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Elmer’s Glue for Back to School

Elmers-Glue-LogoCompensation was provided by Elmer’s via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Elmer’s.

Back to school season is quickly approaching and that means there will be all kinds of shopping going on in my family. One of things that I always enjoy and in fact really loved as a kid, is school supply shopping. I cannot help it. There is something about brand spanking new school supplies that makes me very excited for the new school year. All three of my kids feel the exact same way.

I remember shopping as kid with my parents and the first thing that I would grab is the Elmer's glue. Just like this:


I loved lining up all my school supplies and checking everything off of the list. My kids still love to do this every year. It definitely brings back memories of childhood.

My mother was also an art teacher so we were a crafty family which means we had plenty of Elmer's glue on hand at all times. She was also my Girl Scout leader so we were always doing crafts that required school glue.

Arts and crafts were always something that did as a family, in school and in Scouts. I carry on that very same tradition with my family today. We make our own cards and each year make our own Valentine's Day cards. This would not be possible without Elmer's Glue.

I always tell my husband that the family who crafts together opens a world of creative possibilities. Because of what we do together as a family, my kids look at materials and see the possibilities. All three kids have artistic talent in many different mediums and this love of art started with simple art project using Elmer's Glue.

Check out our list and see what we bought:



Since the prices are always low at the beginning of the school year, I take the opportunity to stock on everything that I think we will need throughout the year.

Elmers4 Elmers3 Elmers2 Elmers1 Elmers6


Although only a few Elmer's Glue items were required for the first day of school, I am 100% certain that we will be using all of the products we purchased on various projects throughout the year.


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Elmer’s is America’s #1 School Glue. A must-have for every backpack, Elmer’s School Glue is always safe, always washable.

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  1. I like that this one is washable and toxic free.My kids have the glue sticks.We do not have this brand over here.

  2. We get long lists of supplies for the kids every year and there are always some Elmer’s products on there. I usually stock up because they go through a lot of them.

  3. I love Elmers. It’s perfect for crafts, and did you know it makes AWESOME hair gel? Non toxic, and water soluble means the perfect mohawk! (And crafts…..) 🙂

  4. Toxic Free and Washable are so important for kids! Elmer’s is always at our house!

  5. I need to stock up on Elmer’s glue products for my son’s daycare. It’s definitely cheaper right now – and they go through a lot of glue during the year.

  6. I can’t believe it’s already back to school time. Thankfully, last year I stocked up BIG TIME on some supplies, including Elmers glue, so I don’t need to buy any this year.

  7. Elmer’s Glue. The old standby. There’s a reason every school in America (practically) uses it.

  8. Where did the time go? Back to school already? I love buying supplies for them and Elmers is the glue I buy!

  9. My kids are older but I always have Elmers around. So hndy.

  10. We get a decent sized list for kiddo. There are a few items that kids bring extras so that they can share with the whole class. I dont mind doing this because I feel teachers have to spend enough of their own money to help out their kids in the classroom.

  11. Elmers is a house hold name when it comes to glue! I can’t believe it’s time to prep for back to school already!

  12. Pam

    When I was a teacher, Elmer’s glue was always on my supply list. It’s the only brand I would trust for a classroom full of first graders.

  13. I use to love putting tons of Elmer’s glue on my hands and let it dry up then an hour later peel it off. So random but always so much fun!

  14. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a glue stick, I was thrilled! Less messes for the dad!

  15. Thanks for sharing the Elmer’s Parents Club! I’ll go sign up. Elmer’s glue means back to school! I can’t believe your child needs 12 sticks though! lol

  16. We love Elmer’s Glue! I have great memories of it from my childhood and use it with our kids for different crafts and activities.

  17. Maria Oller

    Wow this summer just went by so fast I can’t believe is almost august, I miss when my kids had the nice small list now (HS) everything is so expensive.

  18. Our list included 10 Jumbo glue sticks! I better be getting some amazing art work sent home!

  19. We will definitely be stocking up on Elmer’s! Kindergarten this year!!

  20. We only buy Elmer’s. Anytime we’ve tried another brand, we regret it. I always buy extra glue sticks during back to school sales because the teachers always run out at mid-year. So then I have a bunch to send it, bought at a bargain!

  21. We love Elmer’s! We don’t have to provide anything for our classrooms but if we did they’d be on my list at the top!

  22. Elmer’s glue is definitely a back-to-school staple. I’m going to go check out that parent’s club Elmer’s has!

  23. Elmer’s is a high quality glue. When the teacher asks for glue sticks we always make sure to get Elmer’s

  24. I just bought that Extreme Elmer’s this past weekend! I’m hoping it will help with my projects!

  25. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love Elmer’s glue and it is the brand I like to buy for make to school. I love that it comes in different formats.

  26. This is my first year doing school supply shopping. You’ve just reminded me that I need to get started. There is lots of Elmer’s glue on my son’s list!

  27. Elmers is the only glue that I grew up using! When I was little I didn’t even know that there were any others!

  28. Brett

    We love Elmer’s glue here. The kids are always using it when they do arts and crafts.

  29. veronica

    Elmer’s glue is always on my kids school shopping list. they go through this stuff like crazy

  30. Sheesh kids need 12 sticks of glue for the year? Wow but hey elmer
    s glue has been around forever…I kind of forget what are the other options for glue.

  31. Glue is one thing that kids have no idea how much they need. They kind of go for an all or nothing approach, so yea, they run out of glue before anything else!

  32. I love shopping for school supplies. My kids cannot wait until we get the list and head for the glue and other things. They are all starting school (one in kindergarten, two in preschool) and are super excited. We even made a Back-to-School countdown. http://twintestedpinapproved.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/schoolhouse-saturday-back-to-school-countdown/

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