Handing Over the Keys Teenage Driver Car Buying

Handing Over the Keys

Teaching a Teen to Drive: Handing Over the Keys

Me telling my son that safety is just as important as looks when it comes to cars.

Thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this Handing Over the Keys post.

Handing Over the Keys

As a parent, I truly believe that there is no greater reward than raising good kids. There are so many milestones and so many things to keep track of that it is tough to remember to stop and actually enjoy those human beings you are raising. My son and I have recently bonded (more) over driving lessons. We have spent no less than 50 hours driving in the car and he has done quite well. He’s a very safe driver and is so ready for his first car that he has started doing his own research. It seems like just yesterday I was lending a hand to tie little sneakers and today I am handing over the keys so he can drive. DRIVE.

What I see:

Teaching a Teen to Drive: Handing Over the Keys

What everyone else sees:

Teaching a Teen to Drive: Handing Over the Keys

This kid is 15 and has a learners permit. Where is my baby? Where did the time go?

Handing over the keys is not without responsibility, though. I still have to make certain he pays attention to the rules of the road and continues to be a safe driver. As his mother, I take that responsibility seriously. We talk about safe driving constantly. He has taken driving courses and driver’s training. When the time came, I shed a tear over losing my baby as I handed the keys over to this man he has become.

Teaching a Teen to Drive: Handing Over the KeysThis summer he will be getting his first car after working hard and saving money toward a down payment. His homework for the next several months is to research new cars, which we are doing together with the help of Auto Navigator by Capital One. While he is pretty young to be car shopping, the tool provides us with transparency into a sometimes confusing process. By allowing me to pre-qualify before visiting a dealer, I can narrow down the inventory of available cars and determine what fits within my budget based on the money my son has saved.

Teaching a Teen to Drive: Handing Over the KeysBy visiting the Auto Navigator tool on Capital One’s site, my tech-loving son can sift through an online inventory of millions of cars from thousands of participating dealerships across the nation – this is definitely one of his favorite parts of the process!

Teaching a Teen to Drive: Handing Over the KeysWith Auto Navigator, I especially love that you can really drill down to find the monthly payment amount, car price, length of loan, etc. This is helpful to stay on budget and understand affordable payments.  Speaking of understanding, Capital One’s Auto Learning Center has been instrumental in helping us better understand the ins and outs of financing a car and everything that goes into taking care of a vehicle.

When it comes to car buying, we need things to be simple. We don't have endless hours to spend at the car dealership. What we need (and were excited to discover actually exists) is Auto Navigator by Capital One to simplify the car buying process. Are you looking for your next car? You just might need the tool as well. Happy shopping!

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  1. Samantha Parry

    What an exciting time for both of you! I love that you’re so involved in this step of his life!

  2. Erin

    What a great post! And congratulations to both you an your son for this milestone!

  3. my niece just turned 16 and will be getting her license. i’m sure my sister will be in the same boat.

  4. Lisa

    This definitely makes the car buying process easier. I’ll check out this card to see if I can apply.

  5. This program auto navigator sounds like it makes the car buying process a breeze! I am so not looking forward to the day my little one learns to drive lol they really grow up too fast

  6. I’m NOT ready for this. My oldest will get her permit in just a couple of years. 

  7. Congrats, it is always an exciting moment when you pass your driving test and get that licence especially for a teen.

  8. I am about 2 years away from handing over the keys. It so scary to think about but, like anything, they just need education.

  9. One thing I despise is having to buy a new car! I’m glad there are programs out there now to take the hassle out of cary buying; thank you for sharing!

  10. My kids will be entering the “new driver” phase soon too! I am so glad I saw this post; I could definitely use this when it’s time to get them cars of their own.

  11. What a great change and exciting time you both are having. Your son must be so happy and proud

  12. Oh wow such an exciting time for the young lad. Happy and safe driving to him!

  13. My daughter will be able to get her license at the end of the year, so Auto Navigator sounds like a tool that I need to bookmark and circle back around to. She hasn’t quite got the saving money for a car part down yet, but I think she’ll come around this summer when she has more free time.

  14. I still remember the day I got my own keys to the car. Great memories…great rides. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Your son is so cute he looks so happy and ready for the road. Nice job mama.

  16. I loved reading. Your style of writing is such a pleasure to read. Your son is so cute & sweet.God bless him & wishing him happy safe driving.

  17. Wow! Kids these days grow so fast. It’s so cool that he knows how to drive.

  18. My oldest turns 15 this summer and to say I’m not ready for the driving portion of parenthood is an understatement. I will be checking out the Auto Navigator tool for sure!

  19. Jacque Hooper

    I have several years before my kids get behind the wheel, but it’s refreshing to see that there are programs out there to make car buying easier for the consumer!

  20. What a lucky guy! I was driving my parents care forever!

  21. Learning to drive is a good bonding moment. It’s great that your son learned how to drive and is a safe driver.

  22. anything that makes buying a car easier, is awesome! i’ll keep this in mind

  23. This is such a big step! My daughter is turning 12 and we are starting to think about things like this. How exciting!

  24. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    They do grow up so fast. My kids are all grown and I was a nervous wreck when they started to drive on their own. Thankfully, they are responsible drivers! I am interested in that website you mentioned, Auto Navigator. I will check that out too!

  25. Always an exciting but scary experience! I remember with my kids…just have faith and keep calm. Congrats to your son!

  26. Becca Wilson

    This is such an amazing milestone for him to have made in his life. I know that it must be quite the scary time for you but it seems that you are well prepared!

  27. Chastity

    This is a huge deal getting your drivers license, congrats to him. I agree with you on what you see vs everyone else. He will be fine, he know the rules and if not will learn like we all did. He looks super happy! 

  28. This is a really cute post, thank you for taking us on your journey with us. I don’t even want to imagine my child as a 15 year old driver yet. Time is flying and I need to stop it…lol!!! ha! I wish! there are some great tips though, thanks for sharing!

  29. He still looks like an absolute baby doesnt he! Glad to hear he is doing so well with the driving! Good luck to him!

  30. This is amazing and the look on his face is priceless!!! Happy driving.

  31. Jasmine M

    The rite of passage of getting your license is something special for sure! Using Capital One for the buying process of a car is a great tip. I didn’t even know they had that option available for helping people find cars. Thanks for sharing!

  32. I am sure he has a good time bonding with you in the car. Kid grow up so fast and before you knew it, he has already grown up and needed his own car. Best we can do is spend time with them before they are independent to stay outside.

  33. What an exciting milestone! I can imagine it can be a little bizarre him being so grown up already. Auto Navigator sounds like a great tool!

  34. Sonal

    My baby is turning 15 this summer. Time flies fast. This post is very insightful. And yes the best reward being a mom is raising good responsible children.

  35. It such an important milestone. I remember when my mm handed over the keys. Auto Navigator sounds like a great tool to have.

  36. I couldn’t agree with your post more. Handing the keys are very important. I still remember the day when I was given keys by my parents, I was so proud. My husband was touched to tears when I gave him a Christmas present, keys from my apartment. He still has the ribbon

  37. Alexandra Cook

    This is so cute. Congratulations on having his license. Bet you are really proud of him. Raising him is your best reward.

  38. That’s how I feel when my little niece started college. That’s then I realize that she’s no longer my BABY niece. She’s a teenager and soon will be an adult soon. And yes, her mom (my sis) is also starting to look for a car for her. The Capital One would be very helpful for her.

  39. This looks fab, my son has yet to pass his test, but hopefully he will manage it in the summer before he goes back to university

  40. Such an exciting time although don’t kids grow up so fast? This is such an important milestone in a teens life.

  41. What a great time for your son! In the UK you aren’t allowed to get a learners licence until 17 x

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