Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Pep Boys has a product that we just tried out this past week. My husband put the Techron Fuel System Cleaner into his beloved Jeep because he needed a little more performance out of his car and he just wasn't getting it.


Techron® is an additive technology that works to get the most out of your engine thanks to our patented fuel additive technology which is trusted by motorists, mechanics and auto manufacturers all over the world. When you use Techron, it will clean your engine, leading to better performance, lower emissions and maximum fuel economy.


Engines are designed to work at their best when they are clean and modern engines are designed to work with finer tolerances and at higher temperatures. Techron® works molecule by molecule to prevent deposit formation, and in the case of deposits left behind by low quality gasoline, works to remove those deposits.


Techron® is proven to be effective at keeping both modern and older engines clean. Even microscopic amounts of engine deposits can adversely affect performance.

Deposits rob your engine of power through missed time combustion, fuel absorption at intake valves, and imperfect atomization at the fuel injector. Techron's® unique chemistry is proven to remove and protect your engine from deposits in these critical areas.


A cleaner engine mean less hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in our environment.  Our unique formulation also minimizes any contribution to harmful combustion chamber deposits which can cause increased emissions of nitrogen oxides.


A clean engine helps ensure that your gas fuel to air ratio is optimized, so you can use every drop of gasoline. This not only means you go further but your engine also burns cleaner.

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