Winter Road Trip Essentials

Winter Road Trip Essentials

Winter Road Trip Essentials

When you head out on the road during the holiday season, make certain to have an emergency road kit. As you get closer to Christmas, the weather is usually quite cold and the traveling can become treacherous. With that said, packing the car with a few essentials is a rather easy way to protect yourself. We hope that these Winter Road Trip Essentials inspire you. Here are things you absolutely can’t do without as you travel during winter.

Winter Road Trip Essentials

Winter Road Trip Essentials

Tool kit

Most people keep this anyway, but you should always carry a basic tool kit when you are potentially facing poor weather. Trying to fix a busted hose without any clamps, for example, is not my idea of fun. Bring along assorted hoses, belts, and fuses as well. Cold weather is not a big deal when you have the things that you need. Take the time to pack a solid tool box in the trunk at all times.

Kitty litter + Rock Salt

Kitty litter is invaluable when you are stuck and need a bit of traction. This is something that all cars should carry during the winter season. Rock salt is great for minimizing existing ice. Both will be great additions to your holiday travel gear and they literally could save you if you are stranded.


Speaking of saving your life, blankets are a must. When you break down during the holiday season, the odds are high that the temperature will be quite cold. Packing a few blankets to snuggle up in while you wait for help can save your life. These Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets come in packs of 10 and are very small yet keep you warm. 


We must have it to survive and you can easily pack it in the trunk. Pack as much water as you can fit and you can also grab these Potable Aqua Water Tablets. Not only will it give you something to drink, but it will also provide you with some water if the car overheats. That might be the difference between making it to the service station or not.

Snacks + Emergency Rations

First Aid Kit

Car Kit with Safety Items

Emergency charger

Not being able to call for help and being stranded in the middle of nowhere is not my idea of a fun Christmas. Pack an extra cell phone with a charger and battery. Yes, it costs extra money but you can buy them now for emergencies only. Pick up one and keep it in your glove compartment. The added security will feel good riding down the road in a snowstorm. This RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self-Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio with LED Flashlight Power Bank can help with so many things. We always have one in our car. 

We hope that this Winter Road Trip Essentials post inspires you. Good luck and stay safe!

Winter Road Trip Essentials

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  1. Great list! I will use this when I take a road trip this November. Thank you so much!

  2. We live in Florida so our winters are usually hot. These tips are great for travel when we visit the in laws up north in New York.

  3. Amy Desrosiers

    I had no idea about the kitty litter thing. That is a really great idea to have on hand!

  4. Randi

    This is a great list! We got stuck in a huge blizzard in Branson one time and we were SO unprepared.

  5. We need to update our tires before winter. This is very helpful to get started!

  6. This is a great list. We also keep spare windshield wiper blades in our car for the winter because if it’s icy out, they will sometimes need replacing on the go.

  7. Ra'Nesha

    Note taken I’ve even added couple of items just in case! I think I’m prepared

  8. The idea of kitty liter and rock salt is such a good one! I don’t think many people would have thought about that. So smart! 

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