly controller is specifically designed for small hands, with special styling that makes it easy to use by both right­ and left­handed kids. It offers a simple design for preschoolers developing fine motor skills, making it easier for them to manipulate than game controllers traditionally found on adult gaming consoles.

Enjoy Educational Gaming for the Whole Family

InnoTV includes both competitive and cooperative multi­player games that are fun for the whole family (one remote can be shared, or use an additional controller, sold separately). Parents can play along from their smartphone or tablet, where they can also personalize their child’s profile and customize the learning content in select games.

Plus Educator­ Supported Content for Learning Fun

InnoTV features built­in Wi­Fi for streaming and downloading additional games and extensive educational content from the Learning Lodge, with more than 100 titles rolling out by the end of the year. Additionally, it is compatible with select InnoTab library cartridges, further extending the play value. The curriculum of each of the games lets kids progress at their own speed and level up with developmentally appropriate content. Many of the games align with Common Core curriculum standards, such as the Island Challenge game found in the Play and Learn Starter Pack bundle, allowing children to practice recognizing and spelling sight words, a popular curriculum.


“The family gaming console has found a welcome place in many family rooms for good reason,” said Dr. Eric Klopfer, VTech Expert Panel member and Platform Learning Expert. “The console connected to the TV provides an interactive focal point for family gaming. Even when children are playing games targeted solely at them, the rest of the family has the opportunity to observe, question, suggest, and laugh with the child behind the controls. InnoTV brings that experience to younger children, with age appropriate and educational content. It also notably does so by providing ways of accessing existing content from other VTech products to make that initial jump even easier.”


  • InnoTV console with built­in Wi­Fi
  • Wireless controller with smart wheel and wrist strap (additional controllers sold separately)
  • Smart wheel features motion control so your child can tilt and shake it to play select games
  • 4 included learning games, plus free trials of additional games
  • 2 multi­player games
  • Introduces kids to language arts, math, science and more
  • Compatible with a variety of InnoTab Max cartridges from VTech toys
  • Free downloadable mini games
  • 8GB of memory, expandable to 40GB with a 32GB microSD card (not included)
  • For children ages 3 to 8 years; perfect for both right and left handed kids
  • MSRP: $69.99
  • Personalize your child's profile, play multiplayer games and customize the toddler learning content in certain games; all with your smartphone or tablet.


We are thrilled with the VTech InnoTV console. My daughter took it out of the package when it arrived and we set it up immediately. Set up was quick, easy and we could use it right away. We loved that the built Wifi and wireless controller because it made the setup so quick.

The InnoTV could be used alone (which my daughter liked to do) but is really fun when the entire family is there. My 10 and 12 year old enjoyed it as much as my younger child. My husband and I thought that the games, exercises and more was all age appropriate. My daughter looks forward to coming home from school to play on the InnoTV each day.


One lucky reader of Divine Lifestyle will win a VTech innoTV console (MSRP: $69.99). To enter, click to Tweet the message below. Tweet as many times as you want. Each Tweet counts as an entry. Giveaway ends November 29, 2015.


Learn more about the VTech innoTV console here.
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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Wow, that is awesome. I am sure my young nieces and nephews would love this.

  2. Pam

    I love anything that can make learning fun! With things like this, kids don’t even realize that they’re learning while they are playing.

  3. this looks so perfect for my 5 year old. Sometimes regular game system games are too advanced for her and she ends up watching her sister play, becoming bored. I would love for her to have fun with a system her age and it’s almost educational at the same time

  4. This is the coolest! We love V-tech. My kids used to play and learn with one of the handheld devices. This is even better!

  5. InnoTV would be an excellent first gaming experience for little ones and I really appreciate the educational aspects it offers. I love that affordable price tag too!

  6. Angela

    It’s so great when learning can be fun. It’s great that this is geared for the younger kids and the price is good.

  7. This looks like such a great idea, I want to get it for my niece! I love Vtech brand, they have such amazing products for kids to learn from!

  8. This looks like a great new product from VTech. I love all of the innovations this company comes up with.

  9. Kristi

    When our kids were young I always tried to find fun educational toys… the kind that they didn’t realize was actually learning. This would be perfect.

  10. I like that there is a gaming option for little kids. They want to play just like the bigger kids and they can with vtech.

  11. This sounds like a great game system for little kids. I am sure it will be on a lot of Christmas lists.

  12. I like that they create video games for little ones. Regular games can be a bit too much for them.

  13. Tracey

    This looks awesome! Anything that can make learning fun and enjoyable for kids is a plus in my books!

  14. What a great toy, I like that it is designed for young kids and the $69.99 price is pretty sweet and affordable.

  15. That is one neat looking video game system for preschoolers! I love that everything is wireless

  16. Debbie Denny

    That does sound really neat. A lot of fun and learning for kids.

  17. Perfect for my son! I want this to my son, I wish they’re shipping in Philippines. Love your review 🙂

  18. Rosey

    I like that it’s great for preschoolers. We have two little ones about that age in the family.

  19. It seems there are a lot of perks to having a VTech InnoTV. I like that preschoolers can learn from it. Since we’re a family of lefties and righties, I appreciate the control meeting the needs of everyone. This would be a wonderful gift for preschools as well as families.

  20. I love that the games are age appropriate! It’s so hard to find systems that will work for younger kids but that are enjoyable for families as well!

  21. This is awesome, my son would love to have this. I’m adding it to the list now.

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