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Bling Up Your Truck with These 5 Fancy Accessories



Bling Up Your Truck with These 5 Fancy Accessories


There are lots of truck accessories on the market to add functionality to your truck, but what if you want some more luxury?

Not to worry. If comfort and appearance are more important to you than functionality, you have a lot of options for blinging your truck out. A lift kit is one of them, but you can also install extra lights, put on a fancy fastback truck cap, or use wheel spacers to create room on your axles for bigger tires. Add these five fancy truck accessories to your ride, and enjoy a whole new level of extravagance.


1)   A Lift Kit

An 18-inch lift kit adds another foot and a half of height to your truck, so you’re definitely going to need running boards in order to climb in. Eighteen inches of lift brings your truck up as high as a monster truck, but the height of your new axle will still depend on the size of your wheels and tires.


If you do a lot of off-roading in your truck, a lift kit is about more than showing off to the guys at the bar. It’s one of those truck parts that can add more functionality as well as looking cool. It can give your vehicle higher clearance so you can more easily tackle obstacles like logs and rocks. A lift kit also smooths out the ride, so it’ll enhance your driving experience on-road and off. If you want bigger wheels, a lift kit will give you the space to add them.


2)   Wheel Spacers

If you want to add aftermarket wheels to your truck, you need wheel spacers – especially if the wheels are bigger than the original wheels that came with your truck.

You can’t just throw any old wheels on your truck, after all. Without wheel spacers, your new wheels might not fit properly and might rub against the truck when you turn, which can lead to a flat tire pretty quickly. Two-inch wheel spacers will give your wheels some more room by increasing their “tire poke”, or the degree to which the wheels protrude from their wells. Alternatively, you could shop carefully for wheels with the right spacing and offset, but wheel spacers are the easier and cheaper option for moving your truck wheels a little further out from the hub. Widening your wheel track will make your truck more stable and less likely to roll, as well as improving your handling in bad weather conditions.


3)   A Fastback Truck Cap

Do you wish your truck had the look of a sports car? You can get that look when you install a fastback truck cap. These fiberglass bed covers bring a retro notchback style to your truck, and they could make your vehicle more aerodynamic, too. Gas struts lift up the louvered portion of the bed cover, so you can still use your truck bed to haul all of your heavy loads.




4)   Vertical Lamborghini Doors


If you watched Eastbound & Down and coveted Shane’s truck with the vertical Lambo doors, well, we’ve got some good news. You can buy a vertical Lamborghini doors kit for your truck. The company that makes them is called Vertical Doors, and they make vertical-opening door kits for cars of all types. Aside from making your truck look awesome, they can also make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle in tight parking spaces, without banging your doors against the poor car next to you.


5)   Extra Lights

If you need more light at night, there are plenty of ways to add extra lights to your truck. You can choose a light bar that stretches across the front of your grill or mounts to the top of your cab. You can upgrade your old halogen headlights by replacing them with retrofitted LED or projector lights. You could install rock lights in your wheel wells to shed light on the terrain you’re crossing or simply to make it easier to see what’s going on underneath your truck. You can install bed lights to help you see what you’re doing in the bed of the truck after dark.


Some truck lights should be installed by a qualified mechanic – anything that needs to be wired into the truck’s 12-volt electrical system. You can install battery-operated lights (like LED bed lights) yourself. You may also be able to replace the tail- and headlights yourself.


Truck accessories aren’t just for function – they’re for style, too. Trick out your truck just the way you like it, and enjoy your blinged-out new ride.


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