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What to Look For in an Engagement Ring

What to Look For in an Engagement Ring


Are you looking for the perfect ring to pop the question with? The truth is, the ring you pick matters. The goal is for her to wear the ring you choose for many, many years to come. It should be something she’ll love wearing, as well as a reminder of your love. Here are some tips on what to look for in an engagement ring. 


Personal Taste

Has your significant other expressed that she loves teardrop engagement rings? Or maybe she’s always had her heart set on a rose gold ring, a halo style or an alternative engagement ring style, such as a gemstone or moissanite ring. Maybe she loves solitaires, or maybe she wants a multi-stone ring. 


Many couples choose to go engagement ring shopping together since it is such a large purchase. If you want to surprise her, it’s a good idea to try to feel your girlfriend out before engagement ring shopping to see what her preferences are. It’s important to choose a style you know she’ll love — even if it’s not necessarily what you love. You’re not the one who has to wear it every day! 


The Four Cs

When you go engagement ring shopping, it’s important to take the four Cs of diamonds into consideration. These factors, combined, will determine the overall quality and cost of the ring. The four Cs are: 


  1. Cut is the shape of the diamond. Round brilliant is considered the most ideal option, since it allows for the most sparkle. Other popular cuts include princess, emerald, oval, marquise and pear. 
  2. Clarity is a measurement of how clear and, ultimately, “flawless” a diamond is. Diamonds have inclusions and blemishes, which make them less clear. The more flawless a diamond is, the more it will cost. 
  3. Color describes a diamond’s color. Perfect diamonds are described as “white” or “colorless.” The more colorless the stone is, the higher its value will be. 
  4. Carat size is how much a diamond weighs. The larger a carat is, the more expensive the ring will be. 

in mind that the average Joe can’t afford the most perfect ring out there. But it’s important to determine what factors matter the most to you when shopping. 


Metal Color 

When buying an engagement ring, it’s important to take metal color into consideration. This is another instance where you’ll want to take your significant other’s preferences into consideration.


Platinum is the most ideal option. Not only is it the strongest metal, but it’s the most resistant to damage and won’t tarnish over time like silver does.


White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are all good options. It’s ideal to choose no more than 18k gold. Pure gold, or 24k gold, is actually a weaker option, whereas 14k to 18k gold is mixed with other metals to enhance durability.

Band Width and Appearance

Many engagement rings have thin bands. Although some people love the appearance of a thin ring band, others prefer the idea of a more secure and less fragile band. The band can also make or break the appearance of the ring.

Split shank engagement rings and twisted shank engagement rings have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. They can add a beautiful touch to the ring and enhance how durable it is.

Pavé settings are also very trendy for the band. This means the band features small diamonds on the band for an extra glitzy look.

These are just a few factors to take into consideration when choosing an engagement ring. Whether you have help from your significant other or you decide to surprise her, it’s a good idea to shop around. You’ll probably know once you’ve found “the one” she’ll love.


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