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How To Stop Summer Learning Loss

How To Stop Summer Learning Loss

The kids are out of school for the summer. We want our kids to be inspired and have fun but we also want them to keep learning. Besides teaching kids to be good digital citizens, there are a lot of fun ideas and in fact, there are several things you can do to help them have fun while learning at the same time.

If you want to know how to keep your child learning over the summer, we have a lot of great suggestions but there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Tell us what works for you! We hope that you love this How to Stop Summer Learning Loss post.


20 Clever Ideas on How to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer


20 Clever Ideas on How to Keep Your Child Learning Over the SummerHow to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer



The kids have to eat, so sneaking learning opportunities in with food is genius. Counting noodles, looking at shapes, and even creating things with food are some ways to keep your kids learning.



How to keep your kids busy has never been so easy when you have a zoo membership. Even something like the City Pass program gives you countless options in your city. Heading to the zoo is one place your kids can learn this summer.

Sure, you’re there to look at the animals, but maybe you can read some of the informational pieces as well.


Zoo Atlanta's Twilight Trek, Visiting the Zoo After Hours


Writing a Book

Want to work on keeping kids busy at home this summer? They can write a book! Making a book series is a clever way to keep the kids learning this summer.

You’re incorporating reading, writing, and comprehension into something fun.


Summer Bridge Activities books for kids

20 Clever Ideas on How to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer

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Pretend Play

While your kids are playing they are also learning. If you get involved they might even be able to learn more. Provide fake foods, utensils, cooking gear, and anything else that will help your kids get involved in pretend play.

(It’s even better if your kids can pretend to play without all of the toys attached). Pretend play is loved by kids as the top thing to do with kids at home



Have you ever thought of scrapbooking? Scrapbooking fun family memories like trips or events are fun activities to do at home with kids.

This is a learning strategy for the whole family. Younger and older children can make their scrapbooks this summer.


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This has to be one of the all-time greats for learning activities for kids at home.  Kids cleaning your home is every mom's dream, isn’t it? The kids can learn while they are cleaning.

They are learning responsibility, time management, and more.



There will probably be a lot of construction going on around you this summer. Kids learn by watching. Just make sure you have a safety talk with the kids. “It’s okay to look but you cannot visit.”

There may be parks, trails, lakes, and camping spots that give the perfect opportunity to teach.



Do you know how much your children can learn from cooking? I’m talking about letting them learn how to cook. As long as you use age-appropriate lessons, this should not be an issue.

Teaching your child at home all of your cooking methods will also give you days off from making meals. Hopefully.


The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs


Grocery Store

Want to learn how to keep kids busy? Take them grocery shopping. So many parents try to rush through the grocery store process, which is understandable.

But taking the time to show your child different fruits, veggies, and products can help broaden their understanding of the aspects of life. Have them make a list and keep track of every penny you spend.


Driving Around

Talking to your children as you drive them around is brilliant. It helps them learn about their surroundings, but it also gives them a chance to talk about things going on.

There are games that you can play, you can sing along to the radio, or even meal plan for the week. Perhaps there are kids playing sports, a farm in the distance, or a person running on the side of the road.


How can I teach my child at home?

20 Clever Ideas on How to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer



Sidewalk chalk has to be one of my favorite things to keep kids occupied. Take some outside chalk and begin a mini-learning lesson outside. It can be impromptu.

Teach the kids in ways they don’t expect, like drawing shapes, names, and numbers. Maybe it’s time to teach them some of your childhood “chalk” games, like hopscotch and four square.


Visit a Farm

One of our top educational things to do over the summer is to visit a local farm. There is so much to be learned on a farm. Call up a local farmer who has cows, pigs, horses, and chickens.

Ask if you can lend your hands to help out, in exchange for a small tour. You must know farmers are busy, but this is an opportunity you can’t pass up.


Bath time

Most people do not think of bath time as learning time. You can teach a lot of different things at bath time. Teach about water safety, bubbles, the different forms of water, ABCs, 123s, and teamwork.

The best part about the bathtub is that you can cater it to everyone’s learning needs.


Mix Kids Together

Kids learn best from other kids. Have house parties and invite different-aged kids. Parties can be fun when you take the time to plan and invite different ages.

Little kids learn a lot from the smaller kids. You can even plan some activities to help the kids mingle together.


Mission Work

Missions work can be for people from all walks of life. There is always someone in need and summertime is the perfect opportunity to teach your children about this type of volunteering.

Go to a soup kitchen, pick up trash, and talk to someone else who is different than you. Reaching out to someone in need knows no boundaries.


Grandparent Time

Another favorite of our home learning activities is grandparent time. Grandparents are a wealth of information with amazing stories. Summertime is the perfect time to spend extra time with the grandparents.

If you’ve ever listened to your grandparents, then you know they have some awesome “history” to tell.


Memories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember (Grandparent's Memory Book) 



It’s easy to get lost in the media in today’s world. Make sure you keep the conversation with your kids going this summer. Kids learn a lot from talking (keep it positive).


Buying Things

If you need to teach your kids about money, one of the most perfect activities for kids at home. Finance and money are such important life skills that children can get so much value out of especially when you walk them through the buying process.

Of course, have them earn the money first.


52 Weeks Savings Challenge {FREE Printable}


Plant a garden this summer. Keep children busy with a garden and your child will learn so much about the value of growing their own food. Even if the garden fails, they will learn so much about hard work ethic.


Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium


Open a Business

If you are looking for at-home activities for kids and parents, have your children open a business. Many kids these days have things handed to them but opening a small business this summer is the perfect opportunity to keep the kids learning.

A lawn mowing business, lemonade stand, or walking neighborhood dogs are the perfect first jobs for kids.

There are so many ways that share how to keep your child learning over the summer. What creative ideas for kids to do at home do you have for the summer? Hopefully, our list gives you some great ideas on what to do with kids at home.

We hope that you and your child are inspired by these 20 Clever Ideas on How to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer. Happy learning!



20 Clever Ideas on How to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Summer



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