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The Ultimate Collection of Recipes Celebrating Julia Child

Julia-ChildBefore I was interested in cooking, the parodies of Julia Child on Saturday Night Live made me laugh and laugh. I thought that she was funny and the people who portrayed her were funny as well.

However after a while I figured out that she must be someone pretty important if they had her on television. Years later I happened to catch her on show and I was fascinated. I found her fascinating and all things cooking suddenly seemed more exciting to me.

When I first bought my house, I started making recipes from her cookbooks and invited friends over. They were time consuming but absolutely delicious. I really began to enjoy the complexity of cooking as well as the simple items I could cook as well. Honestly it no mystery why I married a chef. There is just something about a man who not only loves to cook but is really great at it as well.

When the movie and book Julie & Julia came out, I was enamored with Julia Child all over again and in fact I started blogging but not solely about food.

Julia Child would have been 102 this August and this collection that I curated is a tribute to her and her amazing recipes. It is also a tribute to her character and how fun she really made cooking. No one has been as inspiring or creative since Julia and while there are many amazing chefs today, no one really compares to Julia.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Check out The Ultimate Recipe Collection Celebrating Julia Child

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