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Kazaz Enhances Your Child’s Reading Experience

Kazaz was launched by American Story Channel and is an iPad app featuring a world of interactive, animated original stories.

Kazaz! is an exciting new app featuring a world of interactive, animated original stories that will challenge and ignite a child’s curiosity. Ideal for children ages 3 to 8, the digital stories combine sight, sound and touch to help maximize even the youngest child’s learning experience.

With Kazaz!, kids don’t just read a story, they experience it!

The app is designed for children to enjoy alone or collectively with parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.

Kazaz! encourages children not only to read, but to immerse themselves in learning by clicking on gems hidden throughout the app which reveal fun facts with additional information related to the story topic, potentially expanding a 10-minute read into a highly engaging learning experience that lasts for an hour or more!

Contains ability to create up to three reader profiles enabling each child to maintain his/her own set of gems and have their own uniquely tailored experiences.

Children can experience imaginative play with real-life 3D figures based on Kazaz! characters. Families can order print-on-demand collectibles through the Kazaz! Kids web site for an additional fee. Later this fall, families will be able to print a free gift, along with other items at home using their own 3D printers.

Kazaz! extends the story experience with activities and information available on the Kazaz! Kids website and via Kazaz! Post, the planet’s exclusive newspaper.

Kazaz! will take advantage of Apple TV, so in the future the app can be enjoyed on the big screen, where the experience may be amplified with additional sights and sounds. Also coming soon, video versions of the stories will appear on the Kazaz! Kids YouTube Channel.

The Kazaz! app is free to download for iPad and comes with 3 stories at launch:

The Magic of Kazaz: Reveals the history of how Kazaz! became a magical planet. This story will always be free.

I Am the Music Man: Sing along with the Music Man in this hand-clapping, toe-tapping rendition of a classic children’s melody. Free with the Kazaz! app download through October 26th, $1.99 thereafter.

The Story of Wooding: The tale of an adventurous young swan who sets off on an exciting journey, free with the Kazaz! app download through October 26th, $2.99 thereafter.

This is only the beginning for Kazaz! and its parent company, American Story Channel. Future plans include additional stories, more sophisticated gamification experiences, availability in 11 languages, 3D figures in real gold and silver, and a children’s animated TV series, among other exciting developments.


Kazaz! on the App Store from Kazaz! on Vimeo.


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This post is sponsored by the American Story Channel. All opinions are my own.

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