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Our Experience with Redbeacon and Finding the Perfect Pro


You may have seen my previous post introducing Redbeacon:

Redbeacon Makes Finding a Pro for Your Home Project Easy #DIFM


Within hours of putting in my first service quote, I had four estimates ready to go and all I had to do was choose.

The first decision I made was to remove anyone from the list without feedback. I really wanted someone that I trust so being able to read feedback was very important to me.

Next I actually went through and read the feedback. The pro that I ultimately chose had a Redbeacon Score of 100 and this was after feedback from 58 customers. I felt confident in choosing this pro.

Once I booked the appointment, all I had to do was wait for the day to arrive. Well that and clean like a madwoman so my house didn’t seem so Hoarders-esque when the cleaning people came. I cannot be the only that does that, right? Pre-clean for the cleaners. This weird quirk of mine always makes my husband laugh.

So on the day or service, the pro arrived a few minutes early and introduced themselves promptly. They asked to look around my house and then wrote down exactly what I asked for. Everything was done as I asked and they were finished cleaning in less than two hours.

After the service was completed, I was sent an email from Redbeacon telling me that I could pay immediately. They also asked for feedback on the pro.

Overall, the service was pretty easy to use. Booking was a breeze and paying was incredibly easy. Honestly, I have already put in another service request for a pro for a different job – I liked Redbeacon that much!. It really is easy to get matched with the perfect pro. Prices were more than reasonable and comparable to anything else outside of Redbeacon.

Redbeacon Logo


Here is what you get by booking through the Redbeacon site:
• The Redbeacon Guarantee (more on that below)
• You get to schedule the pro for a time that works for you.
• The end-to-end customer care that comes with every job.

Redbeacon Guaranteed


Redbeacon stands behind every pro that they refer to you. They know their pros are qualified and do great work but they want you to feel confident in booking a Redbeacon pro for any project in your home.

As long as you pay your pro using Redbeacon’s online payments system, you’ll lock in the Redbeacon Guarantee: They’ll chip in up to $1000 to make sure you’re satisfied. That’s their promise to you: Every Redbeacon pro is great every time.

What are you waiting for? Get your own pro today!

This is a sponsored campaign. A Redbeacon pro came to my home to provide service.

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