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Celebrate Halloween with Rayovac Flashlights

All year long my kids look forward to Halloween. They seriously begin planning the next Halloween on the way home from Trick or Treating. I love their enthusiasm.

Here are some past Halloween costumes. This was last year:

Previous years:

There is one thing that every Halloween has in common in my family. We are out pretty much most of the night. We are out for at least three hours.We trek some serious mileage. My kids are fanatics!

Every year, I make sure that each child has their own flashlight that they carry in their candy bucket. I put fresh batteries (Rayovac, of course) into each flashlight and everyone tests their flashlights before we even leave the house. I don't take any chances.

I also don't buy those cheap, dollar store like flashlights either. Have you ever dropped one of those things? That is the last time that you will ever use that flashlight.

My suggestion for Halloween flashlights is this one:

This flashlight glows in the dark and has 19 hours of runtime. It will even survive a few drops from candy filled hands. What could be better? My kids each have their own flashlight and often times take them to bed to sneak in a little reading after bedtime.

The glow in the dark handle also makes it easy for kids to find for middle of the night bathroom trips. It is also small, compact and can easy fit into a Halloween bucket.

Now you can grab your own coupon to get your own flashlights to take out this Halloween:

Print it out and set your kids up for fun this Halloween. Have fun!


Disclosure: I am a Rayovac Sponsored Blogger. I use their products continuously in my house. Find coupons and more on Rayovac’s Facebook Page.

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