Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain #SummerReading
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Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO}

Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO} #SummerReading

Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO} #SummerReading

That picture above? Well it warms my heart to see my kids so invested in reading. If I showed you the amount of books we have in our home, you probably wouldn't believe it! But my children have read or plan to read them all.

We love books. I have always loved books and so has my husband. In fact, if we had the room in our home, I would have a beautiful library filled floor to ceiling with books. That is how great my love of books truly is. I am and will always continue to be fascinated by the written word.

This year we are working with Scholastic on their Summer Reading Challenge along with the Energizer® Instant Win Game. This year's Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge theme is “Power Up & Read,” Powered by Energizer®.

Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO} #SummerReadingOUR FAMILY SUMMER READING ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Every summer I worry about that “summer brain drain” that seems to happen to my children but this year we made certain that everyone read for 30 minutes every single day and more if we had the time.

To make it even more fun, I did a video with two of my kids giving me 5 word book reviews. Check it out:

Prevent the “Summer Brain Drain”: Reading tips from Scholastic’s Maggie McGuire

Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO} #SummerReadingENERGIZER INSTANT WIN GAME

Energizer® and Scholastic are partnering to create the “Power the Possibilities” campaign which gives moms the tools they need to unlock their child’s talents, fuel their ambitions and set them up for future success. Starting May 4, 2015, parents can buy any specially marked pack of Energizer® brand batteries to scratch for a chance to win one of thousands of prizes that will power discovery and learning.

Prizes include a family trip to New York City, a Scholastic Study Corner Makeover, a tablet with Scholastic apps, a library of Scholastic books and more! Everyone who plays can also download free digital stories for their family.

Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO} #SummerReadingSCHOLASTIC READING RESOURCES

Scholastic has joined together with ENERGIZER® to power the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge and encourage families to find innovative ways to discover the power and joy of reading. It’s not too late to take part! Now through September 4th, visit Click the links below for a sampling of the fun resources you’ll find with Scholastic:

  • Find Parenting Resources including Summer Reading printables, activity sheets, booklists and more!

Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain and 5 Word Book Reviews {VIDEO} #SummerReadingGET SOCIAL WITH SCHOLASTIC AND ENERGIZER

Sign up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Find more Scholastic Resources to keep your kids reading all summer long!

Learn more about the Energizer® Instant Win Game

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  1. These are great tips. I try to make sure my kids keep their minds active over the summer, and reading is a big way to make that happen.

  2. Pam

    I am all about summer reading! We used to join the library’s summer reading program to fight brain drain.

  3. Brain drain always seems to be an issue during the summer! Maggie had some great tips for reading encouragement.

  4. I am lucky to have kids who really love to read. We don’t get the summer brain drain in our house!

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    My kids have assigned summer reading from school. Like I always did, they waited until the end of summer to do it.

  6. I made sure my kids kept up on reading during their summer break and as we begin our second week of school, it shows. They are all picking up right where they left off and already doing quite well.

  7. Debbie Denny

    Love reading with kids in the summer. Matter of fact all year long

  8. Catherine S

    Reading over the summer is a great way to keep the kids minds busy. I took my son to the bookstore and had him pick out several books.

  9. Well summer is over for my son. School is back in

  10. Reading is so very important for kids and adults! I’m so blessed that my daughter loves reading.

  11. Meagan

    It really is so important to keep children’s minds active during the summer. Luckily, my family really enjoys reading.

  12. As a former Special Ed Teacher it’s great to hear about Energizer® and Scholastic partnering to create the “Power the Possibilities” campaign, anything that empowers students and helps prevent ‘summer brain drain’ is something I am all for! It makes it easier for teachers when students come back from summer vacation!

  13. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    You’ve got to keep your kids physically and mentally active during the summer! You don’t want them to regress on progress they’ve already made!

  14. Kristi

    What a fun idea doing the video of a book review! Love that. Thankfully I don’t have to motivate our kids to read… they do it on their own because they love it so much. Sometimes we have to take books away as they would do it all the time if allowed.

  15. My kids did a great job reading over the summer. Now we have to keep it up while also doing schoolwork.

  16. For us, it was all about making reading a habit. Once it became routine, it was so much easier to get the kids to read.

  17. We forgot to do the summer reading this year. its very important to keep reading!

  18. Rosey

    I am headed over to check out the contest. We’re back in school now so brain drain is no longer an issue (my son’s teacher REALLY likes homework). 😉

  19. Great tips! Reading all summer was a big thing in our house. Helps my kids love it, but I’m glad they didn’t suffer brain drain… That would be the worst!

  20. Yes, we definitely were keeping up good reading habits during summer too! Thanks for the summer reading tips, definitely will apply next summer

  21. Kiddo goes back to school on Tuesday. I’m hopeful we are going to be able to get back in to the swing of things without a whole lot of stress.

  22. We are a reading family. At least one book a week…I think it is so important to enjoy reading.

  23. I used to love reading in the summer. It was a fantastic time to pass the days.

  24. I loved summer reading challenges growing up so I know I will try them with my son. It’s a great way to boost morale.

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