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Win a Wine Country Trip from Bertolli

Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from BertolliI have been selected by Find Your Influence to be a spokesperson for Bertolli. While I have been compensated for my time, my opinions are my own.

Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from Bertolli

Food is involved in almost every part of our lives. We often share many important life moments over a meal. One of the things that we are required to do in this house is to eat dinner together every single night. This is our time to connect together, share about our days and just be together. I love our family dinners.

However, last night my husband and I had a great mangia moment during dinner when we shared a Bertolli Classic Meal for 2 with Ricotta & Lobster Revioli. It has been hectic lately and a little crazy in our house with all of the activities going on. The kids wanted to watch a movie so we got to spend some time to ourselves and just have a nice, leisurely dinner. It was wonderful.

Mangia means to “eat.” Our mangia moment was getting to take our time with dinner and enjoy ourselves. That doesn't happen often.

Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from Bertolli Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from Bertolli Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from BertolliBertolliís Mangia Moment Campaign

Bertolli originated as an Italian brand of extra-virgin olive oil, it grew into an international brand of Italian and Mediterranean food.  The company was founded by Francesco Bertolli in 1865, in Lucca, Tuscany.  “In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Bertolli is headed to wine country and getting an invitation is easy.  All you have to do is show how you dine like an Italian-share your Mangia Moment and you could take your friend to an ultimate Italian event in Wine Country where it's all ‘mangia' all the time.” Try our Best Shrimp Pasta with Rosa Sauce Recipe for more inspiration!

Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from BertolliENTER THE #MANGIAMOMENT CONTEST

Enter the Bertolli #MangiaMoment Sweepstakes by sharing  your #MangiaMoment on social media with a photo. Share that photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #MangiaMoment and #WinBertolli.

Five entries that encompass the best Mangia spirit will be awarded with a trip to attend Bertolli’s Mangia Themed event in Wine Country, CA to celebrate Bertolli’s 150th anniversary in Spring 2016. Read the official rules here.

Win a Wine Country Trip the #MangiaMoment Contest from BertolliENTER TO WIN a $150 BERTOLLI MANGIA MOMENT PRIZE PACK

Several of my randomly selected followers will each win a $150.00 Mangia Kit that includes everything you need to “Mangia!” Skillet, cheese grater, wine towel, etc.

What is your Mangia Moment? Tell us about it in the Rafflecopter to be entered to win a $150 Bertolli prize pack.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I would love to go to wine country one of these days. What a great contest.

  2. This looks delicious.
    My whole family are foodies – we just love a tasty meal for sure!

  3. Pam

    I love Bertolli! That ravioli has me craving Italian food now! What a great contest too.

  4. That is such an awesome prize. I do love Bertolli. I wonder what everyone’s Mangia Moments are.

  5. I used to make these dinners for two when it was just the two of us… 5 years ago! It’s about time we had another dinner alone with two bottles of wine, since we like different flavors!

  6. You had me at wine but your meal looks heavenly as well. I try to have a Mangia Moment every day!

  7. We buy Bertolli products all the time. They are delicious. What great offer! I would love a trip to wine country!

  8. What a great contest! And I love Bertolli! And pasta!

  9. Karrie Millheim

    Having dinner with my foodie family #MangiaMoment

  10. Oanh H.

    My Mangia moment is sharing a home cooked meal with my roommate. We like to split up the cooking courses and enjoy a meal together when we’re both not working.

  11. After years of family vacations, I would love to just go to wine country with my husband! This would be a dreamy win!

  12. Loretta

    I would love to go to wine country one of these days.

  13. This is actually probably one of the only choices I haven’t tried before. I’m not a big seafood eater so I’ve always avoided this one. Their meals are absolutely amazing though. Can’t say they are meat for 2 people though because I can definitely eat the entire bag myself lol

  14. Wine Country would be pretty awesome. Being from Canada and never really seeing anything like that would be such a cool experience. Also, that pasta looks AMAZING.

  15. Ann Bacciaglia

    I would love to try this. It looks so delicious i wish i could have some right now.

  16. I love bertolli! I love adding my own touches to these bertolli packs! Add some bread sticks and some wine and date night is great!!!

  17. Debbie Garrett

    My Mangia Moment is dinner with my hubby with a great pasta a delicious bottle of wine!

  18. Shannon

    When we have a quiet night as the two of us and have a special date night! Enjoy delicious food and wine over candles and really have time to talk to each other!

  19. Wine country sounds great to me. I have always wanted to go

  20. janetfaye

    My #MangiaMoment is Bertolli and antipasti #sweepstakes

  21. This look like a fantastic mid week meal! It sounds so yummy and easy!

  22. Rosey

    My mangia moment is when familiy comes to visit from out of state.I do love to feed them well!

  23. What a delicious recipe and giveaway! I love this type of dish at this time of year. It’s so comforting.

  24. Marcia Goss

    My husband just retired, and the kids are finally out of the house! We can have Mangia Moments whenever we want, with some nice music, pasta, and wine.

  25. Mmmmm this is all making me hungry. I could use a few more Mangia Moments in my life!

  26. janetfaye

    My #MangiaMoment is Bertolli and my family dining with me. #sweepstakes

  27. This would be a great thing to win for sure! I love the idea of winning a trip!

  28. I’m totally in for a wine country vacation. Hubby and I need it bad!! 🙂

  29. Marcia Goss

    My Mangia Moment is any nice quiet dinner with my husband.

  30. Marcia Goss

    My Mangia Moment is any night mly husband and I can have a quiet dinner together

  31. janetfaye

    My #MangiaMoment isa Bertolli me and a glass of red winei #sweepstakes

  32. I love Bertolli, they make the best products. I’m going to have to stock up for the holidays.

  33. Marcia Goss

    My husband and I had a Mangia Moment tonight, a nice home-cooked meal at home.

  34. This is such a great prize.i could eat these meals often. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Marcia Goss

    My husband and I are empty nesters, and we have many opportunities for Mangia Moments. My husband is a great cook, and fixes us wonderful meals.

  36. janetfaye

    My #MangiaMoment is Lasagna and my hubby dining with me. #sweepstakes

  37. Marcia Goss

    We love Italian food. Our Mangia Moment would consist of pasta, a salad, and some wine.

  38. Ashley Nagle

    My Mangia moment will be this weekend when I try Bertolli for the first time 🙂

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